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Many VCAT decisions are made at hearings. Our hearings are legal and affect the rights of all the parties involved in the case.

Most hearings are open to the public except if VCAT orders them to be closed. You can request for a hearingDefinitionThe time and place at which VCAT hears the parties argue their case and makes a decision. to be closed to the public when the hearing starts. An order for a closed hearing is not easy to obtain in most VCAT cases.

Hearings are grouped below according to the ListDefinitionA List is an area in VCAT that deals with cases of a similar nature. For example, the Residential Tenancies List decides cases between tenants and landlords, and the Civil Claims List handles disputes about buying or selling goods and services. handling the case. A List is an area in VCAT that deals with cases of a similar nature. For example, the Civil Claims List handles disputes about buying or selling goods and services. The following day's hearings are published at 4.30 pm each day.

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Tuesday, 23 April  2019

Building and Property List | Civil Claims List | Guardianship List | Owners Corporations List | Planning and Environment List | Residential Tenancies List | Review and Regulation List | Building Appeals Board hearings

Building and Property List

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.1

Deputy President C. Aird

12:00 PM     BP198/2018           Daniel Investments (Aust) P/L v 31 Waltham Street P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.1

Senior Member M. Farrelly

9:30 AM       BP118/2019           Fountain Gate Quest Inn P/L v Ziad El-Cheick, Sue El-Cheick, Mistry Vijendra, Mistry Lalita, Ian Smith, Kathleen Smith, Boralalage Kalum Nishantha Attanayake

10:00 AM     BP1567/2018         Peter Whan, Jillian Whan v Kevin Foster t/as Outdoor Living Solutions

10:30 AM     BP1474/2017         Owners Corporation No.1 PS602497J v Salta Constructions P/L (A.E. Smith & Son Proprietary Ltd, Real Flame P/L)

2:15 PM       BP240/2016           Ms Andrea Mangan v Max Perovich & Associates P/L                 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.2

Senior Member M. Lothian

2:15 PM       BP886/2018           Peta Davies, Karen Ellis v Owners Corporation 1 PS414649K, Victoria Body Corporate Services Pty. Ltd (withdrawn 11.09.2018), Steven John Humphrey and Jun Fan, Blaise Antony, Brian Robert Poskaitis and Susan Mary Kent, Maud Investments Pt

Directions Hearing by Phone

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.2

Senior Member M. Lothian

9:30 AM       BP1649/2018         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. 70964OL, Alison Manser, Madison Louise Browne, Anthony William Pooley, Michael James Ryan, Dianne Ryan, Suzanne Julie McKinnon, Jenny Ma, Robert Geoffrey Cook, Antonetta Aloe v Branson Property Group P/L


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.3

Member M. Sweeney

10:00 AM     BP241/2019           Lisanti Salvatore v Christopher Aleksoski           


Onsite in Coburg

Mediator R. Lawrence

10:00 AM     BP675/2018           ValueBuild P/L v Andrew Gunn, Selja Ekinovic               

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.15

Mediator R. De Lacy

9:30 AM       BP314/2019           Steven Bakis v Louis Bakis, Nick Bakis              

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.21

Mediator J. Anderson

9:30 AM       BP1309/2018         John Mapleson, Judith Mapleson v The Pastor Group P/L

Small Claim Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.2

Senior Member M. Lothian

11:30 AM     BP336/2019           Rainal Kumar v Metricon Homes P/L      

Reinstatement Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.3

Member M. Sweeney

12:00 PM     W8/2014                Mr Stan John Gizycki, Mrs Sophie Terasa Gizycki v Mr Anthony Rasmussen, Mrs Jess Rasmussen

Civil Claims List

Civil Claims Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Members J. Good, D. Kim, K. Knights, M. Sweeney & B. Ussher

9:30 AM       C8741/2018           Silver Holding Aust.v Load Metal P/L

11:30 AM     C1411/2019           Good Will Punting P/L v Riley Askew

2:00 PM       C8604/2018           Thomas Dellas, Rhett Ogston v trading as Jam HQ

2:00 PM       C1525/2019           Alwyn Smith v Charlie's Autohouse

3:00 PM       C705/2019             Andrew Fuller v Richard Tovey

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member H. Davies

9:30 AM       C1121/2019           Craig Williams Combined Services v Jenny Game-Iopata, Anna Game-lopata

1:30 PM       C1573/2018           Therese Cataldo v Nicole Klonaris Savvy Business Pro               

Fast Track Mediation and Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – 2nd Floor

Mediators A. Skopilianos, L. Demaio, M. Cirillo, R De Angelis

9:00 AM       C1320/2019           Steven Cichello v Hello Solar P/L

9:00 AM       C489/2019             Nickolas Horton v Listaglen P/L, SAIC Motor Aust. P/L, MG Motors Aust. P/L

9:00 AM       C1275/2019           Fuel System Solutions P/L v Fuelco Aust. P/L

10:15 AM     C1157/2019           Southside Art & Canvas Stretching v Robert Young

10:15 AM     C395/2019             Leslie Huang v Bray Con Concreting

10:15 AM     C1299/2019           Berenice Cheng v Woodgrain Revival

10:15 AM     C1634/2019           Aust.Electrical Industries v Ontrack Fleet Management

11:30 AM     C1331/2019           A Super Safe Scaffold v L & C Iacovella Builders P/L, Carmine Iacovella, Leonardo Iacovella

11:30 AM     C699/2019             Maria Therese Bernadette Sulfaro v National Business Institute of Aust.

11:30 AM     C930/2019             Skin I'm In Models and Film P/L v Zarina Copeland

11:30 AM     C730/2019             Natalie Oliver v Matthew Robert Williams

11:30 AM     C1289/2019           Erin Keogh v TCL Electronics Aust. P/L              

Shepparton Magistrates' Court

Mediator S. Reid

9:30 AM       C7658/2018           Rodney Senior P/L v Daniel McCrimmon

10:30 AM     C833/2019             Bertoli Plumbing v Kayleen Giles


55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member I. Scott

10:00 AM     C6667/2018           Vicky Wanless v Susan Whyte, Ease Apartments P/L                  


55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member B. Ussher

9:30 AM       C2814/2019           Joshua Khaw v Hengyi (Swanston Central) P/L               

Civil Claims Hearings

Bairnsdale Magistrates' Court

Member B. Lightfoot

11:30 AM     C8091/2018           Susan Koksal v Eight Mates Freight, MSR Tuning Tech aka Turbo Charger Depot, Winit Au Trade P/L

Bendigo Magistrates' Court

Member K. Campana

9:30 AM       C5192/2018           Kelvin Vila, Sharon Vila v Sunergy Solar P/L                   

Castlemaine Magistrates' Court

Member R. Phillips

9:30 AM       C7552/2018           Haylee Morse v George Kolevski           

Frankston Magistrates' Court

Member S. Liden

9:30 AM       C1307/2019           Luisa Maatouk v Gabriella Jabbour

Guardianship List

Level 1 Court Room 3, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne 

Senior Member B Steele   

10:15 am        G86787/00      Kerry Anthony King

11:00 am        G85667/00      Olive Phillips

Level 2 Court Room 4, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne 

Senior Member B Hoysted   

09:30 am        G84950/00      Marianna Isgro

10:30 am        G86754/00      Estate Of Doreen Grant

11:30 am        G86714/00      Thuy Bich Thi Ha

12:15 pm        G12084/06      Rosemary Thalia Wagner

02:00 pm        G63749/05      Joanne Sage

02:45 pm        G86636/00      Sean Leneghan

Level 2 Court Room 5, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne 

Deputy President G Nihill   

09:30 am        G75054/08      Ellen Douglas Laird

02:00 pm        G85531/01      James Alexander Hart

Law Courts, Nicholson Street, Bairnsdale 

Member B Lightfoot   

09:30 am        G86548/00      Sheila Sylvia Robinson

10:30 am        G9701/10        Julie - Ann Maiden

Shepparton Law Courts, 18 High Street, Shepparton 

Member B Josephs   

10:30 am        G86639/00      Travis Paul Flynn

11:30 am        G31755/06      Emma Belmond

12:15 pm        G76245/01      Joseph Cook

02:00 pm        G86643/00      Pietro Lucarelli

Owners Corporations List

Fee Recovery Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member L. Johnson

9:30 AM       OC344/2019          Owners Corporation Plan No. PS325625V v Kym Troy Grant Everitt        

9:30 AM       OC345/2019          Owners Corporation Plan NO. SP029325G v Thu Cuc Thi Hua

9:30 AM       OC346/2019          Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS545621B v Martin Wayne Saunders, Joanne Maree Condon                        

9:30 AM       OC336/2019          Owners Corporation Plan No. PS422186E v Glen Keith Millman, Kirsten Anne Millman                                   

9:30 AM       OC337/2019          Owners Corporation Plan NO RP002303 v Patrick George Elliott

9:30 AM       OC338/2019          Owners Corporation Plan No. PS347251N v Qiong Wu   

9:30 AM       OC340/2019          Owners Corporation 1 PLAN NO PS617583H v Joao Gualberto Borges De Araujo                            

9:30 AM       OC341/2019          Owners Corporation Plan NO. PS325137K v Cathryn Louise Kircher

9:30 AM       OC342/2019          Owners Corporation Plan NO RP004044 v Dimitrios Agrapidis, Ome Agrapidis                                

9:30 AM       OC343/2019          Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS527616V v Martin Wayne Saunders, Joanne Maree Condon                        

9:30 AM       OC348/2019          Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS715402T v Melissa Joy Hadaway        

11:00 AM     OC435/2019          Owners Corporation SP035791Q v Elizabeth Mcgrath                 

12:00 PM     OC450/2019          Owners Corporation PS 632971M v Andile Radebe                     

12:00 PM     OC451/2019          Owners Corporation PS 632971M v Kai Wen Wu            

12:00 PM     OC449/2019          Owners Corporation PS 448796E v Muzaffar Ali, Sakina Ali         

12:00 PM     OC448/2019          Owners Corporation PS 611556T v Tuyet Trung Anh Chu            

12:00 PM     OC452/2019        Owners Corporation PS 720842J v Bo Cheng P/L         

Planning and Environment List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.8

Member S. Cimino

9:00 AM       P1715/2018           S Soliman v Moonee Valley CC, Vic Roads - Metropolitan North West Region

10:00 AM     P2336/2018           Mr Luigi Stefanetti & Franca De Simone, Nic Iaonnou v Manningham CC

2:00 PM       P2344/2018           Paul Little v Kingston CC                       


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.2

Senior Member T. Bisucci

10:00 AM     P2173/2018           Eloise Hudson & Others v Bayside CC

                                                19 Hamilton Street, Brighton 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.4

Senior Member J. Rickards

10:00 AM     P2003/2018           Shujie Investments Company P/L v Glen Eira CC

                                                342-346 Centre Road, Bentleigh 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.2

Member F. Dawson

10:00 AM     P2104/2018           TG Built P/L v Greater Geelong CC

                                                1 - 3 Ghazeepore Road, Waurn Ponds 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.5

Member T. Bilston-McGillen

10:00 AM     P1931/2018           George Avramidis & Others v Manningham CC               

                                               196-198 Serpells Road, Templestowe 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.6

Member J. Templar

10:00 AM     P2083/2018           Nadeige Marie Ange Bellerose v Glen Eira CC

10:00 AM     P2396/2018           Michael John Neighbour v Glen Eira CC

                                               1207 Glen Huntly Road, Glen Huntly 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.8

Member C. Fong

10:00 AM     P2049/2018           Architectural Plans and Permits v Maroondah CC            

                                               11 Bedford Court, Heathmont 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.9

Member J. Perlstein

2:15 PM       P2101/2018           Paul-Anj Economedes v Port Phillip CC

                                                48-50 Eastern Road, South Melbourne 

Major Case Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.16

Senior Member L. Hewet

10:00 AM     P2374/2018           Think Property Group P/L v Mornington Peninsula SC

                                                2 Karella Crescent, Mornington 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.1

Member M. Nelthorpe

10:00 AM     P2463/2018           Hume Islamic Youth Centre Inc v Hume CC

                                                1/15 Motto Drive, Coolaroo 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.15

Member A. Glynn, Member P. Gray

10:00 AM     P1997/2018           Onoufrios Gorozidis v Darebin CC

                                                6-34 High Street & 31 Plenty Road, Preston 

Residential Tenancies List

Bendigo Law Courts, 71 Pall Mall, Bendigo             

Member K. Campana                                                  

10:30 am    R201839818/02            Director Of Housing vs Knight and Knight

02:00 pm    R201911702/00            Director Of Housing vs Ahearn

02:00 pm    R201911014/00            Director Of Housing vs Bausch

02:00 pm    R201911687/00            Director Of Housing vs Broadbent and Dawson

02:00 pm    R201911471/00            Director Of Housing vs Kilner

02:00 pm    R201911328/00            O'Flaherty vs Getley

02:00 pm    R201911606/00            Strydom and Strydom vs Hammond and Hammond

03:00 pm    R201911248/00            Boyle vs Richardson

03:00 pm    R201913586/00            Lian - Cheah vs Dudley

03:00 pm    R201911525/00            O'Brien vs Dennis and Murphy

Bairnsdale Law Courts, Nicholson Street, Bairnsdale    

Member B. Lightfoot                                                   

12:30 pm    R201913197/00            Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Clarke

12:30 pm    R201911538/00            Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Stephens

12:30 pm    R201911416/00            Charalambous vs Louch and Pyke

12:30 pm    R201911610/00            Community Housing Ltd vs Hofert

12:30 pm    R201910948/00            Director Of Housing vs Pittman

02:45 pm    R201911889/00            Grogan vs Slavin

03:00 pm    R201912199/00            Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Hood

03:00 pm    R201911673/00            Community Housing Ltd vs Morgan

03:00 pm    R20198867/01              Valentine vs Byers

Castlemaine Law Courts, Lyttleton Street, Castlemaine

Member R. Phillips                                                      

11:30 am    R201911579/00            Director Of Housing vs Brennan and Borg

11:30 am    R201911640/00            Director Of Housing vs Butterworth

11:30 am    R201911867/00            Director Of Housing vs Timms and Tatterson

11:30 am    R201912849/00            Jackson vs Jago / And Our Occupier

02:00 pm    R201910327/00            Collicoat vs Mcinnes

02:00 pm    R201911654/00            Director Of Housing vs Isherwood

02:00 pm    R20193298/00              Director Of Housing vs Isherwood

02:00 pm    R201910170/00            Lelieveld and Lelieveld vs Weymouth

02:00 pm    R20192283/00              Walker and Connelly vs Dennis Miller

Dandenong Law Courts, Corner Foster and Pultney Streets, Dandenong      

Member P. Bender                                                       

09:30 am    R201912093/00            Cerone vs Stoilavic and Le

09:30 am    R201913005/00            Devendran vs First Mortgage Limited Pvt Ltd

09:30 am    R201912167/00            Dip vs Matthews and Murphy

09:30 am    R20191682/01              Sinna vs Wang

09:30 am    R201912262/00            Yang vs Handa and Singh and Dhaljwal

10:30 am    R201912061/00            Gandh and Gandhi vs Hinkley and Wright

10:30 am    R201912159/00            Wayss Ltd vs Stevenson

11:30 am    R20194661/00              Creswell vs Ireland

12:00 pm    R201912274/00            Kolkere and Kumary vs Millward and Brown

12:00 pm    R201912272/00            Trusts Corporation vs Gapes

02:00 pm    R201912433/00            Grovedale Investments Pty-Ltd vs Ljubaca

02:00 pm    R201913110/00            Hossain vs Lakson Investments Australia P/L

02:00 pm    R201912573/00            Launch Housing vs Fitzgerald

02:00 pm    R201912414/00            Laverdure and Laverdure vs Kaur and Singh

02:00 pm    R201912381/00            Levitin vs Marshall

02:00 pm    R201912326/00            Pham vs Samardzic

02:00 pm    R201911096/00            Pty Ltd vs Islam and Hossain

02:00 pm    R201912276/00            Ruffolo vs Khan

02:00 pm    R201912369/00            Tezcan vs Halima and Halima

03:00 pm    R201912426/00            Mazepa vs Jones

Frankston Law Courts, Fletcher Road, Frankston  

Member S. Liden                                                         

10:30 am    R201835081/03            Ausind United Investment Pty Ltd vs Hamstead

10:30 am    R201911409/00            Australia And New Zealand Banking Group Limited vs Player and Vigliarolo

10:30 am    R201827871/01            Cayzer vs Rima and Cabrera

10:30 am    R201913371/00            Cherbena vs Sutton and Walk

10:30 am    R20194654/01              Keating vs Sidebottom

10:30 am    R201832839/04            Robro Park Management Pty Ltd vs Richardson and Nazaretian

10:30 am    R201912155/00            Yang vs Telea and Rochelle

11:30 am    R201912668/00            Bray vs Philpott and Philpott

11:30 am    R201912557/00            Simmonds vs Langford

11:30 am    R201912454/00            Wayss vs Kennedy

11:30 am    R201912528/00            Whittle vs Clune

02:00 pm    R201911175/00            Atlay vs Kalman

02:00 pm    R201911061/00            Director Of Housing vs Adiang

02:00 pm    R201910929/00            Hanna Investments Australia Pty Ltd vs Willoughby and Lyons

02:00 pm    R201911676/00            Hodder and Hodder vs Calcedo and Wood

02:00 pm    R201911651/00            Meddings vs Selleck

02:00 pm    R201910664/00            Nominees vs Luiten

02:00 pm    R201910706/00            Shepherd and Shepherd vs Jolliffe

02:00 pm    R201910643/00            Young and Young vs Davidson and Thomas

03:00 pm    R201911690/00            Gomersall and Gomersall vs Kyal and Wilson

Melbourne - 5th Floor, 55 King St, Melbourne

Members J. Good, D. Kim, K. Knights, I. Scott, M. Sweeney & B. Ussher      

09:30 am    R20191835/00              Director Of Housing vs Cooper and Cooper

09:30 am    R20196781/00              Lu and Huang vs Henriques-Gomes

09:30 am    R201912109/00            Ragusa vs Halia and Ford

09:30 am    R201912225/00            Vassallo vs Moore

09:30 am    R20191908/00              Yang vs Huang and Wong

09:30 am    R201912259/00            Arantes and Arantes vs Luis

09:30 am    R201912239/00            Bilir vs Zeqaj

09:30 am    R201912243/00            Fong vs / Ross Taylor

09:30 am    R201912251/00            Gomo vs Tuck and Tuck

09:30 am    R201842632/02            Housing Pty Ltd vs Topperwien

09:30 am    R201912246/00            Leech vs Stannard

09:30 am    R201912257/00            Nicolaou and Nicolaou vs Berger

10:30 am    R20195081/00              Denman vs Feng Liang

10:30 am    R201912300/00            Director Of Housing vs Bersoma

10:30 am    R201912310/00            Director Of Housing vs Gebremichael

10:30 am    R201913507/00            Director Of Housing vs Giannioudis

10:30 am    R201912303/00            Director Of Housing vs James

10:30 am    R201912267/00            Housing Choices Australia vs Izaz and Mohammed

10:30 am    R201912535/00            Tocker vs All Other Occupants and Karamacoski

10:30 am    R201912264/00            Zhang vs Valentine

10:30 am    R201912044/00            Director Of Housing vs Fahiye

10:30 am    R20194673/00              Feng Liang vs Denman

10:30 am    R201910829/00            Raine and Chaffey vs Ferrier

10:30 am    R201910835/00            Raine vs Ferrier

11:30 am    R201912972/00            Director Of Housing vs Dire Mulata and Abdule

11:30 am    R201912667/00            Director Of Housing vs Tesfamariam

11:30 am    R201912717/00            Lee vs Gao and Gu and Si and Gu

11:30 am    R201912304/00            Liew and Tan vs Namwongsa

11:30 am    R201912313/00            Violo vs Kirby

12:00 pm    R201912207/00            G7 Constructions Pty Ltd vs Ghates and Hamed

02:00 pm    R201912846/00            Davies vs Wu

02:00 pm    R201913222/00            Director Of Housing vs Cooke

02:00 pm    R201811761/02            Launch Housing Limited (Homeground Services) vs Lestrange

02:00 pm    R201912858/00            Steenbergen vs Kerr

02:00 pm    R20193368/01              Yu vs Lin and Lin

02:00 pm    R201912324/00            Director Of Housing vs Majok

02:00 pm    R201912327/00            Georgis vs Chai and Kleesh and Stevenson and Sanders

02:00 pm    R201912298/00            Unison Housing Ltd (Acn 076 581 112) vs Dick

03:00 pm    R201912537/00            Liebmann vs Plant

03:00 pm    R201912228/00            Liu vs Lal and Cleland

03:00 pm    R201912226/00            Peter vs Lim and Other Occupants and Chow

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.5

Member TBA

02:00 pm    R201912331/00            Ye vs Kornucopia Pty Ltd

Darebin Intercultural Centre, 59A Roseberry Avenue, Preston

Member B. Cremean                                                   

09:30 am    R201913728/00            Allouch vs Hudson

09:30 am    R201911218/00            Baptcare Ltd vs Mir

09:30 am    R201836407/04            David vs Box

09:30 am    R201842693/02            Director Of Housing vs Kofoed and Gardner

09:30 am    R20195673/03              Vincentcare Community Housing vs Hadi

10:30 am    R201911504/00            Lethorn and Ryan vs Rollo and Karina

11:30 am    R20197213/00              Pozzebon Properties vs Beevis and Cholodniuk

12:00 pm    R201910988/00            Chen and Shen vs Hoang

12:00 pm    R201910763/00            Loddon Mallee Housing Services vs Tiba

02:00 pm    R201911068/00            Director Of Housing vs Adams

02:00 pm    R201910458/00            Haven; Home, Safe vs Christos

02:00 pm    R201911421/00            Joy vs Blethyn

02:00 pm    R201911487/00            Mathes and Mathes vs Mpenda

02:00 pm    R201910808/00            Sritharan vs Tuatagaloa

02:30 pm    R20199217/00              Director Of Housing vs Abdelhamid and Ali

03:00 pm    R201912407/00            Director Of Housing vs Liatopoulos

03:00 pm    R201911705/00            Greenshields and Olorunnife and Lim and Olorunnife vs Battaglia

Ringwood Law Courts, 39 Ringwood Street, Ringwood

Member T. Petranis                                                     

09:30 am    R201911683/00            Bouvier and Bouvier vs Syed

09:30 am    R201912235/00            Director Of Housing vs Cecere

09:30 am    R201911458/00            Director Of Housing vs Clayton

09:30 am    R201912205/00            Director Of Housing vs Collins

09:30 am    R201912223/00            Director Of Housing vs Liep

09:30 am    R201912221/00            Hill and Hill vs Cruz and Solis and Cruz

09:30 am    R201912230/00            Magar and Magar vs Atkinson & All Other Occupants

09:30 am    R201912213/00            Vear vs Kitchen and Cole

10:30 am    R20194576/00              Chen vs Ulfa

10:30 am    R20194129/00              Dina and Helman vs Chen

12:00 pm    R201966/00                  Weerawardena vs Nandacuaran

02:00 pm    R201912301/00            Cheng vs Trumm and Occupants and Hendricken

02:00 pm    R201912238/00            Community Housing (Vic) Ltd vs Vittle

02:00 pm    R201912306/00            Dang and Zeng vs Laferlita

02:00 pm    R201912231/00            Loon vs Gray

02:00 pm    R201912430/00            O'Neill and O'Neill vs Andrews and Pengelly

02:00 pm    R201912392/00            Ponce and Ponce vs Sajjadi and Rahmani

03:00 pm    R201912412/00            Mackay vs Minhas and Singh

Shepparton Law Courts, High Street, Shepparton  

Member A. Moon                                                         

10:30 am    R201912036/00            Cimino vs Pata

10:30 am    R201911909/00            Director Of Housing vs Ulrich

11:00 am    R201912076/00            Christodoulou vs Johnson

11:00 am    R201844144/01            Filliponi vs Anderson

11:30 am    R20197103/00              Ecg No 1 Pty Ltd vs Meyers

11:30 am    R201912154/00            Sinclair vs Kaei

12:00 pm    R201910843/01            Al Saady vs Mckay

12:00 pm    R201912344/00            Heywood vs Simpson

12:00 pm    R201912261/00            Lahia vs Bakri

02:00 pm    R201912390/00            Seiter vs Ying Ku and Safdari

02:00 pm    R201911858/00            Wills and Wills vs Gardiner

02:30 pm    R201911845/00            Ford Investments Pty Ltd vs Occupants and Ormiston

02:30 pm    R201912513/00            Urquhart vs Pearson and Lucas

Sunshine Law Courts, Entry Via Harvester Road, Sunshine    

Member M. Harvey                                                     

09:30 am    R201911709/00            Director Of Housing vs Catton

09:30 am    R2019122/02                Director Of Housing vs Mills

09:30 am    R201911630/00            Director Of Housing vs Pham

09:30 am    R201911636/00            Director Of Housing vs Vu

09:30 am    R201911902/00            Goodman vs Balasubramaium and Poolingam and Thuraisingam and Pirathasan

09:30 am    R201911911/00            Liu vs Tistaken and Boyd

10:30 am    R201912045/00            Argetto vs Makin

10:30 am    R201912021/00            Melhem vs Kelly and Pearce and Crawford-Johnson

10:30 am    R20197096/01              Michaelidou vs Joy Ralph and Gruescu

10:30 am    R201912065/00            San Lorenzo vs Tartaggia and Masters

10:30 am    R20194716/01              Vella vs Dhiman

11:30 am    R201912081/00            Dhakal and Dhakal vs Nedelkovski

11:30 am    R201910521/00            Elmazovski vs Cabrera

12:00 pm    R201912997/00            Herringslake vs Nunan and Simpson

12:00 pm    R201912104/00            Maniphet vs Ramesh and Vellayappan

12:00 pm    R201912113/00            Nguyen vs Varga and Varga

02:00 pm    R201912174/00            Behrendt vs Amani and Amani

02:00 pm    R201912106/00            Giuffreda vs Bunker and Bibby

02:00 pm    R201912134/00            Graljuk vs Occupants and Thynne

02:00 pm    R20196973/00              Knynenburg vs Spiteri and Stockdale & Leggo - St Albans

02:00 pm    R201912168/00            Manifauas and Raftopoulos vs Lam and Huynh

02:00 pm    R201912117/00            Poon vs Carter

02:00 pm    R201912166/00            Wang vs Vecchiet

03:00 pm    R201912658/00            Foo and Foo vs Kokkinos and Coverny-Sanders

03:00 pm    R201912655/00            Nemeth vs Berntsson and Berntsson

Review and Regulation List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.5

Deputy President I. Proctor

2:00 PM       Z156/2019             Heather Wellington v Surf Coast Shire

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.8

Senior Member A. Dea

10:00 AM     Z39/2019               Department of Education and Training v Organisational Learning Aust. P/L


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.8

Senior Member A. Dea

2:00 PM       Z314/2019             Naomi Kerr v Harness Racing Victoria

2:00 PM       Z315/2019             David Vozlic v Harness Racing Victoria

Building Appeals Board hearings

Building Appeals Board hearings and mediations are usually held in Room 1.1 at 55 King Street, Melbourne.