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Many VCAT decisions are made at hearings. Hearings are held at a number of VCAT locations. Our hearings are legal and affect the rights of all the parties involved in the case.

Hearings are open to the public except if VCAT orders them closed to the public. If you want your hearing The time and place at which VCAT hears the parties argue their case and makes a decision. to be closed to the public, you must make that request at the start of the hearing but note that an order is not easy to obtain in most VCAT cases.

Hearings are grouped below according to the List A List is an area in VCAT that deals with cases of a similar nature. For example, the Residential Tenancies List decides cases between tenants and landlords, and the Civil Claims List handles disputes about buying or selling goods and services. handling the case. A List is an area in VCAT that deals with cases of a similar nature. For example, the Residential Tenancies List decides cases between tenants and landlords, and the Civil Claims List handles disputes about buying or selling goods and services.

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Monday, 28 May 2018

Building and Property List | Civil Claims List | Guardianship List | Human Rights List | Legal Practice List | Owners Corporations List | Planning and Environment List | Residential Tenancies | Review and Regulation List

Building and Property List

Compulsory Conferences                                  

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.7

Senior Member M. Levine

9:15 AM       BP499/2017           Mr Nick Onzo, Mrs Antoinette Anita Onzo v Hermitage Homes

10:00 AM     BP620/2018           Sky Communications Aust P/L, Lek Supply P/L v 38 Pacific DR P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.8

Senior Member S. Kirton

10:00 AM     BP1459/2017         Kitchen Galerie v CRC Group

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.4

Senior Member M. Farrelly 

10:00 AM     BP580/2018           Hostel Plus P/L v GF Progreso P/L                     


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.2

Senior Member R. Walker

10:00 AM     BP717/2018           Elbon Investments P/L v Osman Oscar Donence

10:00 AM     BP737/2018           Osman Oscar Donence v Allard Shelton             


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.15

Mediator A. Fogarty

9:30 AM       BP1316/2017         Kane's Able Painting v Your Project Builder

Civil Claims List

Civil Claims Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Deputy President I. Lulham, Senior Members L. Forde & L. Warren & Members P. Barrand, D. Buljan, K. Campana, L. Johnson, M. Sweeney & A. Treble

9:30 AM       C1924/2018           Ved Berani v Marble & Ceramic Corp Victoria P/L

9:30 AM       C533/2018             Alex Case v Click Frenzy P/L

9:30 AM       C1666/2018           Joshua Martyn v Fermax Aust. P/L

10:00 AM     C211/2018             Ms Susan Kakar v Hassan Zahidi

10:30 AM     C8037/2017           Nicole Bloomfield v Fantastic Services P/L

11:30 AM     C136/2018             Anastasia Kazakos v Dale Air

11:30 AM     C1599/2018           Prentice Partners P/L v Global International Travel Services P/L

11:30 AM     C1691/2018           Garacama P/L v Cracka Wine Co P/L

11:30 AM     C1521/2018           Daniel Smith v Gold Coast Car Hire

11:30 AM     C7018/2017           OMG Furniture v Whitehorse Home Furnishings P/L

12:15 PM     C1933/2018           Quality Foods P/L v Dennis Buhagiar Mamma Lordys Pizza

2:00 PM       C980/2018             Michelle Moss v Sunseal Garden Spa's P/L

2:00 PM       C1547/2018           Hongli Rao v Lynch Street Holdings P/L, Capital Property Marketing P/L

2:00 PM       C1590/2018           Tuan Nguyen v eBay International AG

2:00 PM       C1631/2018           Gary Burch v OZ Roof Restorations

2:00 PM       C6672/2017           Brendon Hare v Elite Caravans Group P/L, Caravan Sales Victoria P/L

2:00 PM       C4464/2016           Laurance Lovell t/as L.J Fencing Contractor v Austrac Industries 

3:00 PM       C1723/2018           James McManis v Digital Marketing And Solutions P/L

3:00 PM       C535/2018             Melody Lopez, Lorena Lopez v Green Engineering P/L   

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.4

Member F. Marks

9:30 AM       C6760/2017           Francis Miller v Pickeriti Investments P/L, Karl Andrew Nigel Pickford

9:30 AM       C7477/2017           Caroline Miller v Pickeriti Investments P/L, Karl Pickford

1:30 PM       C6519/2017           Nerissa Brooks v Seven Creeks Equine Veterinary Clinic P/L

1:30 PM       C8055/2017           Seven Creeks Equine Veterinary Clinic P/L v Nerissa Brooks

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.2

Senior Member S. Moraitis

9:30 AM       C6852/2017           Devan Thour v Discounted Confectionery P/L

10:00 AM     C1262/2018           Giovanni (Jon) Veneziano v Land Rover Aust., J & G Investments (Australis) P/L

10:30 AM     C1630/2018           The Trustee for Stanley Family Trust v Cube Web Solutions

10:30 AM     C6479/2017           Kenshe Superannuation Fund v Con Xanthopoulos

10:30 AM     C3975/2017           Nichesoft P/L v Con Xanthopoulos

11:30 AM     C1878/2018           Ramanpreet Kaur Bhalla v Zagame Automotive Group P/L

12:00 PM     C2129/2018           Carole Ann Gill v Clinton Barker Tivoli Theatre Pantomimes

12:30 PM     C690/2018             Paul Gleeson, Debbie Maree Gleeson v Ensytex Aust.sia P/L, Peter Nelson Pianto, Pianto's Pest Control, Pianto's Pest Control P/L

2:00 PM       C1634/2018           Peter Casey, Mervyn Mann, Annie Nichols, Kevin Nichols, Mary Therese Dobson, Margaret Gay, Michael Ledwldge, David Arthur Gerke, Geoffrey Fortin, Duncan Chishollm, Jonanne Wood, Vicki Flynn v ECG No1 P/L

2:30 PM       C2302/2018           Justin Monsoor v J.V. Marine World P/L

3:00 PM       C1210/2018           Juan Carlos Acevedo Rodriguez v Spot On Motors

3:30 PM       C2460/2018           Aqua Planet Services P/L v Schwartz Family Co P/L       

Fast Track Mediation and Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.16

Mediator M. Reid

9:00 AM       C1733/2018           Mahanga Singh v Amreen Salute

10:15 AM     C1697/2018           One Small Room v LCI Education (Aust.)P/L

11:30 AM     C1747/2018           Hansen Partnership P/L v Kevin Smith               

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.17

Mediator R. De Angelis

11:30 AM     C2278/2018           Ferdinando Ariano v Ayesha Chothia

Civil Claims Hearings

Geelong Magistrates' Court

Members S. Fry & J. Klingender

9:30 AM       C2335/2018           Darren Gilham v Sunstainable P/L

10:00 AM     C1971/2018           Caroline Winiczenko v My Movers                      

Moe Town Hall

Member K. Norman

10:00 AM     C2333/2018           David Kazakis v David Hadkiss  

Moorabbin Law Courts

Deputy President H. Barker

9:30 AM       C1436/2018           Joan King v Crown Posture Bedding (VIC)P/L

9:30 AM       C1438/2018           JT Consulting Engineers P/L v Andreas Seikus, Jodie Sneikus

Guardianship List

Level 2 Court Room 4, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Senior Member J. Preuss                                                                                                        

10:30 am                 G83472/00                  Helen Reddan

02:00 pm                 G63321/07                  Eunice Mercia Lecomber

Level 2 Court Room 5, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Member A. Moon                                                                                               

09:30 am                 G81555/01                  Nan Jie Liu

10:30 am                 G76468/01                  Maria Pozzebon

11:30 am                 G60980/01                  Lois Minnie Sullivan

12:15 pm                 G74805/02                  William Bremner

02:00 pm                 G83498/00                  Rex Lawrance

02:45 pm                 G83586/00                  Elena Schembari

03:30 pm                 G65281/03                  Anuwat Nui Kongmun

Level 5 Hearing Room 2, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne    

Member B. Ussher                                                                                              

10:30 am                 G83449/00                  Roberto Ventura

11:30 am                 G83677/00                  Francis Joseph Burke

12:15 pm                 G83397/00                  James Christopher Mallia

03:30 pm                 G72050/03                  Shirley Joy Amos

Global Learning Centre, 1093 Pascoe Vale Road, Broadmeadows    

Member J. Kefford                                                                                            

10:30 am                 G83496/00                  Declan Mcallister

11:30 am                 G11602/10                  Mandy Jane Burr

12:15 pm                 G74439/01                  Anna Failla

02:00 pm                 G73684/02                  Siupolu Sefo

02:45 pm                 G79361/02                  Colin Lee

03:30 pm                 G63193/03                  Karen Joy Townsend

Sunshine Court, 10 Foundry Road, Sunshine                                      

Member S. Liden                                                                                                

09:30 am                 G82765/01                  Leslie Maurice Owen

10:30 am                 G64220/06                  Eugenie Avgoulis

11:30 am                 G78880/01                  Hong Thuy Luu

12:15 pm                 G47649/04                  Kimberley Iddon

02:00 pm                 G23963/10                  David Burman

02:45 pm                 G15866/11                  Faye Lorraine Justin

03:30 pm                 G17285/10                  Dora Thomson


Human Rights List

Compulsory Conference

William Cooper Justice Centre - Level 1 Courtroom 3

Member Dr. R. Wilson

10:00 AM     H66/2018               Jennifer Youkhana v First Financial P/L  


William Cooper Justice Centre – Level 1 Courtroom 1

Senior Member B. Hoysted

10:00 AM     H283/2017             Timothy Bye v Danzante Melbourne Unit Trust, Darren Reid

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room G.6

Senior Member B. Steele

2:00 PM       H117/2016            

William Cooper Justice Centre - Level 1 Courtroom 2

Member D. Bates

10:00 AM     H331/2017             John Casley v The Age Company P/L  


William Cooper Justice Centre – Level 4, Meeting Room 2

Mediator F. Falduti

9:30 AM       H57/2018               Sean Tyrell v Environment Protection Authority, Victorian Public Sector Commission                    



Directions Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.2

Senior Member G. Butcher

2:00 PM       J91/2017               Victorian Legal Services Commissioner v Mr David Joseph


Owners Corporations List

Fee Recovery Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member L. Rowland

9:30 AM       OC105/2018          Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS539033E, Owners Corporation 4 Plan No. PS539033E v Serlina Ngo, Wing Hang Tai                     

9:30 AM       OC489/2018          Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS545940J v Su Mei Chia          

9:30 AM       OC596/2018          Owners Corporation PS719604J v Jaspreet Kaur Sidhu  

9:30 AM       OC597/2018          Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS720352C v Campbell Mckenzie          

9:30 AM       OC595/2018          Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS625282C v Steven John Tonkin          

9:30 AM       OC485/2018          Owners Corporation Plan No. PS409084N v Alexander Grant Sloan        

9:30 AM       OC178/2018          Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS620160U v WACF P/L            

9:30 AM       OC206/2018          Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS631823J, Owners Corporation 2 Plan No. PS631823J v Jenny Ling Mee Ling        

11:00 AM     OC657/2018          Owners Corporation Plan No. PS402114U v Andy Duy Nguyen   

11:00 AM     OC651/2018          Owners Corporation Plan No RP016506 v Shane Lloyd Crabtree, Catherine Louise Crabtree                       

11:00 AM     OC622/2018          Owners Corporation Plan No. PS416056D v Claire Elaine Nelson

11:00 AM     OC538/2018          Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS531459L v Kamal Bagga        

11:00 AM     OC537/2018          Owners Corporation Plan No. PS348232M v Jennifer Nield         

11:00 AM     OC517/2018          Owners Corporation Plan No. SP026859H v Eileen Belmuda       

11:00 AM     OC515/2018          Owners Corporation Plan No. RP011884 v Ronald Lau               

12:00 PM     OC518/2018          Owners Corporation PS501391-03 v PAUL WS SF P/L   

2:00 PM       OC2708/2017         Owners Corporation PS703908B v Ming Liu       

2:00 PM       OC2775/2017         Owners Corporation PS634049H v Guiling Ma    

2:00 PM       OC2711/2017         Owners Corporation PS 634049H v Shidi Li                    

3:00 PM       OC474/2018          Owners Corporation Plan No. PS411786Q v Nicole Bakewell       

3:00 PM       OC483/2018          Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS611240X v Bianca Leisure P/L           


55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member L. Rowland

3:00 PM       OC97/2018            Owners Corporation 4 Plan No. PS611240X v Bianca Leisure P/L




Planning and Environment List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.12

Member F. Dawson

9:30 AM       P164/2018             Norfolk Park Projects P/L v Boroondara CC

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.8

Member N. Hadjigeorgiou

10:00 AM     P213/2018             Aust. Licorice Company P/L v Moreland CC,

2:00 PM       P148/2018             Michael Peter Tuckfield v Mornington Peninsula SC        


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.2

Deputy President M. Dwyer, Senior Member J. Jacono

10:00 AM     P727/2017             ISPT P/L v Valuer General - Victoria, Melbourne CC

                                               338-352 Bourke Street, Melbourne

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.4

Senior Member G. Code, Member R. Bland

10:00 AM     P2663/2017           Peet Craigieburn P/L v Hume CC, Melbourne Water

                                               575 Craigieburn Road, Craigieburn

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.5

Member P. Martin, Member K. Birtwistle

10:00 AM     P2929/2017           Nepean Investments P/L & MAKLM Nominees P/L v Neal W Gale, Frankston CC

                                               616 Nepean Highway, Frankston South

10:00 AM     P2928/2017           Nepean Investments P/L & MAKLM Nominees P/L v Frankston CC

                                               634A, 634B and 616 Nepean Highway, Frankston South

10:00 AM     P2707/2017           Neal Gale v Frankston CC

                                               634A & 634B Nepean Highway, Frankston South

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.6

Member T. Bilston-McGillan

10:00 AM     P2602/2017           JDA Architects v Kingston CC

                                               13 Patty Street, Mentone

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.8

Member K. Paterson

10:00 AM     P2403/2017           BHC Management P/L v Maroondah CC

                                               15 Landale Avenue, Croydon

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.9

Member P. Gaschk

10:00 AM     P2363/2017           William and Natalie Kruss v Frankston CC

                                               74 Gould Street, Frankston

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.12

Member F. Dawson

2:15 PM       P2990/2017           Stuart Strachan v LaTrobe CC

                                               110 Traralgon Creek Road, Traralgon

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.13

Member P. Djohan

10:00 AM     P1454/2017           Prakash Parmar v Frankston CC

                                               23 Coogee Avenue, Frankston

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.13

Member D. Cook

2:15 PM       P2773/2017           George Anastasopoulos v Monash CC

                                               12 Valley Street, Oakleigh South

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.15

Member M. Nelthorpe

10:00 AM     P2634/2017           Steven Koverdinsky v Glen Eira CC

                                               7 Manchester Grove, Glen Huntly

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.1

Member G. Rundell

10:00 AM     P1897/2017           Thian Lee v Whitehorse CC

                                               505 Middleboroough Road, Box Hill North

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.3

Member J. Perlstein, Member P. West

10:00 AM     P2675/2017           Whitehorse CC v St Thomas Anglican Church

                                               42-46 Station Street, Burwood

Major Case Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.2

Deputy President H. Gibson AM, Member B. Sibonis

10:00 AM     P2380/2017           Alkero Development P/L v Stonnington CC,

                                               61 Kensington Road, 52 Rockley Road, 135 & 141 Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra

10:00 AM     P2850/2017           Alkero Development P/L v Stonnington CC

                                                61 Kensington Road, 52 Rockley Road and, 135 & 141 Alexandra Avenue, South Yarra

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.1

Senior Member M. Baird, Member J. Tait

10:00 AM     P2854/2017           Arthur Land P/L v Yarra CC, Transport for Victoria

                                               60-88 Cremorne Street, Cremorne

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.3

Senior Member J. Bennett, Senior Member I. Potts

10:00 AM     P2885/2017           Austral Bricks (Vic) P/L v Mitchell SC,

                                               2330 Epping-Kilmore Road, Wallan

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.16

Member C. Wilson, Member A. Keddie

10:00 AM     P2914/2017           Human Habitats P/L v Port Phillip CC

                                               80 Westbury Street , Balaclava




Residential Tenancies

Melbourne - 5th Floor, 55 King St, Melbourne       

Deputy President I. Lulham, Senior Member L. Warren with Members K. Campana, P. Barrand, A. Treble & M. Sweeney                                                 

09:30 am    R201816460/00            Anderson and Anderson vs The Landlord

09:30 am    R201810338/01            Imagewave Pty Ltd vs Walk

09:30 am    R201819196/00            Butler and Butler vs Ross and Ross

09:30 am    R201817518/00            Ramadas and Lee vs Naumovski

10:30 am    R201817885/00            Bruggeman and Bruggeman vs Moya

10:30 am    R201817729/00            Ghadamian vs Male

10:30 am    R201815553/00            Pick vs Salahi

10:30 am    R201813682/01            Stavrellis vs Croucher

10:30 am    R201817556/00            Thomson vs Hider

10:30 am    R201817576/00            Director Of Housing vs Abera Ferede

10:30 am    R201817028/00            Director Of Housing vs Curtis

10:30 am    R201817021/00            Director Of Housing vs Gergory

10:30 am    R201817834/00            Male vs Ghadamian

10:30 am    R201817755/00            Ozturk vs Pak

10:30 am    R201816622/00            Thomas and Graham vs Maguire

10:30 am    R20188301/00              Wagener vs Kamalanathan

11:30 am    R201816455/00            Rosenfield vs Thy

11:30 am    R201817610/00            Director Of Housing vs Hashi

11:30 am    R201817289/00            Shaw vs Flynn and Landlord

12:00 pm   R201817920/00            Kavanagh vs Burrell

12:00 pm   R201817952/00            Lane vs Newson

12:00 pm   R201817756/00            Hu vs The Robertson Family Super Fund C/- Caine Real Estate

02:00 pm   R201818192/00            Alaterou vs Gowty and Johnson

02:00 pm   R201818043/00            De Zoysa vs Nguyen and Nguyen

02:00 pm   R201437282/09            Director Of Housing vs Abot

02:00 pm   R201818073/00            Director Of Housing vs Zakir and Isa

02:00 pm   R201815284/01            Ngu and Ngu vs Caesar and Pereira

02:00 pm   R20188718/02              Wong vs Choi

02:00 pm   R201817986/00            Yeo vs Gandolfo

02:00 pm   R201817804/00            Boucher and Boucher vs Butler

02:00 pm   R201817795/00            Director Of Housing vs Farah and Abdi

02:00 pm   R201817808/00            Gandolfo vs Dewi Yeo

02:00 pm   R201817829/00            Holdings vs Johnson

02:00 pm   R201817870/00            Kent and Kent vs Kaviya

Bendigo Law Courts, 71 Pall Mall, Bendigo            

Member M. Harvey                                                    

10:00 am    R201819123/00            Director Of Housing vs Niederle and Niederle

11:00 am    R201740353/01            Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Kenneth Morgan

11:00 am    R201814731/00            Christie vs Finlay and Grimes

11:00 am    R201811126/00            Director Of Housing vs Becton

11:00 am    R201743045/01            Ettina Pty Ltd vs Grist

11:00 am    R201814332/00            Jones and Mcgregor vs Paw Cho and Occupants

11:00 am    R201814874/00            Wischki and Wischki vs Reilly

12:00 pm   R201814945/00            Community Housing Vic Ltd vs Lovell

12:00 pm   R201815161/00            Hobson vs Hilson

12:00 pm   R201817305/00            Pickles and Pickles vs Dout

12:00 pm   R201810799/00            Shotton vs Bignold and Jenkins

02:00 pm   R201810618/03            Community Housing (Vic) Ltd vs Macdonald

02:00 pm   R201815398/00            Director Of Housing vs Degenhardt

02:00 pm   R201815912/00            Director Of Housing vs Dobson

02:00 pm   R201815815/00            Director Of Housing vs Fulton

02:00 pm   R201815959/00            Director Of Housing vs Kilner

Benalla Law Courts, Bridge Street, Benalla             

Senior Member S. Wilson

09:30 am    R201818954/00            Rural Housing Network Ltd T/As Beyond Housing vs Kuol and Oliver

Bairnsdale Law Courts, Nicholson Street, Bairnsdale    

Member P. Tyler                                                         

09:30 am    R201814019/00            Axten vs Godden

09:30 am    R201816529/00            Axten vs Godden

02:00 pm   R201816357/00            Director Of Housing vs Spanbroek

02:00 pm   R201816189/00            Director Of Housing vs Tarr

02:00 pm   R201815872/00            Holden vs Fitzgerald

02:00 pm   R201816388/00            Nair vs Rushby and Rushby

Hume Global Learning Centre, 1093 Pascoe Vale Road, Broadmeadows       

Member J. Kefford                                                     

09:30 am    R201815400/00            Davies vs Davies

09:30 am    R201817407/00            Kvalheim and Kvalheim vs Walta

Dandenong Law Courts, Corner Foster and Pultney Streets, Dandenong      

Member J. Good                                                         

09:30 am    R201817767/00            Gamage vs Cooke

09:30 am    R201817359/00            Lot vs Nguyen and Nguyen

09:30 am    R201817079/00            Lowndes vs Zuydam

09:30 am    R201817752/00            Pavlovic vs Rhys-Davies

09:30 am    R201817080/00            Singh vs Memeti

10:30 am    R201816850/00            Praxmarer vs Director Of Housing and Praxmarer

11:30 am    R201817456/00            Kavanagh vs Rando and Taranto

11:30 am    R201817455/00            Launch Housing Ltd vs Pezzutto and White

11:30 am    R201817463/00            Singh vs Colley and Colley

12:00 pm   R201812283/00            Skidmore and Calmpoints Solutions Pty Ltd vs Rosella and Mete

02:00 pm   R20186029/02              Attard vs Nathan

02:00 pm   R201817480/00            Sifinos and Gavriel vs Samardzic

02:00 pm   R201817881/00            Zanette And Linda vs Jolly

03:00 pm   R201817517/00            Investments Pty Ltd vs Dart and Dart

03:00 pm   R201817528/00            Rao and Vadasseri vs Dikilo

03:00 pm   R201816627/00            Tissera vs Cassim

Geelong Law Courts, Railway Terrace, Geelong

Members S. Fry & J. Klingender                              

10:30 am    R201817338/00            Bojanic and Bojanic vs Coult

10:30 am    R201816417/00            Filep vs Cremen Darkin

10:30 am    R201817332/00            Ioannou vs Hunter

10:30 am    R201817462/00            Tomkins vs Gordon

11:00 am    R201817491/00            Kuffer vs Jenkin and Jenkin

11:00 am    R201817803/00            Pty Ltd vs King

11:00 am    R201817691/00            Unison Housing Ltd vs Pigott

11:30 am    R20186494/01              Surace and Surace vs Beames

12:00 pm   R201817825/00            Larkin vs Cervinski

12:00 pm   R201817779/00            Treloar-Tanner vs Allender and Devey

02:00 pm   R201814980/00            Humm vs Mcnamara and Wastell

02:00 pm   R201816487/00            Wastell vs Humm

02:00 pm   R201816490/00            Wastell vs Humm

02:00 pm   R201817670/00            Ablett vs Merlo

02:00 pm   R201817662/00            Chen vs Hutchinson

02:00 pm   R201817625/00            Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Lucas

02:00 pm   R201817676/00            Pearson vs Egan

02:00 pm   R20181820/01              Ramachandraiah vs O'Donnel and Ward-Odonnel

02:00 pm   R201817909/00            Ryley and Ryley vs Evans and Evans and Alberts      

Korumburra Law Courts, Bridge Street, Korumburra

Member B. Thomas                                                    

11:00 am    R201817075/00            Carol vs Walker

11:00 am    R201811836/00            Locke and Locke vs Fleming and Lievesley

11:00 am    R20183645/01              Mc Master vs Elliott and Elliott

11:00 am    R201816291/00            Treevalley Holdings Pty Ltd vs Smith

12:00 pm   R201817156/00            Hickey and Gordon vs Davies and Christgoerg

02:00 pm   R201817736/00            Director Of Housing vs Mcpherson

02:00 pm   R201817734/00            Kalamatas vs Watson and Watson and Barnes

02:00 pm   R201817647/00            Mccall and Evans-Mcall vs Tyrrell and Langley

02:00 pm   R201817818/00            Messina vs Craven

Moorabbin Law Courts, 1140 Nepean Highway, Highett

Deputy President H. Barker                                      

10:30 am    R201813002/00            Burley vs The Chadwick Family Super Fund

10:30 am    R20189592/01              Moodley vs Patil and Patil

10:30 am    R201815164/00            Sapper vs Agnew

11:30 am    R201815923/00            George vs George and George

11:30 am    R201815752/00            Lowe vs Nancarrow

12:00 pm   R201816090/00            Banda vs Katel

12:00 pm   R201816038/00            Breen and Reeves vs Murphy

02:00 pm   R201817944/00            Mallinson vs Milton

02:00 pm   R20183554/02              Mallinson vs Milton

02:00 pm   R201816273/00            Milton vs Mallinson

03:00 pm   R201816939/00            Danko vs Ilievski

Moe Town Hall, Albert Street, Moe

Member K. Norman                                                   

11:00 am    R201815892/00            Dekleva vs Grace

11:00 am    R201815865/00            Director Of Housing vs Hodson

11:00 am    R201817016/00            Director Of Housing vs Linford

11:00 am    R201818724/00            Director Of Housing vs Livingston

11:00 am    R201818886/00            Director Of Housing vs Zwetsloot and Kemp

12:00 pm   R20186823/01              Atf Gherghe Superannuation Fund vs Bingham

12:00 pm   R201817833/00            Dolby vs Francis

12:00 pm   R201816820/00            Donnelly vs Grant

12:00 pm   R201816961/00            Magyar vs Dyke and O Sullivan

02:00 pm   R201816199/00            Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Austin

02:00 pm   R201817002/00            Buxton vs Mckessor and Landlord

02:00 pm   R201816873/00            Director Of Housing vs Baxter

02:00 pm   R201817020/00            Director Of Housing vs Ritchie

02:00 pm   R201816219/00            Fahie vs Standeven

02:00 pm   R201816201/00            Galluccio and Galluccio vs Styles

02:00 pm   R201817246/00            Salvation Army Housing Vic (Gippscare) vs Kulstrunk

Darebin Intercultural Centre, 59A Roseberry Avenue, Preston           

Member H. Davies                                                      

09:30 am    R201816011/00            Button and Jones vs Huntley-Travers

09:30 am    R201816856/00            Cassar vs Cooke

09:30 am    R201818269/00            D`Agostino vs Liverton and Liverton

09:30 am    R201818696/00            Director Of Housing vs Lang

09:30 am    R201812160/01            Garro vs Iovannella and Yeboah

09:30 am    R201816008/00            Hession vs Mifsud and Cotton-Barclay

09:30 am    R201813765/01            Lai and Lam vs Gai

09:30 am    R201814727/01            Lee and Ng vs Burnett

09:30 am    R201815521/00            Place and Dore vs The Landlord

09:30 am    R201818139/00            Unison vs Milward

09:30 am    R201818652/00            Womens Housing Ltd vs Zantsi

10:30 am    R201816833/00            Bryant and Bryant vs Rasing

10:30 am    R201813986/01            Director Of Housing vs Learhinan

10:30 am    R201811215/00            Orfanidis vs Kappala

10:30 am    R201819007/00            Sujay vs Milland and Burke

10:30 am    R201816828/00            Zhang vs Vintulie and Raymond

11:30 am    R201811799/01            Cho vs Humm and Humm

11:30 am    R201816924/00            Grosso Locandro vs Wesley and Collis

12:00 pm   R201816839/00            Pty Ltd vs Kairouz and Romano

02:00 pm   R201817022/00            Director Of Housing vs Clewett and Challis

02:00 pm   R201818370/00            Director Of Housing vs Priestley

02:00 pm   R201819000/00            Liu vs Mojtaba and Mehdi

02:00 pm   R201816912/00            Munro vs Spotswood

02:00 pm   R20186204/02              Scott vs Lapworth

03:00 pm   R201817053/00            Director Of Housing vs Nagawo and Dalasa

03:00 pm   R201816982/00            Pty Ltd vs Haider and Malik

Ringwood Law Courts, 39 Ringwood Street, Ringwood

Senior Member S. Burdon-Smith                              

09:30 am    R201815902/00            Bakker and Bakker vs Forbes and Simcoe

09:30 am    R201812278/01            Dickson and Dickson vs Macdonald

09:30 am    R201815975/00            Director Of Housing vs Gardner

09:30 am    R201815573/00            Kandaswamy vs Blake

09:30 am    R201818955/00            Pang vs Doran

09:30 am    R201818428/00            Tian and Xie vs Tran Dang Khoa

10:30 am    R201815777/00            Csenar vs Moschenski and Karakitios and Moschenski

10:30 am    R201815570/00            Lee and Lee vs King and King and Davidson

10:30 am    R20188477/00              Pritchard vs Bell

11:30 am    R201815728/00            Das vs Wood

11:30 am    R201818062/00            Pow vs Zylbersztajn

12:00 pm   R201817177/00            Collins vs Church

12:00 pm   R201817148/00            Director Of Housing vs Williams

02:00 pm   R201810706/00            Boyle vs Kay-Thorpe and Mallick

02:00 pm   R201816715/00            Dalton vs Winters

02:00 pm   R201818127/00            Director Of Housing vs Marshall

02:00 pm   R201816842/00            Mai vs Kumar

02:00 pm   R201816009/00            Mcveigh and Cassidy vs Shiels and Lyster

02:00 pm   R201815496/00            Ooi vs Woolcock and Douglas

02:00 pm   R201816100/00            Sethi vs Patiricia Johnson and Nicolas Hurst

03:00 pm   R201815538/00            Damain vs Damain and Naylor

Werribee Law Courts, Salisbury Street, Werribee

Member B. Josephs                                                     

09:30 am    R201818995/00            Darriaga vs Glossa

09:30 am    R201815778/00            Khosla and Jeratm and Malik vs Wharemate-Waiti and Aran

09:30 am    R201816195/00            Saaoud vs Crea

09:30 am    R201815555/00            Wang vs Taamilo

09:30 am    R201818402/00            Yang vs Ellis

09:30 am    R201818401/00            Yang vs Ellis

09:30 am    R201813415/01            Zarce vs Makur

10:30 am    R201816084/00            Pirouzkar and Pirouzkar vs Ganta

10:30 am    R201817318/00            Qi vs Chinh and Phuong

10:30 am    R201815613/00            Williams vs Patterson

11:30 am    R201815934/00            Godavarthy vs Crotty

11:30 am    R201815698/00            Grima vs Tukavkin

11:30 am    R201815725/00            Singh and Kaur vs Herron

12:00 pm   R201815746/00            Lim vs Downey-Price and Holland

12:00 pm   R201815800/00            Mendiratta vs Selemani and Jean

12:00 pm   R201815750/00            Nilakshi Gajaweera vs Corazza and Corazza

02:00 pm   R201815882/00            Akula and Akula vs Tatnell and Bugeja

02:00 pm   R201741963/04            Chillapa and Sampurna Vadlamani vs Changala

02:00 pm   R201815799/00            Cui vs Kaur and Sanghera

02:00 pm   R201815972/00            Director Of Housing vs Grindlay

02:00 pm   R201815886/00            Drinjak vs Thompson

03:00 pm   R201815795/00            Kaul vs Janssen and Pace

03:00 pm   R201815734/00            Tial vs Reid and Guastella and Reid


Review and Regulation List

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.1

Senior Member I. Proctor

10:00 AM     Z928/2017             Mr Jaymes Hellings v Transport Accident Commission

10:00 AM     Z202/2018             Ms Sally Wainwright v Transport Accident Commission

10:30 AM     Z648/2017             Miss Francina Doeland v The Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services

11:00 AM     Z283/2018             Wilhelmus Vollebregt v Department of Health and Human Services

11:00 AM     Z264/2018             Matthew Roberts v Department of Justice and Regulation

11:00 AM     Z325/2018             Kim Christine Mckay v Eastern Health

2:00 PM       Z225/2018             Dental Board of Aust. v Dr Barry Creighton

2:30 PM       Z285/2018             Justin Connors v Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal (VOCAT)

2:30 PM       Z314/2018             Mr Shane Bugeja v Taxi Services Commission

2:30 PM       Z335/2018             Wayne Griffin v Victorian Building Authority

2:30 PM       Z835/2017             Michael Bambridge v Victorian Building Authority

3:00 PM       Z154/2018             Matthew Lambrick v Secretary to the Department of Justice and Regulation

3:00 PM       Z174/2018             Paul Wood v Secretary to the Department of Justice and Regulation