Today's hearings

Friday 3 April 2020

In the interests of public safety and in an effort to implement social distancing measures, VCAT has moved to conducting hearings by telephone. As a result, VCAT venues will be closed to the public until further notice.

No face-to-face hearings have been scheduled for Friday 3 April 2020, and all non-critical matters have been adjourned for the time being.

Residential Tenancies and Guardianship matters (and a small number of other critical matters) will be heard by telephone on 3 April.

We are working hard to expand the range of matters that can be heard by telephone as soon as possible.

VCAT will contact you via phone regarding your Residential Tenancies and Guardianship 3 April hearing at the scheduled time.

Building and Property List | Civil Claims List - by telephone | Guardianship List - by telephone | Owners Corporations List - by telephone | Residential Tenancies List - by telephone | Review and Regulation - to be conducted via online platform

Building and Property List

Compulsory Conference                                              

55 King Street, Melbourne – Cases to be conducted via online platform

Senior Member M. Farrelly

1:00 PM       BP1535/2019         Bactleen P/L t/as Peter Thompson v Jayanth Chindanada, Adeline Antony                                                                                              

Reinstatement Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – by phone

Member H. Nash

10:00 AM     BP1346/2018         Ruby Rose P/L v Damn Investments P/L

Civil Claims List - by telephone

Fast Track Mediation and Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – Mediation to be conducted by telephone

Mediators A. Cowan, L. Demaio & J. Porter

9:00 AM       C632/2020             Stephen Ingram v CRC Concreting                                 

10:15 AM     C763/2020             Jvp Melbourne v Bar Up Melbourne                                

10:15 AM     C775/2020             Michael Yassa v R.M. Turbochargers P/L

11:30 AM     C427/2020             Brad Conlin v Kaylere Evers

11:30 AM     C710/2020             Diamondscapes, Onsite Excavations & Rock Drilling P/L v Michael Kilty

Guardianship List - by telephone

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.7 - Parties will be contacted by telephone                                

Deputy President G. Nihill                                                  

10:15 am          G28757/08          John Hayes

11:00 am          G33140/07          Gael Maclean Lynas

11:45 am          G20903/10          Benjamin John Sweet


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.6 - Parties will be contacted by telephone    

Member D. Bates                                                                 

09:30 am          G85022/02          Isiah Joseph Drash

10:30 am          G87202/02          Jasper Frederick Russell Barry

11:30 am          G89986/00          Tuyet Nhung Dang

12:15 pm          G89928/00          Lindsay Gordon Laracy

02:00 pm          G77945/03          Jason Manson

02:45 pm          G89747/00          Mary Hanger


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.2 - Parties will be contacted by telephone    

Member R. Page                                                                   

09:30 am          G35522/08          Malcolm James How

10:30 am          G79612/02          John Kenton Smith

11:30 am        G89159/00             Hildegard Erna Kagel

02:00 pm          G82611/04          Garry Kohn

03:00 pm          G89338/00          Mervyn Carter


Dandenong Court, corner Foster and Pultney Streets, Dandenong - Parties will be contacted by telephone        

Member J. Klingender                                                         

09:30 am          G83832/02          Sarah Soares


Geelong Court, Railway Terrace, Geelong  - Parties will be contacted by telephone                         

Member D. Galvin                                                                

10:00 am          G22636/05          Michael Hunter

11:00 am          G89979/00          Brock Barnes

11:45 am          G89965/00          Angus Peterson


Latrobe Valley Law Courts, 134 Commercial Road, Morwell - Parties will be contacted by telephone       

Member P. Barrand                                                             

11:30 am          G87188/02          Agamemnon Savva

11:30 am          G60274/07          Joel Tallack

12:15 pm          G77004/03          Peter Wilson

03:30 pm          G21704/10          Moya Elizabeth Ann Tops


Shepparton Law Courts, 18 High Street, Shepparton - Parties will be contacted by telephone       

Member A. Moon                                                                 

10:30 am          G72741/02          Raina Nicole Holmes

11:00 am          G52875/04          Ian Allman

11:45 am          G46469/06          Colby Bruce Morphett

12:30 pm          G3573/11            Frederick William John Davey

02:00 pm          G50652/06          Joshua Caleb Mitchell

02:30 pm          G8936/14            Gregory Walter Heenan


Wangaratta Court, Faithfull Street, Wangaratta - Parties will be contacted by telephone              

Member J. Sharkie                                                               

09:30 am          G42941/05          Dorothy Barbara Ball

Owners Corporations List - by telephone

InjunctionDefinitionAn order that stops a party from doing something, or makes a party do something.

55 King Street, Melbourne Parties will be contacted by telephone

MemberDefinitionA person who hears and decides cases at VCAT. Some members are specialists in particular areas of law. Dr. R. Leshinsky

11:30 AM     OC396/2020          Hakim Investment Holdings P/L v Owners Corporation No. 6 PS633275D

Residential Tenancies List - by telephone

Dandenong Law Courts – Parties will be contacted by telephone         

Member J. Klingender                                                                 

10:30 am       R20209842/00       Beach vs Hawksworth

10:30 am       R202010064/00     Hii and Law vs Tuia and Taomia

10:30 am       R20209715/00       Kuang vs Steev

10:30 am       R20209801/00       Leach and Leach vs Chruishank and Dullewe

10:30 am       R20209703/00       Lock vs Ioane and Teofilo Lai-Kong and Ioane

10:30 am       R20209718/00       Pty Ltd vs Rakei and Rakei and Rakei

10:30 am       R20209811/00       Rojas vs Medley

10:30 am       R20209604/00       Vermani and Singh vs Omollo


Frankston Law Courts – Parties will be contacted by telephone          

Senior Member S. Burdon-Smith                                               

10:30 am       R20207374/00       Cranenburgh vs Todd-Burchill and Bates

10:30 am       R20203508/00       Harrison and Harrison vs Scott and Scott

10:30 am       R20208019/00       Liu vs Wills and Wills

10:30 am       R20206341/00       Scott and Scott vs Harrison and Harrison

10:30 am       R20207935/00       Silva vs Bottom

11:30 am       R20207868/00       Violi and Violi vs Walker

11:30 am       R2020995/02         Violi and Violi vs Walker And All Other Occupants

11:30 am       R20209251/00       Walker vs Violi and Violi

12:00 pm       R20208141/00       Chew vs Vaigalu and Moli

12:00 pm       R20208102/00       Wayss Ltd vs Shekel and Poynton

02:00 pm       R201938470/01     Dimachki vs Sonnet and Hollingsworth

02:00 pm       R20208240/00       Director Of Housing vs Bride

02:00 pm       R20208195/00       Proy vs Seymour

02:00 pm       R201934849/02     Robro Park Management Pty Ltd vs Pira and Brown

02:00 pm       R20209061/00       Thieu and Lyne vs Bonney and Bonney

02:00 pm       R20208300/00       Van Du and Kwan Ooi vs Tobin

03:00 pm       R20208846/00       Gomera vs Drew and Vidic


5th Floor, 55 King Street – Parties will be contacted by telephone        

Members D. Buljan & L. Johnson                                              

09:30 am       R20209928/00       Alesios vs Occupants and Claxton

09:30 am       R202010004/00     Chandra and Yoong vs Morabito and Morabito

09:30 am       R20209968/00       Liu vs Liang

09:30 am       R202010311/00     Borg vs Boxhall

09:30 am       R20207105/01       Tarley vs Cecilia Densley

09:30 am       R20202784/01       Khouri vs Nguyen

09:30 am       R202011047/00     Menzie and Trembearth and Kennedy vs Atamain

10:30 am       R202011067/00     Wylie Andrew vs Morrison

10:30 am       R20207339/00       Barnes vs Willfamco Pty Ltd

10:30 am       R20195560/02       Director Of Housing vs Boslem

10:30 am       R201916448/03     Director Of Housing vs Hope

11:30 am       R20209399/01       Jenkins vs Mckinley

11:30 am       R201942099/01     Raman vs Lu

02:00 pm       R20207422/01       Alexander vs Frost

02:00 pm       R20202701/00       C vs Branson and Chestnut

02:00 pm       R20209847/00       Frost vs Alexander

02:00 pm       R20207676/00       Lane vs Wallace and Morrison

02:00 pm       R20206922/01       Oswald and Johnston vs Rheinberger and Lispet and Kilpatrick

02:00 pm       R20207779/00       Sydenham and Guerrini vs Cundy

03:00 pm       R201943465/02     Roy and Roy vs Scott

03:00 pm       R20207698/00       Roy and Roy vs Scott


Neighbourhood Justice Centre – Parties will be contacted by telephone         

Member D. Calabro

09:30 am       R2019821/05         Director Of Housing vs Akot

09:30 am       R20208671/00       Director Of Housing vs Deng

09:30 am       R20208356/00       Director Of Housing vs Mensur

09:30 am       R20208281/00       Mourney vs Nicholas Haslett and Kate Seddon

10:30 am       R20207439/00       Atf Dimitroulos Super Fund vs Mclean and Gonullu

10:30 am       R20208672/00       Butler vs Mullenger and Tinney

10:30 am       R20207185/00       Henderson vs Miglani And All Other Occupants

11:30 am       R20207552/00       Shute vs Mcshane

12:00 pm       R20208700/00       Director Of Housing vs Ismail

12:00 pm       R20208695/00       Director Of Housing vs Sampson

02:00 pm       R20209291/00       Director Of Housing vs Sadak and Andrawes

02:00 pm       R20199190/03       Director Of Housing vs Tennyson and Priestley

02:00 pm       R20208659/00       Launch Housing vs Gledhill

02:00 pm       R20202304/01       Ywca Housing vs Chen

03:00 pm       R20208883/00       Director Of Housing vs Nyieker

03:00 pm       R20208374/00       Unison Housing Ltd vs Vastag


VCAT Oakleigh – Parties will be contacted by telephone       

Member H. Davies

09:30 am       R20207289/00       Dempsey vs The Landlord and Black

09:30 am       R202010026/00     Hanstein vs Mckain

09:30 am       R20209620/00       Najjar vs Occupants and Partridge and Kamara and Manolakis

09:30 am       R20209469/00       Taaffe vs Chetverikova


Darebin Intercultural Centre – Parties will be contacted by telephone

Member K. Metcalf

09:30 am       R20209549/00       Cano And Lylly Krstev Pty Ltd vs Nardelli

09:30 am       R20209525/00       Lim vs Kaila and Sibia

09:30 am       R20209630/00       Lontos vs Healey and Healy and Chan

09:30 am       R20209482/00       Necovski and Necovski vs Maroush


Ringwood Law Courts – Parties will be contacted by telephone           

Senior Member S. Moraitis                                                         

09:30 am       R20205897/00       De Silva Thanapathy and De Silva Thanapathy vs Massoud and Ali and Saksham and Shaw

10:30 am       R20207685/00       Easy vs Jackson and Williams

10:30 am       R20208706/00       Guo vs Karadimas

10:30 am       R20208131/00       Ravida Group Pty Ltd And Acquie Pty Ltd Atf United Family Trust vs Clarke and Clarke and Clarke

11:30 am       R20208743/00       Gill vs Adams

12:00 pm       R20209187/00       Blennerhassett vs Mcconchie

12:00 pm       R201938446/02     Warlow vs Debortoli

02:00 pm       R20209441/00       Freemasons Title Custodian Company Ltd vs Bird

02:00 pm       R20209369/00       Guan vs Sneddon and Stephens

02:00 pm       R20209211/00       Highfield (Melbourne) Pty Ltd vs Zhou and Chen

02:00 pm       R20209072/00       Tucker vs Hatten and Michel

03:00 pm       R20209073/00       Tucker vs Sheean and Donovan


Sunshine Law Courts – Parties will be contacted by telephone 

Member R. Daly

09:30 am       R20207094/00       Felice and Felice vs Poulakis

09:30 am       R20207170/00       Librizzi vs Sabo

10:30 am       R20207369/00       Director Of Housing vs Vicari

10:30 am       R20207333/00       Hajal vs Caruana

10:30 am       R20207268/00       Heinrich and Heinrich vs Chapman and Harvey

10:30 am       R20207355/00       Stankovic vs Buchanan

10:30 am       R20207406/00       Van Leth vs Prisoners Advocate Victoria Inc. Abn 31 035 382 157

11:30 am       R20207378/00       Dhavala vs Irvine and Gale

11:30 am       R20207396/00       Greenwood vs Ford

12:00 pm       R20207463/00       Jianhua vs Valastro

02:00 pm       R20207425/00       Freeman vs Gordon

02:00 pm       R20207603/00       Martino vs Stirling and Stirling

02:00 pm       R20207619/00       Street and Beppu vs Wood

02:00 pm       R20207715/00       Weinstein vs Mohammed

02:00 pm       R20207624/00       Yeung vs Ranjit and Shrestha and Rijal

02:00 pm       R20207748/00       Zukanovic vs Panayiotou

03:00 pm       R20209366/00       Cuschieri vs Svendsen and Mitchell

03:00 pm       R20207792/00       Johnson and Johnson vs Blackmore and Smith


Werribee Law Courts – Parties will be contacted by telephone

Member R. Buchanan

09:30 am       R201942689/01     Raza vs Hasani

09:30 am       R20209292/00       Vitti vs Chaudhari and Chaudhari

09:30 am       R20209265/00       Yang vs Mac and Mac and Acuil

10:30 am       R20209341/00       Hossain vs Akooy

10:30 am       R20209357/00       Li vs Dey and Webster

11:30 am       R20209472/00       Pham vs Ponton

11:30 am       R20209388/00       Unison Housing Ltd (Acn 076 581 112) vs Caroll

11:30 am       R20209393/00       Unison Housing Ltd (Acn 076 581 112) vs Ridge

12:00 pm       R20209460/00       Blumhoff vs Warne

12:00 pm       R20209496/00       Clifford vs Taufa and Taufa

02:00 pm       R20209338/00       Tarneit Central Development vs Madden

03:00 pm       R20209520/00       Diaz and Pulido vs Ambesi and Booth

03:00 pm       R20209519/00       Phin Then vs Fletcher

03:00 pm       R20209518/00       Trustee For Seah Property Trust vs Foley and Christensen

Review and Regulation - to be conducted via online platform


55 King Street, Melbourne – Case conducted via online platform

Member R. Tang

10:00 AM     Z421/2019             Mr Mathew David Greenaway v Commissioner of State Revenue