Status of hearings during COVID-19 Stage 4 restrictions

In accordance with the current Stage 4 Restrictions, as head of jurisdiction, VCAT President Justice Michelle Quigley has determined that all matters which are currently listed for hearing will remain so.

All matters which are currently listed for hearing will remain so, unless a party seeks an adjournment which will be carefully but sympathetically dealt with, or there is some other good reason for the matter to be rescheduled.

The matters already listed for the foreseeable future have been listed because they are priority or urgent matters. 

The restrictions allow for urgent and priority matters to be heard, even in person if the circumstances require at the direction of the head of jurisdiction. However, all matters that were listed for ‘in person’ hearings have been moved to Zoom or telephone. 

All matters able to be listed as priority matters under the guidelines have been designated as such. 

Further, all site inspections will be suspended until further notice. If there are exceptional or extenuating circumstances a request may be referred to Justice Quigley’s Chambers where a decision on consent to the site inspection will be made.