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Practice note - PNVCAT1 - Common procedures

PNVCAT1 provides guidance about common VCAT procedures including useful information about how VCAT operates and what to expect if you are involved

Practice note - PNVCAT2 - Expert evidence

This practice note applies to any evidence given to VCAT by an expert witness, reports to be used as evidence, and arrangements for a tribunal-appo

Practice note - PNVCAT5 - Directions hearings and urgent hearings

This practice note sets out the usual practice for directions hearings and urgent hearings, and applies consistently to proceedings in all Lists un

Practice note - PNVCAT4 - Alternative dispute resolution (ADR)

This practice note describes the main practices and procedures that apply to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) at VCAT.

Practice note - PNVCAT6 - Hearing fees

This practice note sets out the usual procedures used to apply the daily hearing fees for VCAT cases.

Practice note - PNVCAT3 - Fair hearing obligation

The obligation to provide a fair hearing is an important component of VCAT’s function. The fair hearing obligation applies across VCAT.

Practice note – PNVCAT9 - Interpreters in tribunal proceedings

PNVCAT9 details information on interpreter services organised by VCAT to support parties. 

Practice note - PNVCAT8 - Applications for reconstitution of the tribunal under section 108

PNVCAT8 explains the nature and purpose of reconstitution of the tribunal.

Practice note - PNPE2 - Information from decision-makers

This practice note sets out information to be provided by a responsible authority, specified body, other decision-maker, or other body on receipt o

Practice note - PNPE9 - Amendment of plans and applications

This practice note describes how procedures should be handled in relation to the amendment of plans and applications lodged in the Planning List.