Today's hearings

Many VCAT decisions are made at hearings. Hearings are held at a number of VCAT locations. Our hearings are legal and affect the rights of all the parties involved in the case.

Hearings are open to the public except if VCAT orders them closed to the public. If you want your hearing The time and place at which VCAT hears the parties argue their case and makes a decision. to be closed to the public, you must make that request at the start of the hearing but note that an order is not easy to obtain in most VCAT cases.

Hearings are grouped below according to the List A List is an area in VCAT that deals with cases of a similar nature. For example, the Residential Tenancies List decides cases between tenants and landlords, and the Civil Claims List handles disputes about buying or selling goods and services. handling the case. A List is an area in VCAT that deals with cases of a similar nature. For example, the Residential Tenancies List decides cases between tenants and landlords, and the Civil Claims List handles disputes about buying or selling goods and services.

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Building and Property List | Civil Claims List | Guardianship List | Human Rights List | Planning and Environment List | Residential Tenancies | Review and Regulation List

Building and Property List

Compulsory Conference

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.3

Senior Member M. Levine

10:00 AM     BP1326/2017         Mr Richard Laurence Stewart v Ms Phyllis Heather Owen

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.1

Senior Member M. Lothian 

9:30 AM       BP179/2017           Mr Graeme Fricker, Ms Tania Fricker v Van Der Velden Constructions P/L

10:00 AM     BP394/2018           Caroline Voogd v Seddonville Renovations                    

10:30 AM     BP378/2018           Shirley Lawlor v True Blue Homes P/L                

11:00 AM     BP188/2018           Concreting Aust P/L v Team Building (Vic) P/L                

11:30 AM     BP720/2017           Lucas Black Chalkline v Emily Ranasinghe                     

12:00 PM     BP413/2018           Mathew Karastavrou v Kimpal P/L                      

2:15 PM       BP461/2018           Zeynep Ozcan v LSB Kitchens & Robes             

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.8

Senior Member R. Walker

9:30 AM       BP824/2017           Mr Martin Bielski v Man Power Concreting & Paving Constructions

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.3

Senior Member M. Levine

9:30 AM       BP1376/2017         Ximena Molina Chaffe v Calliden Insurance Ltd


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.2

Senior Member M. Farrelly

10:00 AM     BP873/2016           Oakmont Properties P/L v Mr Duan Lan Zhang, Mr Ling He

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.5

Senior Member L. Forde

10:00 AM     BP542/2017           AZW International P/L v N J Agius P/L, Mr Jihong Zhong, Ms Minyuan Wang, Mr Weijiang Wang

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.2

Senior Member S. Kirton    

10:00 AM     BP350/2017           Ms Kylie Douglas v Mr David John Kelso, Ms Tashia Dixon

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.8

Senior Member R. Walker

10:00 AM     D337/2014             Mr Mourad Ghobrial v Solo Developments P/L               

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.3

Member C. Edquist

10:00 AM     W15/2014              Mem Nominees P/L v Chun Jian Cheng  


55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.15

Mediator H. Greenberg

9:30 AM       BP1546/2017         NABI Group P/L v Mercon- Merrolli Concrete Constructions         

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.22

Mediator M. Alter

9:30 AM       BP196/2018           AC Concrete Asset Management P/L v Construction Condes P/L 

Reinstatement Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member R. Buchanan

11:00 AM     BP497/2017           Valistra Group v Georgia Nominees P/L 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.6

Member F. Marks

12:00 PM     BP546/2017           Albert Property and Investments P/L v 1 Solution Builder P/L, Apex Soil Testing Aust. P/L, RC Engineering Consultancy of Factory 2, ACME Building Consultants P/L  

2:15 PM       D609/2014             Mr Michael Humphrey Hill, Ms Klara Maria Dawson-Grove v Mr Timothy John Stout, Ms Kym Joanne Stout

Small Claim Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.6

Member F. Marks

10:00 AM     BP396/2018           Ali Assafiri v FTN Carpentry                   

Civil Claims List

Civil Claims Hearings      

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Senior Members J. Smithers & S. Wilson, Members R. Buchanan, D. Buljan, K. Knights,

Dr R. Leshinsky, P. Martin & A. Treble

9:30 AM       C4403/2017           RNG (Vic) P/L v Samir Hakim

9:30 AM       C7047/2017           Samir Hakim v RNG (Vic) P/L

9:30 AM       C694/2018             Ivan Vidak v Zeljko Lukin

9:30 AM       C7845/2017           Jessica Gatt v Jodie Miller

9:30 AM       C7003/2017           Chris Kennedy v Box Hill Community Gardens Inc.

9:30 AM       C7402/2017           Geatano Della Salandra v Melrey Mechanical                  

11:30 AM     C653/2018             Ken Dickins v Grand Villa Mentone

11:30 AM     C782/2018             Roslyn Sweeny v Daniel A James

11:30 AM     C559/2018             Natural Resources Aust. Trust v Destination Health Foods

11:30 AM     C1056/2018           Terrence Jasper & Associates P/L v Above The Atlas P/L

12:15 PM     C6388/2017           Decorative Imaging P/L v Emka Group P/L

2:00 PM       C745/2017             Irwin Structures P/L v Angela Georganas            

2:00 PM       C679/2018             Kwangmin Kim v Lee Agius

2:00 PM       C432/2018             Andjela Pecotic  v Service Sphere P/L

2:00 PM       C560/2018             Kenneth McIntyre v Ford Aust.

2:00 PM       C689/2018             Cathleen Rode v Rosemont Stud P/L

3:00 PM       C637/2018             Fatime Azisovski v Just Pawn P/L

3:00 PM       C750/2018             Michael Sholtes t/as Michael Sholtes) v Jovand Homes

3:00 PM       C803/2018             Mark Spralja v Unico Support P/L

3:00 PM       C7935/2017           Melanie Patterson v Samson Cycles

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Deputy President I. Lulham

9:30 AM       C6538/2017           LFE Beverages P/L v International Beverage Group Aust. P/L, Frank Karan

9:30 AM       C4625/2017           International Beverage Group Aust. P/L v LFE Beverages P/L

1:30 PM       C7228/2017           SAS Water Solutions P/L v Blackwood Downs Building Services P/L      

1:30 PM       C2050/2018           Blackwood Downs Building Services P/L v Grant MacGregor      

Directions Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member R. Buchanan

12:15 PM     C781/2018             1st Energy P/L v Paul Gomes                

Fast Track Mediation and Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.16

Mediator L. Demaio

9:00 AM       C932/2018             Adam Goudge v Aquatown P/L

10:15 AM     C1100/2018           Whelan Master Builders P/L v Boronia Garage Doors P/L            

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.16

Mediator M. Reid

11:30 AM     C1283/2018           Claire Bastow v Woollan Hamlett Architects P/L              

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.17

Mediator R. De Angelis

9:00 AM       C1238/2018           Grants Estate Agents P/L v Clinton Moonsamy, Rebecca Moonsamy

10:15 AM     C1109/2018           Rapidpower P/L v Andrew Skarbek

11:30 AM     C1337/2018           Cameron Knight v Alphamotive P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.18

Mediator A. Buttigieg

9:00 AM       C279/2018             Kylie Owen v Air Spot P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.18

Mediator L. Demaio

11:30 AM     C8064/2017           Daniel Taylor, Monica Taylor v as May West Caravans                


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.4

Member B. Ussher              

10:00 AM     C2787/2017           Sam Omer v The Van Man                     

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.6

Member L. Johnson            

10:00 AM     C4955/2017           Mathew Okely, Letitia Okely v OneLife Abundance P/L                

Review Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.1

Senior Member M. Lothian

12:00 PM     C1110/2017           Echelon Property Group P/L v Mathew Karastavrous

Civil Claims Hearings                                   

Geelong Magistrates' Court

Member O. Mahoney

10:00 AM     C1412/2018           Robert Taylor v Shaun Ackerley             

Moorabbin Law Courts

Member D. Galvin

9:30 AM       C6496/2017           Phillip Ryan, Susan Ryan v Niro C De Alwis                    

Sale Magistrates' Court

Member B. Lightfoot

11:00 AM     C1394/2018           Judith Cobby v Final Quote Fencing

Guardianship List

Level 1 Court Room 2, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street     

Member K Kirmos                                                                            

09:30 AM           G76725/01       Sean Power

10:30 AM           G83209/00       Allan Butler

11:30 AM           G83193/00       Marie Ange Amer

02:00 PM           G83216/00       Anne Constance Learmonth

02:45 PM           G83208/00       James Lawrence

03:30 PM           G79676/02       Karen Sheila Nicklinson

Level 2 Court Room 4, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street     

Member K Norman                                                                          

09:30 AM           G81354/01       Brian Robert Chaplin

10:30 AM           G74035/03       Nancy Lynette Ciantar

11:30 AM           G21438/08       Craig Robertson

12:15 PM           G55927/04       Peter Bizon

02:00 PM           G80742/04       Bruce Conrad Alford

02:45 PM           G71520/03       Michael Tuomy

Level 2 Court Room 5, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street     

Senior Member B Steele      

10:15 AM           G83240/01      William Robert Williams                                                  

11:30 AM           G83201/00       Derek Moore

12:15 PM           G83207/00       Olga Skordas

02:00 PM           G83202/00       Yan Min Fu

02:45 PM           G83420/00       Ranjith Weerasuriy-Arachchige

Level 5 Hearing Room 2, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street  

Senior Member A Coghlan                                                              

10:15 AM           G31025/07       Lynette Patricia Van Hemelryck

11:00 AM           G38147/07       Lindy Rosalie Gardiner

11:45 AM           G82650/00       Phillip Greentree

Echuca Court, Heygarth Street, Echuca                             

Member R Phillips                                                                            

10:00 AM           G64901/04       Perry Anthony Whiston

11:00 AM           G65403/06       Francis James Hart

Frankston Court, Fletcher Road, Frankston                      

Member S Liden                                                                               

09:30 AM           G78647/04       Yvonne Marcelle Copelin

11:30 AM           G38359/07       Dany Culin

12:15 PM           G74501/02       Sabina Kapetanovic

North Western Wing, 397-405 Springvale Road, Springvale      

Member A Moon                                                                               

09:30 AM           G68420/07       Gatkath Solomon Nhial

10:30 AM           G83200/00       Susan Thorpe-Clark

11:30 AM           G81991/02       Amanda Louise Thompson

02:00 PM           G82317/02       Arthur James Mcmartin

02:45 PM           G39667/13       Kevin Le

03:30 PM           G57230/03       Maree Iliff

Ringwood Court, 39 Ringwood Street, Ringwood             

Senior Member C Price                                                                    

09:30 AM           G56561/03       Alexander Craig Bryson Wyness

10:00 AM           G74369/01       Michael Magot

10:30 AM           G14904/10       Nurcan Dogan

11:00 AM           G73931/02       Nicole Broussard

11:30 AM           G83197/00       Nola Lazzarini

12:15 PM           G72217/04       Angela Cini

02:00 PM           G41432/07       Nora Jane Purbrick

02:45 PM           G15076/08       Angelos Papadopoulos

03:30 PM           G46573/04       Catherine Mary Singh

Sale Court, Foster Street, Sale                                              

Member B Lightfoot                                                                         

09:30 AM           G16510/09       Lee David Souter

V.C.A.T. Hearing Room, Ballarat Law Courts, 100 Grenville Street South, Ballarat 

Member D Bates                                                                               

10:00 AM           G82841/00       Wilma Mcclelland

11:00 AM           G80358/01       Peter Jon Alan Allen

11:45 AM           G46656/06       Steven Luke Bentick

12:30 PM           G65880/02       Jayson Scott Quinton

02:00 PM           G10859/11       Patricia Rosemary Mooney

02:45 PM           G9207/12         Roland Krause


Human Rights List


55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.21

Mediator J. Cyngler

9:30 AM       H50/2018               Marcello De Pasquale v Coreco (Aust) P/L

Planning and Environment List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.9

Member B Sibonis

9:30 AM       P80/2018               551-553 Dandenong Road P/L v Stonnington CC                        

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.9

Member G. Rundell

1:30 PM       P85/2018               Rural Places Victoria P/L v Baw Baw SC, Central Gippsland Region Water Corporation, Melbourne Water          

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.12

Member L. Jones

10:00 AM     P248/2018             Triple Three Queen St P/L v Melbourne CC, Valuer General - Victoria        

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.8

Member S. Cimino

9:30 AM       P61/2018               Airdrie Blossom P/L v Manningham CC              

1:30 PM       P76/2018               Kinsale Group P/L v Boroondara CC, Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning, Vic Roads - Metropolitan South East Region

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.8

Member E. Bensz

2:00 PM       P2367/2017      Mount Scopus memorial College v Glen Eira CC

                                        15-23 Mayfield Street St Kilda East


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.4

Member M. Deidun

10:00 AM     P2417/2017           Stephen Phillip Grech & Others v Melbourne CC             

                                               22-24 Speakmen Street, Kensington 

2:15 PM       P2534/2017           Chadi Moussa v Greater Dandenong CC            

                                               30 Benga Avenue, Dandenong 


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.6

Member G. Rundell

10:00 AM     P2394/2017           R Petreski & M Atanasoska v Mornington Peninsula SC              

                                               172 Rosebud Parade, Rosebud 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.6

Member B. Sibonis

2:15 PM       P2970/2017           Shirley Ellen Williamson v Stonnington CC

                                               2/38 Donald Street, Prahran 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.16

Member J. Templar

10:00 AM     P2425/2017           Stefan De Palma v Moonee Valley CC, Melbourne Water            

                                               144 Holmes Road, Moonee Ponds 

Major Case Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.1

Senior Member M. Baird, Member S. Axford

10:00 AM     P2131/2017           Linara Properties P/L v Moreland CC                  

                                               241-245 Brunswick Road, Brunswick 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.15

Senior Member L. Hewet

10:00 AM     P2616/2017           Roger Bryan v Boroondara CC               

                                               35 Coppin Grove, Hawthorn 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.2

Member M. Nelthorpe, Member T. Bilston-McGillen

10:00 AM     P2613/2017           Azzure Investment Group v Macedon Ranges SC                        

                                               59 High Street, Woodend 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.1

Member A. Glynn, Member A. Keddie

10:00 AM     P1963/2017           Gurner 23-33 Johnston Street P/L v Yarra CC                  

                                23-33 Johnston Street, Collingwood 

Residential Tenancies


Melbourne - 5th Floor, 55 King St, Melbourne             

Senior Members J. Smithers & S. Wilson with Members A. Treble, A. Eastman, K. Knights & R. Leshinsky                                                                          

09:30 AM     R201813210/00              Eggar and Eggar vs Gedge

09:30 AM     R201812003/00              Mackevicius vs Hartwig

09:30 AM     R201814978/00              Putland vs Thurgood

09:30 AM     R201813509/00              Campus Living Villages Pty Limited vs Jinsung

09:30 AM     R201813525/00              Hatzimanolis vs Souter

09:30 AM     R201812860/00              Hu vs Damien

09:30 AM     R20181425/01                Xue vs Rattana

09:30 AM     R201813119/00              Seeto and Stafford vs Mccarthy

09:30 AM     R201814772/00              Director Of Housing vs Ingram

09:30 AM     R201812182/00              Li vs Unilodge

09:30 AM     R201814461/00              Mccarthy vs Stafford and Seeto

09:30 AM     R201813402/00              Terkel vs Keenan

09:30 AM     R201813246/00              Tezak-Brown and Young vs Gernandt and Ryan

10:30 AM     R201813744/00              Anthony and Kendjer vs Altit

10:30 AM     R20185124/01                Atf Baldasso Cortese Property Trust vs Charles and Rowland and Castro

10:30 AM     R201813580/00              Cunningham vs Gao

10:30 AM     R201813581/00              Gibbs vs Dean & All Other Occupants

10:30 AM     R201813546/00              Housing vs Sallad

10:30 AM     R201813634/00              Launch Housing Ltd vs Falzon

10:30 AM     R201813623/00              Nguyen vs Hickman

10:30 AM     R201813587/00              Pty Ltd Trading As Unilodge vs Michael and Artaj and Darsono

10:30 AM     R201810471/00              Singh vs Iman

10:30 AM     R201813609/00              Wahjudi vs Xiaobing

10:30 AM     R201813578/00              Ross and Ross vs De Jong

10:30 AM     R20187088/00                De Vries Hawks vs Mcconnel and Chan and Hobman

10:30 AM     R201732373/03              Launch Housing Ltd vs Paduan

11:30 AM     R201810140/01              Di Stefano vs Waye

11:30 AM     R201813259/00              Ma vs Daniel and Slobodianyk

12:00 PM     R201813596/00              Launch Housing Limited (Homeground Services) vs Shaw

12:00 PM     R201813645/00              Xynergy Realty Oakleigh vs David

12:00 PM     R201813345/00              Peterie and Peterie vs Manjiviona

02:00 PM     R201813462/00              C/- Tarli Karn Pty Ltd vs Safe Risk Analytics Pty Ltd

02:00 PM     R201813458/00              Dixon vs Penno

02:00 PM     R20187763/01                Merory and Glasser vs Ingleton

02:00 PM     R201813437/00              Salvation Army Housing Victoria vs Cook

02:00 PM     R201812321/00              Bahwich vs Sleiman

02:00 PM     R201813692/00              Director Of Housing vs Hosny

02:00 PM     R201813690/00              Director Of Housing vs Hosny

02:00 PM     R201810902/01              Peretz and Perez vs Presto

02:00 PM     R201744758/01              Kumatse vs Storer

02:00 PM     R201813699/00              Pergl vs Barker

02:00 PM     R201813700/00              Port Phillip Housing Association Limited vs Rouhafza

02:00 PM     R201813682/00              Stavrellis vs Croucher

02:00 PM     R201813687/00              T L Morrish Super Pty Ltd vs Bessell

02:00 PM     R201813377/00              Unison Housing Ltd (Acn 076 581 112) vs Ellery

02:00 PM     R201813501/00              Wijemanne vs Huang

03:00 PM     R20183126/02                Launch Housing Ltd vs D'Zouza

03:00 PM     R201813512/00              Soemarsono vs Echeverri    

Hume Global Learning Centre, 1093 Pascoe Vale Road, Broadmeadows        

Member A person who hears and decides cases at VCAT. Some members are specialists in particular areas of law. J. Kefford & R. Daly                                       

09:30 AM     R201812937/00              Bhatia and Bhatia vs House and Fry

09:30 AM     R201812823/00              De Ioris vs Wood and Ruffo

09:30 AM     R201812212/00              Director Of Housing vs Pearn

09:30 AM     R201812850/00              Hadchiti vs Posiano and Brown

09:30 AM     R20188880/01                Launch Housing Ltd vs Devlin

09:30 AM     R201812714/00              Robinson vs Wirepa

09:30 AM     R201815046/00              Sezar vs The Landlord

09:30 AM     R201812812/00              Abdulrahman vs Ali

09:30 AM     R201813536/00              Director Of Housing vs Rice

09:30 AM     R20186966/01                Pratt and Pratt vs Anau and Anau

09:30 AM     R20188488/01                Sop vs Kani

10:30 AM     R201814312/00              Aparo vs Yaldiz and Yaldiz

10:30 AM     R201813100/00              Becvinoski and Becvinoski vs Smith and Constanzo and Simioni

10:30 AM     R201812992/00              Mendis vs Nicol

10:30 AM     R201741976/02              Director Of Housing vs Nawar Awad

10:30 AM     R201813480/00              Fadjar vs Waltham

10:30 AM     R201813530/00              Pace and Pace vs Mccarthy

10:30 AM     R201813543/00              Parab vs Pauga

10:30 AM     R201810759/00              Newlands vs Aldo

10:30 AM     R201812994/00              Shin vs Tafolo and Momot

10:30 AM     R201812974/00              Simioni and Smith and Costanzo vs Secure Equity Group

11:30 AM     R201812168/00              Director Of Housing vs El Sayed

11:30 AM     R201811393/00              Singo vs Tan

11:30 AM     R20181495/01                Director Of Housing vs Mutic and Mutic

12:00 PM     R201722014/03              Director Of Housing vs El-Kassar

12:00 PM     R201813593/00              Housing vs Quested

12:00 PM     R201813057/00              Pty Ltd vs Alshamri

02:00 PM     R201813298/00              Director Of Housing vs El Kerdi

02:00 PM     R201813255/00              Director Of Housing vs Manu and Manu

02:00 PM     R201813256/00              Director Of Housing vs Mohamed

02:00 PM     R201812252/00              Hoang vs Tupou

02:00 PM     R201813106/00              Jahja vs Aboudy and Alali

02:00 PM     R20188511/00                Rd Turia Smsf Co Pty Ltd vs Karahan

02:00 PM     R20185388/01                Baikauskas vs The Landlord

02:00 PM     R201813588/00              Catsicakis vs Verney and Verney

02:00 PM     R201813586/00              Director Of Housing vs Barnett

02:00 PM     R201813666/00              Director Of Housing vs Tonkin

02:00 PM     R201813069/00              Su and Deng vs Saraya and Saraya

02:00 PM     R201813314/00              Whyte vs Ruffo and Ruffo

02:00 PM     R201813310/00              Whyte vs Ruffo and Ruffo

02:00 PM     R201813707/00              Romeo vs Kudzai and Machingura

02:00 PM     R201813618/00              Woods vs Gozloo and Aghareza

03:00 PM     R201813652/00              Pty Ltd vs Ingram and Gilchrist

03:00 PM     R201813389/00              Stewarts Investment Holdings Pty Ltd vs Sooaemalelagi  

Dandenong Law Courts, Corner Foster and Pultney Streets, Dandenong       

Member B. Josephs                                                          

09:30 AM     R201813806/00              Colcheedas vs Furnari

09:30 AM     R201813203/00              Duta vs Taylor

09:30 AM     R201813130/00              Kouloukas vs Dittrich

09:30 AM     R201813212/00              Li vs Kerr

09:30 AM     R201812739/00              Yu vs The Landlord

10:30 AM     R201742542/04              Cheong vs Others and Dixon

10:30 AM     R201813289/00              Jian and Ji vs Taher and Taher and Halim

10:30 AM     R201813353/00              Mfig Pty Ltd vs All Other Occupants and Bazerque

10:30 AM     R20188768/00                White vs Estrada and Galeano

11:30 AM     R201733922/02              Gagic vs Kanagasabi

11:30 AM     R201813362/00              Gent vs Talbot

12:00 PM     R201813371/00              Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Dinsdale

12:00 PM     R201732075/03              Director Of Housing vs Fualausia

02:00 PM     R201813453/00              Callanan vs Panayi

02:00 PM     R20188719/01                Kaynarkan vs Julie Lesoa

02:00 PM     R201813395/00              Nalla and Nalla vs Johnstone and Bruno

02:00 PM     R201813386/00              Phoen vs Kaur and Edwards

02:00 PM     R201813349/00              Potter vs Wilson

02:00 PM     R201813441/00              Superannuation Fund vs Stratton and Shepherd

03:00 PM     R201813443/00              Theuma vs Katu and Teaka

Echuca Law Courts, Heygarth Street, Echuca             

Member R. Phillips                                                          

12:00 PM     R201813804/00              Director Of Housing vs Briggs

12:00 PM     R201813694/00              Director Of Housing vs Egan

02:00 PM     R201813027/00              Buchanan vs Steve

02:00 PM     R20182873/02                Cail vs Wilkinson and Beck

02:00 PM     R201811680/00              Davis and Davis vs Cooper

02:00 PM     R201813552/00              Loddon Mallee Housing Services vs Bish and Bish

02:00 PM     R201810694/00              Thornton vs Harrington and Cartlidge

03:00 PM     R201713756/01              Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Farrall

03:00 PM     R201811997/00              Director Of Housing vs Cemino

Geelong Law Courts, Railway Terrace, Geelong

Member O. Mahoney                                                       

11:00 AM     R201813365/00              Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Smith and Jackson

11:00 AM     R201813390/00              Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Tranter and Clark

11:00 AM     R201813340/00              Farrell vs Mulavin

11:00 AM     R201813438/00              Pedersen vs Thompson and Welsh

11:00 AM     R201813208/00              Takoma Group Pty Ltd vs Coffey

12:00 PM     R201813476/00              Cummins vs O'Donnell and O'Donnell

12:00 PM     R20188651/01                Lyle and Lyle vs Blyth and Bedford

12:00 PM     R20184835/01                Tram vs Williams and Doherty

02:00 PM     R201812851/00              Callanan vs The Landlord

02:00 PM     R201813708/00              Clarke vs Penney

02:00 PM     R20189485/00                Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Julien and Donaldson

02:00 PM     R201813658/00              Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Malherbe

02:00 PM     R201813650/00              Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Stillitano and Stillitano

02:00 PM     R201813500/00              Hamilton vs Debono and O'Connell

02:00 PM     R201813748/00              Wallace vs Campbell

Moorabbin Law Courts, 1140 Nepean Highway, Highett

Member D. Galvin                                                           

10:30 AM     R201813994/00              Kalus vs Anantula

10:30 AM     R201811757/00              Rogers and Urbano vs The Landlord

10:30 AM     R20188838/00                Shang vs Wang

11:30 AM     R201811174/00              Kaltman vs Truscott

11:30 AM     R20184714/01                Lu vs Singh and Singh and Singh

11:30 AM     R201811023/00              Sun vs Lawson

12:00 PM     R201811949/00              Campbell vs Steller 222 Pty Ltd

02:00 PM     R201812242/00              Director Of Housing vs Lukies

02:00 PM     R201813046/00              Karanicolas and Karanicolas vs Payet

02:00 PM     R201812124/00              Karp vs Marget

02:00 PM     R201812127/00              Marget vs Karp

02:00 PM     R201810385/00              Pty Ltd vs Carey

02:00 PM     R201811580/00              Simeonidis and Gudekar vs Au and Chen-Ke

02:00 PM     R201812743/00              White vs Esenyel (And All Other Occupants).

02:00 PM     R20183429/02                Zheng vs Dao

03:00 PM     R201811560/00              Director Of Housing vs Malinao

03:00 PM     R201812401/00              Director Of Housing vs Mcintosh

03:00 PM     R201813087/00              Tran vs Strickland and Brown

Darebin Intercultural Centre, 59A Roseberry Avenue, Preston

Member H. Nash                                                              

09:30 AM     R201813041/00              Ceddia vs The Landlord

09:30 AM     R20188806/01                Qian vs Guardiani

09:30 AM     R201812657/00              Saba vs Dexter and Walsh and Brooks

09:30 AM     R201812471/00              Stingas and Stingas vs Abaa

10:30 AM     R20188141/00                Agostinelli vs Shareef-Ahmad

11:30 AM     R201811730/00              Director Of Housing vs Dale

11:30 AM     R201811726/00              Director Of Housing vs Griggs

12:00 PM     R20185161/01                Belevski vs Cotic Stupar

12:00 PM     R201811350/00              Director Of Housing vs Ali

02:00 PM     R201811618/00              Angeleski vs O Donnell

02:00 PM     R201811623/00              Fontana vs Andeishmand and Andeishma

02:00 PM     R201810579/01              Investment Pty Ltd vs Stogiannou

02:00 PM     R201812483/00              Le'Ake vs Weedon and Janman

02:00 PM     R201811847/00              Marbro Developments P/L vs Coban

02:00 PM     R201812152/00              Reilly vs Flexistayz Pty Ltd

02:00 PM     R201812407/00              Sanz and Krona-Hansen vs Kavanagh

Ringwood Law Courts, 39 Ringwood Street, Ringwood

Member T. Petranis                                                         

09:30 AM     R201812561/00              Crusoe Holdings Pty Ltd vs Kanz

09:30 AM     R201812562/00              Rana vs Shekeel

09:30 AM     R20187339/00                Viskovic vs Downing

10:30 AM     R201811791/01              Brenthorp Pty Ltd vs Alzaabi and Huseen

12:00 PM     R201812576/00              Alimi vs Summers and Zotos

02:00 PM     R20184976/00                Boswell vs The Landlord

02:00 PM     R20182514/02                Community Housing (Vic) Ltd vs Balde

02:00 PM     R201813099/00              Leonhardt and Leonhardt vs Syer

02:00 PM     R201812646/00              Vekaria and Prembai vs Drakos

03:00 PM     R201812692/00              Crane vs Egan and Marumaru

Sale Law Courts, Foster Street, Sale                              

Member B. Lightfoot                                                       

10:15 AM     R201813548/00              Cahill vs Daniels

10:15 AM     R201813532/00              Mcmillan Park Investments Pty Ltd vs Allan

12:00 PM     R20186299/00                Teng vs St Mary'S Cathedral Parish

12:00 PM     R20187450/00                Teng vs St Mary'S Cathedral Parish

02:00 PM     R20181614/01                Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Yarram

02:00 PM     R201812918/00              Community Housing Ltd vs Capper

02:00 PM     R201813466/00              Hayley Macpherson vs Jacks and Jacks Schou

02:00 PM     R201813030/00              Hua vs Lawdorn


Review and Regulation List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.8

Deputy President H. Lambrick

2:00 PM       Z424/2017             Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria v Mr Surinder Sarain

2:00 PM       Z425/2017             Director of Consumer Affairs Victoria v The Sarain P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.7

Senior Member I. Proctor

10:00 AM     Z924/2017             The Royal Family Day Care P/L v Department of Education & Training

2:00 PM       Z53/2018               Mr John Glascott v Victoria Police FOI Division              


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.4

Senior Member A. Dea

10:00 AM     Z916/2017             David Bourne v Latrobe CC                   

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.2

Senior Member G. Butcher

10:00 AM     Z58/2018               Mr Darren Cole v Harness Racing Victoria