Today's hearings

Many VCAT decisions are made at hearings. Hearings are held at a number of VCAT locations. Our hearings are legal and affect the rights of all the parties involved in the case.

Hearings are open to the public except if VCAT orders them closed to the public. If you want your hearing The time and place at which VCAT hears the parties argue their case and makes a decision. to be closed to the public, you must make that request at the start of the hearing but note that an order is not easy to obtain in most VCAT cases.

Hearings are grouped below according to the List A List is an area in VCAT that deals with cases of a similar nature. For example, the Residential Tenancies List decides cases between tenants and landlords, and the Civil Claims List handles disputes about buying or selling goods and services. handling the case. A List is an area in VCAT that deals with cases of a similar nature. For example, the Residential Tenancies List decides cases between tenants and landlords, and the Civil Claims List handles disputes about buying or selling goods and services. The following days hearings are published at 4:30pm each day.

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Monday, 24  September 2018

Building and Property List | Civil Claims List | Guardianship List | Human Rights List | Owners Corporations List | Planning and Environment List | Residential Tenancies List | Review and Regulation List

Building and Property List

Compliance Hearing                         

55 King Street, MelbourneRoom G.8

Senior Member M. Levine

9:30 AM      BP836/2018           P&K Kelly P/L v Arban                                  

Compulsory Conference

55 King Street, MelbourneRoom G.8

Senior Member M. Levine

10:00 AM    BP374/2018           ValueBuild P/L v John Montgomery                                         


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.3

Senior Member M. Lothian

10:00 AM    BP18/2017             Ms Ellen Christina Hayhurst, Mr James George Hayhurst v Metrozone (Aust.) P/L, Justin Moore P/L                              

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.2

Senior Member R. Walker

9:30 AM      BP1257/2018         Assets China P/L v L S Capital P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.3

Member A. Kincaid

9:30 AM      D700/2013              Kitchener Crespin v Mr Spencer John Bitcon, Alan Richard Gaskell , Asset Confiscation Operations (the "ACO")                                      


County Court of Victoria

250 William Street, Melbourne – Room 1.5

Vice President Judge Woodward

10:00 AM    BP350/2016           Owners Corporation No.1 of PS613436T, Owners Corporation No. 2 of PS613436T, Owners Corporation No. 4 PS613436T & Ors v Lu Simon Builders P/L, Stasi Galanaos, Gardner Group P/L & Ors

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.4

Senior Member S. Kirton

10:00 AM    BP610/2017           Mr Michael Zamani v Initial Homes Vic P/L         

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.3

Member A. Kincaid

10:00 AM    BP473/2017           Owners Corporation PS 542601Y, Mr Raymond Jackson, Mrs Fay Jackson & Ors v Phenix Holdings P/L, Mr Mark James Coffey, Mark Coffey Constructions P/L & Ors


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.2

Senior Member R. Walker

10:00 AM    BP1292/2018         Anthony Paul Brondolino v Surf Coast Smash Masters P/L, Belinda Louise Pitts

Civil Claims List

Civil Claims Hearings                                

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Senior Member S. Wilson & Members W. Boddison, D. Buljan, L. Johnson, Dr. R. Leshinsky, O. Mahoney, T. Petranis, L. Rowland & I. Scott

9:30 AM      C6620/2017            Basant Singh, Krishneel Pravin Singh v Commercial King Vehicle Sales

9:30 AM      C4459/2018            James Oklander v MVP Lifestyles P/L

9:30 AM      C4868/2018            Paul Ferla v The Dempsey Group, Milner's P/L

9:30 AM      C1156/2018   P/L v Ross-Ash Holdings P/L

10:30 AM    C4893/2018            Be Floored Be Green P/L v Verve Construction P/L                       

11:30 AM    C3841/2018            Harjit Singh Bhatt, Jasvinder Kaur Bhatt v Charlie Siuola

11:30 AM    C4477/2018            ECH Consulting Engineers P/L v Masuda Koichi

11:30 AM    C5056/2017            First Property services v Joanne O'Connell

12:15 PM     C2387/2018            Rex Smith v Briggs & Stratton Aust

2:00 PM       C4506/2018            Milos Stefkovic v Mintego P/L

2:00 PM       C4710/2018            John Winnett v Global Property Enterprises P/L

2:00 PM       C4013/2018            Thomas Mavraganis v PJ Panels             

3:00 PM       C4699/2018            Stewart Rowe v Mingqun Fuzhuang P/L

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.6

Member F. Marks

9:30 AM      C4154/2018            Alana Molnar v Cafe Christies Yea, Renee Maree Edmonds         

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member Dr. R. Leshinsky

1:30 PM       C3184/2018            RFJF Investments P/L v Tweed Coast Motors P/L                                 

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.2

Senior Member L. Forde

9:30 AM      C3061/2018            Corrosion Prevention Company P/L v Laing O'Rourke Aust. P/L   

10:00 AM    C5265/2018            B.D.G. Plumbing P/L, Paul Stephenson Buildscape Property Services v A.M.I.E Investments P/L

10:30 AM    C5268/2018            John McCarter v Foton Geelong

11:00 AM    C2817/2018            Michelle Louise Dunston v Tattersall's Sweeps P/L, Ha Seng Hem

11:00 AM    C5491/2018            One Rabbit v A Backhouse & Backhouse Legal, Angela Backhouse

11:30 AM    C5231/2018            Ziauddin (Zia) Akramy v Christopher Stow

12:00 PM     C5191/2018            Gozel Painters P/L v Handbury Constructions

12:30 PM     C6381/2018            The Brainary v ST Solutions Aust. P/L

12:30 PM     C5329/2018            12-14 PCR Altona Meadows v Cardinia Conveyancing, Lynette Anne Brown

2:00 PM       C5740/2018            Andrew Papaioannou v Ahmed Elbadaoui

2:30 PM       C5367/2018            David Yule v Ewan Carkeek

3:00 PM       C3479/2017            Donco Iloski, Liljana Iloska, Robert Iloski, Sophie Iloski v National Aust. Bank Ltd                                  

Fast Track Mediation and Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.16

Mediator S. Joannou

9:00 AM      C3590/2018            Gardenridge P/L v George Gavdos, Heidi Gavdos

10:15 AM    C4905/2018            Tree Amigos Victoria P/L v Matthew Simpson

11:30 AM    C5215/2018            Constantinos Nicolouleas, Angela Nicolouleas v Elders Real Estate Ararat                                    

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.17

Mediator R. De Angelis

11:30 AM    C5377/2018            Better Waste P/L v Tom Raft's Fruit World                                       

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.18

Mediator G. Maher

9:00 AM      C5515/2018            Greg Hocking Bayside P/L v Student Group P/L               

Civil Claims Hearings

Bendigo Magistrates' Court

Member A. Moon

10:30 AM    C5109/2018            MTD Auto P/L t v Jaymie Hutchins                                     

Geelong Magistrates' Court

Member S. Fry

9:30 AM      C5184/2018            Paige Markwell v Kane Gauci                                   

Korumburra Magistrates' Court

Senior Member S. Burdon-Smith

10:00 AM    C5134/2018            Katrina Chatfield v Joshua Brown

Guardianship List

55 King St, Melbourne – Room G.7                                          

Senior Member B Hoysted                                                        

09:30 am     G64500/04               Cameron David Davies

10:30 am     G63028/06               Joyce Julie Nederveen

11:30 am     G84143/00               Carla Ann Locarnini

12:15 pm     G84126/00               Margaret Mary Robertson

02:00 pm     G84127/00               Camille Helal

02:45 pm     G32297/08               Simon John Dickey

55 King St, Melbourne – Room G.5                                          

Member K Norman                                                                   

09:30 am     G6448/15                 Enzo Tomasiello

09:30 am     G10908/13               Andrew Tomasiello

11:30 am     G84324/00               Geoffrey James Wise

12:15 pm     G84246/00               Thomas Keith Anderson

02:00 pm     G84257/00               Susan Maree Lawless

02:45 pm     G84236/00               Jake Bengston

03:30 pm     G53567/04               James Gordon Hammet

Dromana Court, Codrington Street, Dromana                          

Member P Barrand                                                                   

09:30 am     G84299/00               Daphne Mary Senior

10:30 am     G37780/12               Yvonne Groenewegen

11:30 am     G79590/03               Jenny Mc Cready

12:15 pm     G80806/01               Brenda Mary Hooper

02:00 pm     G81045/02               Betty Dunn

02:45 pm     G84117/00               Sylvia Hamilton

Global Learning Centre, 1093 Pascoe Vale Road, Broadmeadows     

Member K Campana                                                                 

09:30 am     G84102/00               Ameera Kko

10:30 am     G84105/00               Syed Mustaffa Shebubakar

11:30 am     G84082/00               Stiepan Sinozic

12:15 pm     G71130/08               Emilio Antoni

02:00 pm     G84113/00               Dorothy Knight

02:45 pm     G46968/06               Bartolino Sorpreso

03:30 pm     G16560/08               Jimmy Delcus

Seymour Court, Tallarook Street, Seymour                             

Member J Klingender                                                               

10:00 am     G47671/05               Andrew Paul Frendo

Sunshine Court, 10 Foundry Road, Sunshine                          

Member E Bridge                                                                     

09:30 am     G84732/00               Alain Dauguet

10:30 am     G57774/11               Bradley Noel Andrews

11:30 am     G82625/01               Noel Alfred Evans

12:15 pm     G84476/00               Elizabeth-Rose Agnes Freeman

02:00 pm     G81337/01               Denise King

02:45 pm     G84379/00               Martin Kennedy

03:30 pm     G80446/01               Tamara D'Arcy

V.C.A.T. Hearing Room, Ballarat Law Courts, 100 Grenville Street South, Ballarat    

Member A Tilley                                                                       

10:00 am     G84647/00               John Mookhoek

11:00 am     G74978/01               Stephen Hozjan

11:45 am     G84671/00               William George Battley

12:30 pm     G56913/04               Kaitlyn Renae Bell

02:00 pm     G81498/01               Nigel Munro

02:30 pm     G60452/07               Reece Alex Doyle

03:00 pm     G21610/08               Bruce Andrew Starick

Wantirna Health, 251 Mountain Highway, Wantirna South       

Member A Smith                                                                      

09:30 am     G84485/00               Hartwig Stoelting

10:15 am     G84568/00               Olive Tang

11:00 am     G84741/00               Ahad Mir

11:45 am     G84742/00               Andrew Thomassen

01:30 pm     G84744/00               VALMA SHELDON

02:15 pm     G84610/00               Poh Choo Yap

03:00 pm     G84754/00               Nicholaos Stefanatos


Human Rights List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.15

Member D. Calabro

10:00 AM    H141/2018              Christine Thompson v Uber                                   

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 1.1

Member Dr. R. Wilson

10:00 AM    H242/2018              Jie Xuan (Sammie) Luo v Focus on Furniture P/L                                     


Bendigo Magistrates' Court

Member R. Phillips

10:00 AM          H105/2015

Owners Corporations List

Fee Recovery Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member B. Thomas

9:30 AM      OC515/2018           Owners Corporation Plan No. RP011884 v Ronald Lau                 

9:30 AM      OC1524/2018         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS706489D v Felicity Bea Jarvis, Bethany Kate Jarvis                     

9:30 AM      OC1526/2018         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS538157Q v Peter William McCrae       

9:30 AM      OC1528/2018         Owners Corporation Plan No. SP023236N v Ssirekim Investments P/L     

9:30 AM      OC1521/2018         Owners Corporation Plan No. RP013797 v Hue Thi Nguyen         

9:30 AM      OC1519/2018         Owners Corporation Plan No. RP000068 v Antonio Scianatico, Rosa Scianatico                      

9:30 AM      OC1505/2018         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS712163B v Ali Cimen              

9:30 AM      OC1485/2018         Owners Corporation Plan No. PS305304F v Patrick James Christensen

9:30 AM      OC1475/2018         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS523734L v MPA Investments P/L        

9:30 AM      OC1237/2018         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS643584H v Siying Qiu             

9:30 AM      OC1240/2018         Owners Corporation Plan No. PS331685R v Maria Sevdalis         

11:00 AM    OC2153/2017         Owners Corporation No. 1 PS306516J v Paraskevi (Vicki) Kyritsis            

11:00 AM    OC1577/2018         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS714009B v Na Li                      

11:00 AM    OC1479/2018         Owners Corporation 1 PS501391P, Owners Corporation 2 PS501391P v James Yifeng Lin           

12:00 PM     OC1530/2018         Owners Corporation PS647500V v Xioajiang Ding                         

12:00 PM     OC1523/2018         Owners Corporation PS647500V v Bradley Saunders, Jane Saunders      

12:00 PM     OC1525/2018         Owners Corporation PS6457500V v Chong Shun Yin                    

12:00 PM     OC1527/2018         Owners Corporation PS647500V v Gary Nash                  

12:00 PM     OC1529/2018         Owners Corporation PS647500V v Jane Trewin               

3:00 PM       OC1272/2018         Owners Corporation PS708353U v Andrew Silvanus Mukoba Juma          

3:00 PM       OC1579/2018         Owners Corporation SP0295590L v AXT Turbo P/L                      

3:00 PM       OC1576/2018         Owners Corporation SP025347S v Yin Man Zhu, Olivia Zeng       

3:00 PM       OC1617/2018     Owners Corporation RP019740 v Jamie Lee Mademlis                       

Planning and Environment List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.8

Member S. Cimino

10:00 AM    P1190/2018            New Albert P/L v Moreland CC, Vic Roads - Metropolitan North West Region

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.15

Member C. Wilson

2:00 PM       P1253/2018            PAG2 P/L and Natalie McLeod v Banyule CC

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.16

Member E. Bensz

10:00 AM    P1255/2018            UAG West Melbourne P/L v Melbourne CC, Vic Roads - Metropolitan North West Region, Transport for Victoria        


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.6

Senior Member G. Code

10:00 AM    P634/2018              Johanna Selleck & Others v Yarra Ranges SC, Country Fire Authority - Headquarters                 

                                                    220, 230 Glenfern Road &, 465 Lysterfield Road, Lysterfield

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.4

Member T. Bilston-McGillen

10:00 AM    P618/2018              Robert Troup v Surf Coast SC                 

                                                    30 Beales Street, Torquay 

2:15 PM       P565/2018              Michael Halvatzis v Greater Dandenong CC, Vic Roads - Metropolitan South East Region                   

                                                    11 Jacksons Road, Noble Park North

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.8

Member F. Dawson

10:00 AM    P561/2018              Jia Ni Zhu v Maroondah CC, Vic Roads - Metropolitan South East Region

                                                    259-261 Dorset Road, Croydon 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.9

Member A. Slattery

10:00 AM    P906/2018              Boss Properties P/L v Stonnington CC, Vic Roads - Metropolitan South East Region                            

                                                    1610 Malvern Road, Glen Iris 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.15

Member A. Glynn

10:00 AM    P655/2018              Thuy Nhan v Monash CC                         

                                                    13 Browning Drive, GLEN Waverley 

Major Case Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.2

Senior Member J. Rickards, Member P. West

10:00 AM    P877/2018              Tim Metcalf v Surfcoast SC                     

                                                    420 Coombes Road, Freshwater Creek

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.1

Senior Member M. Baird, Member P. Djohan

10:00 AM    P884/2018              Moda Armadale v Stonnington CC, Vic Roads - Metropolitan South East Region                           

                                                    835-853 High Street, Armadale

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.2

Member M. Nelthorpe, Member L. Nervegna

10:00 AM    P718/2018              Soldiers Road P/L v Boroondara CC                    

                                                    2-4 Roche Street, Hawthorn 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.5

Member K. Birtwistle

10:00 AM    P898/2018              Springfield Avenue Capital Nominees P/L v Stonnington CC        

                                                    12 Springfield Avenue, Toorak 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.1

Member M. Deidun, Member S. Axford

10:00 AM    P869/2018              Delloyd P/L v Whitehorse CC, Transport for Victoria, Vic Roads - Metropolitan South East Region 

                                                    380 Burwood Highway, Burwood East

Residential Tenancies List

Bendigo Law Courts, 71 Pall Mall, Bendigo            

Member A. Moon                                                   

11:30 am   R201827993/00           Guy vs Mcmahon

11:30 am   R201833185/00           Jones vs Stanford and Booby

12:00 pm   R201831610/00           Director Of Housing vs Domaille

12:00 pm   R201831245/00           Director Of Housing vs Meagher

12:00 pm   R201831246/00           Director Of Housing vs Meagher

02:00 pm   R201831685/00           Community Housing (Vic) Ltd vs Broadbent and Hansford

02:00 pm   R201831372/00           Director Of Housing vs Becton

02:00 pm   R201830922/00           Director Of Housing vs Brient

02:00 pm   R201831588/00           Director Of Housing vs Clarke

02:00 pm   R20187102/01            Director Of Housing vs Mayan

02:00 pm   R201830752/00           O'Neill and O'Neill vs Wright

02:00 pm   R201831434/00           Tweed vs Harvey

03:00 pm   R201831584/00           Director Of Housing vs Atkinson

Dandenong Law Courts, Corner Foster and Pultney Streets, Dandenong     

Member K. Kirmos                                                

09:30 am   R201832031/00           Director Of Housing vs Ali

09:30 am   R201831797/00           Director Of Housing vs Harrington

09:30 am   R201832074/00           Director Of Housing vs Mcgregor

09:30 am   R201832043/00           Director Of Housing vs Watson

09:30 am   R201832075/00           Director Of Housing vs Woodward

09:30 am   R201832135/00           Nguyen and Nguyen vs Tran And All Other Occupants

10:30 am   R201832196/00           Brooks and Brooks vs Pickford and Rachel

10:30 am   R201831124/00           Menzies vs Brozan

10:30 am   R201832173/00           Nguyen and Nguyen vs Goerlitz and Jun

11:30 am   R201832051/00           Barnett vs Chalas

11:30 am   R201831975/00           Lichtenstein vs Rushton and Clogg

12:00 pm   R201832240/00           Collins and Collins vs Henderson

12:00 pm   R201832030/00           Pty Ltd vs Peeauke and Peeuake

12:00 pm   R201832232/00           Staita vs Paniora and Taia

02:00 pm   R201829091/00           Di Pietro vs Mansbridge

02:00 pm   R201832247/00           Gu vs Saint

02:00 pm   R201832249/00           He vs Bazogias and Thomas

02:00 pm   R201832250/00           Taylor and Taylor vs Taylor

03:00 pm   R201828938/01           Jackson and Jackson vs Flower

03:00 pm   R201831209/00           Mandalos vs Chen and Chen

Geelong Law Courts, Railway Terrace, Geelong     

Member S. Fry                                                       

10:30 am   R201833456/00           Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Arden

10:30 am   R201832149/00           Cattani vs Portelli

10:30 am   R201831632/00           Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Melville

10:30 am   R201831394/00           Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Vlahos

10:30 am   R201831405/00           Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Woolsey

10:30 am   R201832185/00           Kumar vs Stretton and Jones

10:30 am   R201833474/00           Liu vs Williams and Wynn

10:30 am   R201832150/00           Morgan vs Beckwith

10:30 am   R201831998/00           Nardi vs King

10:30 am   R201832179/00           The Salvation Army (Victoria) Property Trust vs Morrice

10:30 am   R201832268/00           Watson vs Bunworth

11:30 am   R201832188/00           Brzozek vs Nancarrow and Spring and Nancarrow

11:30 am   R201832180/00           Meagher vs Anglin

12:00 pm   R201832222/00           Broadfoot vs Przybylkiewicz

12:00 pm   R201831951/00           Hunt vs Blabey and O'Regan

02:00 pm   R201823071/01           Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Haberman

02:00 pm   R201833548/00           Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Ryan

02:00 pm   R201829522/00           Mather and Damon vs Epstein

02:00 pm   R201832686/00           Mcphee and Mcphee vs Bell

02:00 pm   R201832279/00           Pino vs Freedman

02:00 pm   R201832141/00           Sijercic vs Taylor and Shortall

Korumburra Law Courts, Bridge Street, Korumburra

Senior Member S. Burdon-Smith                           

11:00 am   R201831813/00           And Benjamin Hee vs And Casey Barry

11:00 am   R201825411/01           Director Of Housing vs Stewart

11:00 am   R201831783/00           Pugh vs Mclean and King

12:00 pm   R201832094/00           Greaves vs Humphrey and Humphrey

12:00 pm   R201832036/00           Maier vs Westwood and Westwood

02:00 pm   R201832207/00           Bucello vs Occupants and Schubert and O'Meara and O'Meara

02:00 pm   R201832205/00           Bucello vs Shadowolf Enterprises Pty Ltd

02:00 pm   R201831211/00           Keith vs Virgo

Moorabbin Law Courts, 1140 Nepean Highway, Highett        

Member A. Treble                                                 

09:30 am   R201832052/00           Calnan and Calnan vs Subasi and Oktaba

09:30 am   R201832131/00           Mclean vs Laparidis

09:30 am   R201832012/00           Peer vs All Other Occupants and Cheshire

10:30 am   R20186376/02            Ziyu vs Yujia

11:30 am   R201829780/00           Islam and Banu vs Jiang

12:00 pm   R201827804/00           Quist and Brasher vs Buxton Hampton East

02:00 pm   R201828867/00           Aitom Pty Ltd vs Seletto

02:00 pm   R201831577/00           Brueckner vs Miltiadou

02:00 pm   R201823240/01           Chan and Jun-Young vs Yang

02:00 pm   R201717505/01           Director Of Housing vs Freeman

02:00 pm   R201813318/01           Director Of Housing vs Humphreys

02:00 pm   R201830351/00           Leibel and Leibel vs Killerby and Crouch

02:00 pm   R201830287/00           Xu vs Carew

03:00 pm   R201638202/01           Cvitkovic vs Olczyk

03:00 pm   R201830722/00           Three Macs Pty Ltd vs Rapoport

Melbourne - 5th Floor, 55 King St, Melbourne        

Senior Member S. Wilson & Members W. Boddison, Dr. R. Leshinsky, O. Mahoney, T. Petranis, L. Rowland & I. Scott                              

09:30 am   R201833320/00           Chaplin vs Rossi

09:30 am   R201831407/00           Director Of Housing vs Seeley

09:30 am   R201831917/00           Lentara Uniting Care P/L vs Heald and Heald

09:30 am   R201832850/00           Roads Corporation T/A Vicroads vs Evans

09:30 am   R201726785/04           Thomson vs Chabad Properties P/L

09:30 am  R201831830/01            Stathopoulos vs Mastrapas

10:30 am   R201832146/00           Diomides and Mr and Borg and Smith vs Licari

10:30 am   R201832034/00           Director Of Housing vs Faatuuala

10:30 am   R201832069/00           Director Of Housing vs Wasihun

10:30 am   R201822470/02           Launch Housing Ltd (Homeground Services) vs Fowler and Wood

10:30 am   R201831947/00           Quarrato vs Fedele and Warrington

11:30 am   R201832024/00           Brown and Pieters vs Dimopolous

11:30 am   R201831969/00           Moutia vs Scott

12:00 pm   R201832103/00           Abid & Lee vs Tondfekr and Winning and Eisenhauer

02:00 pm   R201832199/00           Director Of Housing vs Rudd

02:00 pm   R201832176/00           Housingfirst Ltd vs Sallein

02:00 pm   R201832244/00           Jacovelli and Priebbenow vs Hall

02:00 pm   R201832304/00           Jordan vs Lo

02:00 pm   R201832243/00           Robbins vs Findlay

02:00 pm   R201832500/00           Ward vs Veal

02:00 pm   R201833558/00           Womens Housing Ltd vs Lyon

02:00 pm   R201832318/00           Director Of Housing vs Farah

02:00 pm   R201831213/00           Flexistayz Pty Ltd vs Waller

02:00 pm   R201821949/02           Izadi vs Maile and Smith

02:00 pm   R201832274/00           Maiolo and Maiolo vs Khadka and Tipuamantumirri

02:00 pm   R201832372/00           Norwestern Properties P/L vs Hailu

02:00 pm   R201832365/00           Norwestern Properties P/L vs Yaquit

02:00 pm   R201832305/00           Sandall vs Sareen and Sareen

03:00 pm   R201832478/00           Denny vs Ballal and Hanumantharayappa

03:00 pm   R201832252/00           Duric vs Cheng         

Moe Town Hall, Albert Street, Moe                        

Member B. Ussher                                                 

09:30 am   R201825794/01           Creighton vs The Landlord

09:30 am   R201832044/00           Lauda vs Armstrong

09:30 am   R201832107/00           Sivakumaran vs Higgins and Hepner

09:30 am   R201832124/00           Taylor vs Ferrett

09:30 am   R201832110/00           Vickerman vs Sabrin and Rahman

02:00 pm   R201831100/00           Carter and Carter vs Mabilia

02:00 pm   R201831460/00           Director Of Housing vs Gray

02:00 pm   R201831122/00           Mcneill and Mcneill vs Fenton

02:00 pm   R201831439/00           Popplestone vs Johnston

02:00 pm   R201831128/00           Reynolds and Reynolds vs Hart

02:00 pm   R201831677/00           Zajac vs Pearce and Browne

03:00 pm   R201831602/00           Budd vs Peillon

03:00 pm   R201831698/00           R & J Lockwood Superannuation Fund vs Frost

Morwell - Latrobe Valley Law Courts, 134 Commercial Road, Morwell       

Member P. Tyler                                                    

10:00 am   R201832096/00           Bonser and Bonser vs Brown

10:00 am   R201831534/00           Pul vs Robe-Curry

10:00 am   R201832127/00           Seet vs Di Fresco

10:00 am   R201832083/00           Takanen vs Thain

11:00 am   R201828609/00           Dobson vs Petraitis

11:00 am   R201828603/00           Everett and Everett vs Bennetts

11:00 am   R201828711/00           Krygsman vs Clancy

11:00 am   R201828613/00           Lowe vs Archibald and Nazarpour

11:00 am   R201828614/00           Zhang vs Walker

12:00 pm   R201828753/00           Bolwell vs Marriott and Bridgeman and Bridgeman

12:00 pm   R201829703/00           Eastcoast Housing Association vs Thomas

02:00 pm   R201829251/00           Director Of Housing vs Ardley

02:00 pm   R201828951/00           Director Of Housing vs Pyke

02:00 pm   R201830819/00           Guo vs Smith

02:00 pm   R201829862/00           Lewis vs Laukens and Penfold

02:00 pm   R201829229/00           Petersen vs Mitchell

02:00 pm   R201829242/00           Schapendonk vs Wilson and Forrester

Darebin Intercultural Centre, 59A Roseberry Avenue, Preston

Member H. Nash                                                    

09:30 am   R201831967/00           Director Of Housing vs Aden and Aden

09:30 am   R201831442/00           Director Of Housing vs Mohamed

09:30 am   R201831972/00           Director Of Housing vs Pogorevc

09:30 am   R201831654/00           Director Of Housing vs Stone

09:30 am   R201831392/00           Director Of Housing vs West

09:30 am   R201831612/00           Director Of Housing vs Wickey

09:30 am   R201832138/00           S vs Kelly

10:30 am   R201832151/00           Director Of Housing vs Stewart

10:30 am   R201832225/00           Eryurek and Meltem vs Edwards

10:30 am   R201832163/00           Mancev vs Velevski

10:30 am   R201832147/00           Pascoe vs Lampe and Ison

11:30 am   R201831908/00           Kwok vs Lawson

11:30 am   R201832234/00           Li and Li vs King and Santana

12:00 pm   R201832280/00           Lee vs Wood

12:00 pm   R201832186/00           North West Accommodation P/L vs Dalziel

02:00 pm   R201829562/00           Carden vs Sazanov

02:00 pm   R201832298/00           Colangelo and Colangelo vs Gianitsopoulos

02:00 pm   R201829952/00           Director Of Housing vs Atkinson

02:00 pm   R201829982/00           Director Of Housing vs Gucuk

02:00 pm   R201829958/00           Director Of Housing vs Holmes

02:00 pm   R201829968/00           Director Of Housing vs Lewis Vito

02:00 pm   R201829976/00           Director Of Housing vs North

02:00 pm   R201811094/01           Director Of Housing vs Young

Ringwood Law Courts, 39 Ringwood Street, Ringwood

Member R. Tang                                                    

09:30 am   R201831611/00           Director Of Housing vs Barbour

09:30 am   R201831921/00           Pachacz vs Young

09:30 am   R201831991/00           Tsc Home Pty Ltd vs Estcourt

09:30 am   R201832015/00           Wagner vs Withrow

10:30 am   R201831474/00           Brooksbank and Reynolds vs Aragwal

10:30 am   R201831982/00           Chen vs Mcneilly

10:30 am   R201832113/00           Cheng and Toh vs Jenkins

10:30 am   R201832160/00           Greenwood and Marchese vs Murray and Murray

10:30 am   R201832090/00           Truong vs Millar and Natarelli

11:30 am   R201821036/00           Brown vs Stephenson and Willcocks

11:30 am   R201832157/00           Gupta vs Hermscec

12:00 pm   R201831987/00           Buckingham vs De Felice

12:00 pm   R201832105/00           Kim vs Tran

02:00 pm   R201829849/01           Chan vs Haldon and Theodore and Ang

02:00 pm   R201832263/00           Director Of Housing vs Coulthard

02:00 pm   R201732488/03           Director Of Housing vs Thompson

02:00 pm   R201832311/00           Jingwen vs Denis and Theodore

02:00 pm   R201832370/00           Stehn vs Corcoran

02:00 pm   R201832285/00           Wei vs Ratnayake and Roucas and Farrelly

03:00 pm   R201832859/00           Roads Corporation T/A Vicroads vs Pearce and Miriklis

Seymour Law Courts, Tallarook Street, Seymour   

Member J. Klingender                                           

02:00 pm   R201831796/00           Chong vs Vanderviught and Vanderviught

02:00 pm   R201831803/00           Lee vs Sedman

02:00 pm   R201831570/00           Trowbridge vs Reeves

02:00 pm   R201829974/00           Youlden and Youlden vs Valentine and Valentine

Werribee Law Courts, Salisbury Street, Werribee  

Member R. Buchanan                                            

09:30 am   R201810397/03           Silver vs Nakubuwai and Nakubuwai

10:30 am   R201830026/00           Brown and Gray vs Grist and Crawford

10:30 am   R201827569/03           Ikbalbhai Panjvani and Hitmatal Jasani vs Virk and Singh

10:30 am   R201830227/00           Morton and Morton vs Tauai and Lambert

10:30 am   R201830335/00           Niu vs Richey and Macneill

11:30 am   R201830513/00           Mhalgi and Mhalgi vs Petrovic and Stimpson and Glesson

12:00 pm   R201831236/00           Chen and Dai vs Nguyen and Phat

02:00 pm   R201831259/00           Jones and Thomson vs Manitta and Collins

02:00 pm   R201832869/00           Resulagic vs Llangos

02:00 pm   R201829850/00           Shelly vs Friend and Morris and Thorpe

02:00 pm   R201827964/00           Shelly vs Jeffery Friend and Morris and Thorpe

03:00 pm   R201831268/00           Director Of Housing vs Saba

03:00 pm   R201831260/00           Goel vs Earnshaw


Review and Regulation List

Compulsory Conference

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.5

Senior Member G. Butcher

10:00 AM    Z694/2018              Glenn Boyd v Victoria Police                                           

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.1

Senior Member A. Dea

10:00 AM    Z709/2018              Douglas Gross v Transport Accident Commission                         

10:00 AM    Z100/2017              Mr Peter Johnson v Transport Accident Commission                     

11:00 AM    Z734/2018              Mrs Nola Martin v Melbourne Health                     

11:00 AM    Z723/2018              Shaheen Bilwani v Commissioner of State Revenue                      

11:00 AM    Z190/2018              Shaheen Bilwani v State Revenue Office             

11:00 AM    Z453/2018              Department of Health and Human Services v Mary Wooldridge MP

11:00 AM    Z789/2018              Department of Health and Human Services v Mary Wooldridge MP          

12:00 PM     Z748/2018              Mr Koshan Radford v Victoria Police                    

2:00 PM       Z485/2018              Torua P/L v Commissioner of State Revenue                    

2:30 PM       Z740/2018              Ms Frances Tuck v Aust. Health Practitioner Regulation Agency  

2:30 PM       Z203/2018              Nursing and Midwifery Board of Aust. v Mr Alexis Alvarez             

3:00 PM       Z756/2018              Ian Stewart v Harness Racing Appeals & Disciplinary Board         

3:00 PM       Z757/2018              Joshua Benson v Harness Racing Appeals & Disciplinary Board  

3:00 PM       Z758/2018              Ian Stewart v Kilmore Racing Club Inc                 

3:00 PM       Z759/2018              Joshua Benson v Kilmore Racing Club Inc


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.7

Senior Member J. Smithers & Members R. Story & C. Harty

10:00 AM    Z993/2017              Dental Board of Aust. v Dr Vinoth Arumugam                                             

Review Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.1

Senior Member A. Dea

10:30 AM    Z596/2018              Mr Rajwinder Singh Bhangu v Commercial Passenger Vehicle Victoria