Revamped Short Cases List

Posted on 05 May 2020

The Planning and Environment Division launched the revamped Short Cases List today. It has been set up to deal quickly and efficiently with certain cases in the Division.  

Applications in the Short Cases List will be those that are suitable for hearing and determination within an allocated time of three hours. Two hours will be allocated for the presentation of submissions and evidence. A further one hour will be available to allow members to prepare and deliver a decision.

The main features of the revamped list include:

  • Cases that:
    • have limited parties
    • have issues which are limited in number and extent and where a site inspection is unlikely to be required
    • are capable of being heard and determined within an allocated time of three hours
    • have addressed any Cultural Heritage Management Plan issues.
  • Hearings to be listed at approximately 12 weeks from lodgement of the application.  
  • Parties will be required to give VCAT and each other their submissions ahead of the hearing. Parties are encouraged to use a template for the preparation of submissions, which identifies the issues in dispute.  

For more information, see the Planning and Environment Division Short Cases List fact sheet.