Today's hearings

Many VCAT decisions are made at hearings. Hearings are held at a number of VCAT locations. Our hearings are legal and affect the rights of all the parties involved in the case.

Hearings are open to the public except if VCAT orders them closed to the public. If you want your hearing to be closed to the public, you must make that request at the commencement of the hearing but note that an order is not easy to obtain in most VCAT cases.

Hearings are grouped below according to the List handling the case. A List is an area in VCAT that deals with cases of a similar nature. For example, the Residential Tenancies List decides cases between tenants and landlords, and the Civil Claims List handles disputes about buying or selling goods and services.

Read more about what to expect at a final hearing.

Friday, 28 April 


Building and Property List | Civil Claims List | Guardianship List | Human Rights List | Owners Corporation List | Planning and Environment List | Residential Tenancies List | Review and Regulation List

Building and Property List

Compliance Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.7

Senior Member M. Farrelly

9:30 AM       BP250/2016      Buckingham Holdings P/L v Mr Boris Zaitsev

9:30 AM       BP529/2016      Liddell Homes P/L v Mr Dimitri Olbinske

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 6.1

Senior Member M. Levine

9:15 AM       BP350/2016      Owners Corporation No.1 of PS613436T, Owners Corporation No. 2 of PS613436T, Owners Corporation No. 4 PS613436T & Ors v Lu Simon Builders P/L, Stasi Galanaos, Gardner Group P/L & Ors

10:00 AM     BP198/2017      Ultima Function Centre P/L v Exedra P/L

11:00 AM     BP1297/2016    Mr Ray Eklund v Owners Corporation No. SP037191F

2:45 PM       BP1661/2015    Mrs June Elizabeth Van Smaalen v Mr Dimitrios Tsakiris

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.3

Senior Member E. Riegler

9:30 AM       D1088/2011      Snowy Corner P/L, Desmond Thomas Fraser, York Developers P/L, Maureen Fraser v Mr Guntram Sperling, Dr Heidi Kastner, Modern 1 Design P/L

Directions Hearing by Phone

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 1.2

Senior Member R. Walker

9:30 AM       BP1142/2016    Mr Robert Barbara v Mr Joseph Debono


55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.7

Senior Member M. Farrelly

10:00 AM     BP392/2017      One Station Pier P/L v Schiavello Bros Property P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 1.4

Senior Member R. Davis

10:00 AM     BP1468/2016    Mrs Sylvia Dorward v Mrs Helen Krecinski

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 1.6

Member J. Pennell

10:00 AM     BP1086/2016    Brimbank Lifestyle Property P/L v ZoowHouse P/L


55 King Street, Melbourne - Room 2.11

Mediator J. Gibcus

9:30 AM       BP367/2017      Matt Gibson Architecture & Design P/L v Mr Anthony Pepe, Mrs Grace Zielinski

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room G.6

Mediator A. Fogarty

9:30 AM       BP64/2017        Mr Jason Kevin Mackay v Universal Brothers Developments P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room G.7

Mediator R. Young

9:30 AM       BP1732/2016    Mr Ian Charles Wilson, Ms Fiona Wilson v Mr Peter Tisdale, Mr Kevin Jones, Payne Solutions P/L

Civil Claims List

Civil Claims Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Senior Member S. Moraitis & Members J. Good, C. Price & S. Wilson

9:30 AM       C7321/2016      Janice Hoffmann v Your Local Plumbing Group Melbourne

9:30 AM       C3035/2016      Cherubina Taraborrelli v Zuse Digital P/L

9:30 AM       C26/2017          Mr Adam Davies v Societe Generale Australia Ltd

10:30 AM     C293/2017        Sanja Korlaet, Wolfgang Wynd v MLB Removals

10:30 AM     C189/2017        Natalie Bakas v Beach House Stays

11:30 AM     C7454/2016      Dr Sarah Lineham v Mornington Peninsula Psychology

11:30 AM     C1492/2015      Sash Surbevski v Spa World Melbourne P/L

11:30 AM     C4964/2016      Thi Thu Trang Bui v Motazone

11:30 AM     C1079/2017      M.J.S. Commercial Investments P/L v Gary Ball

12:15 PM     C504/2017        Hatching Communications P/L v Mansi on Raymond

2:00 PM       C1027/2017      Mr Mathew Cameron v Speed Automotive Repairs

2:00 PM       C1076/2017      Mr Mario Christodoulou v Mr Costas Dimopoulos

3:00 PM       C197/2017        Ashish Ghosh v Das Contracting & Maintenance P/L

3:00 PM       C6523/2016      Darko Stankoski v Highpoint Auctions

Ballarat Magistrates' Court

Member R. Buchanan

10:00 AM     C17/2017          Mr Ian Aitken, Mrs Ann Aitken v Werribee Hyundai, Hyundai Motor Company Australia P/L

Geelong Magistrates' Court

Member S. Fry

10:00 AM     C2768/2016      Nicholas McMahon v Samsung Electronics

Warrnambool Magistrates' Court

Member T. McCabe

9:30 AM       C1238/2017      Jims Mowing Warrnambool East v Ms Tamara Lumsden

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Deputy President I. Lulham

9:30 AM       C5829/2016      Billy Fok, Ellen Fok v Audi Penfold Burwood

9:30 AM       C130/2017        Audi Penfold Burwood v Billy Fok

1:30 PM       C6084/2016      Horner Recruitment v Peter Stevens Motorcycles

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member A. Kincaid

9:30 AM       C5919/2016      Mary Guzzo v Mercedes-Benz


55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Senior Member S. Moraitis & Members J. Good, C. Price & S. Wilson

2:00 PM       C1127/2017      King Rail P/L v VJ Diesel Fuel Injection Service P/L

3:00 PM       C1125/2017      Command Recruitment Group VIC P/L v Digital Logic Asia Pacific P/L

Review & Re-Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Senior Member S. Moraitis & Members J. Good, C. Price & S. Wilson

11:30 AM     C283/2016        Claudia Diaz v DJs Entertainment Australia

2:00 PM       C5055/2015      Hoist Hydraulics (Vic) P/L v AMC Creations P/L

Guardianship List

Conference Room, DFATS, 100 Yarra Bend Road, Fairfield

Member Hoysted

12:00 PM                G35224/14                  

Level 2 Court Room 4, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Member Duggan

09:30 AM                G80254/00                  Lorraine Clements

10:30 AM                G4406/17                    Rosemary Joan Orr

11:30 AM                G80233/00                  Simon Rogers

12:15 PM                G50073/04                  Roberto Ramos

02:00 PM                G80268/00                  Ants Noormets

Level 2 Court Room 5, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Member Page

09:30 AM                G80216/00                  Valmai Veronica Walker

10:30 AM                G60942/06                  Amene Bou-Ghosn

11:30 AM                G54893/06                  Sharon Mary Spyker

12:15 PM                G63503/05                  Tessa Mary Bridget Keating-Butler

02:00 PM                G75466/02                  Edna Kennedy

02:45 PM                G66582/04                  Brien Nelson

03:30 PM                G61119/07                  Paul William Auld

Level 5 Hearing Room 1, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Senior Member Coghlan

10:15 AM                G80267/00                  Kaye Smith

11:00 AM                G80232/00                  Wendy Hindhaugh

11:45 AM                G78183/01                  Abdul Karan

Level 5 Hearing Room 2, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne

Member Moon

09:30 AM                G80300/00                  Antonia Galvan

10:30 AM                G80327/00                  Rayhaan Junaideen

11:30 AM                G80220/00                  Carol Mould

12:15 PM                G80218/00                  Julia Grace Holdsworth

Benalla Court, Bridge Street, Benalla

Member Barrand

10:00 AM                G80200/00                  Marc Pruden

Bendigo Law Court, 71 Pall Mall, Bendigo

Member Phillips

10:00 AM                G12847/09                  Craig James Diss

10:30 AM                G12832/08                  Katie Ida Clarke

11:00 AM                G79553/00                  June Stonehouse

11:45 AM                G35588/09                  Ryan Leslie Naughtin

12:30 PM                G12830/10                  Jane Maree Robinson

02:00 PM                G21432/07                  Robert Wanke

02:45 PM                G80081/00                  Margaret Robertson

Frankston Court, Fletcher Road, Frankston

Member Sharkie

09:30 AM                G80107/00                  Dylan Raymond Wooley

10:30 AM                G77789/03                  April Kaye Quirk

11:30 AM                G79436/01                  John Lavin

12:15 PM                G80039/00                  Sarah Cracknell

02:00 PM                G73686/07                  June Stratford

Geelong Court, Railway Terrace, Geelong

Member Grainger

10:00 AM                G79549/00                  Jan (John) Zielinski

11:45 AM                G75669/02                  Mathew Hamilton

12:30 PM                G20351/07                  Renata Krumins

02:00 PM                G73417/05                  Luke James Quinlan

03:00 PM                G15461/08                  Christian Leonard Schulze

Moorabbin Court, 1140 Nepean Highway, Highett

Member Carruthers

09:30 AM                G80253/00                  Ivan Vlasic

10:30 AM                G80241/00                  Olga Papadakis

11:30 AM                G79634/00                  Teresa Apostolopoulos

12:15 PM                G80160/00                  Horst Harry Zickert

02:00 PM                G47124/09                  Rosaria Giannone

02:45 PM                G80231/00                  Joseph Donald Johnstone


Human Rights List


Disability Forensic Assessment and Treatment Service

Member B. Hoysted

10:00 AM     H102/2015       

1:30 PM       H284/2016       

Strike-Out Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne - Room G.3

Member B. Josephs

10:00 AM     H236/2016        Philip Hunt v Department of Health & Human Services Victoria

Owners Corporation List

Fee Recovery Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member Dr R. Leshinsky

9:30 AM       OC373/2017      Owners Corporation 1 for Plan No. 630844F, Owners Corporation 2 for Plan No. 630844F v Ang Chiu Hoon

9:30 AM       OC371/2017      Owners Corporation for Plan No. 502581D v Madeline Read

9:30 AM       OC358/2017      Owners Corporation 1 for Plan No. 641022P, Owners Corporation 5 for Plan No. 641022P v Jianhua Chen, Binbin Shi

9:30 AM       OC357/2017      Owners Corporation 1 for Plan No. 623404B, Owners Corporation 3 for Plan No. 623404B v Qing Wang

9:30 AM       OC378/2017      Owners Corporation 1 for Plan No. 630844F, Owners Corporation 2 for Plan No. 630844F v Carol Merry, Paul Leslie Merry

9:30 AM       OC359/2017      Owners Corporation 1 for Plan No. 641022P, Owners Corporation 3 for Plan No. 641022P v Yi Wei

9:30 AM       OC361/2017      Owners Corporation 1 for Plan No. 641022P, Owners Corporation 3 for Plan No. 641022P v Xiangdong Zhou, Shengyu Zhou

9:30 AM       OC362/2017      Owners Corporation 1 for Plan No. 641022P, Owners Corporation 3 for Plan No. 641022P v Xue Tian

9:30 AM       OC365/2017      Owners Corporation 1 for Plan No. 641022P, Owners Corporation 3 for Plan No. 641022P v Qing Wu

9:30 AM       OC366/2017      Owners Corporation 1 for Plan No. 623404B, Owners Corporation 3 for Plan No. 623404B v Hai Ping Tian

9:30 AM       OC367/2017      Owners Corporation 1 for Plan No. 623404B, Owners Corporation 3 for Plan No. 623404B v George Hadweh, Wardeh Jenn Hadweh

9:30 AM       OC368/2017      Owners Corporation 1 for Plan No. 623404B, Owners Corporation 3 for Plan No. 623404B v Jianzhong Lian, Shuizhen Chen

9:30 AM       OC369/2017      Owners Corporation for Plan No. 502581D v Trent Silvers

9:30 AM       OC370/2017      Owners Corporation for Plan No. 502581D v James Vinh Quang Linh Phuong

9:30 AM       OC372/2017      Owners Corporation 1 for Plan No. 630844F, Owners Corporation 2 for Plan No. 630844F v Michelle Thomas

12:00 PM     OC462/2017      Owners Corporation Plan No. PS511840E v Suzanne Gaye Bryar

12:00 PM     OC352/2017      Owners Corporation 1 PS641321D v Wei Liang

12:00 PM     OC429/2017      Owners Corporation No. 1 PS602481A v Ms Giovanni Fulvio Angelucci

2:00 PM       OC2844/2016    Owners Corporaiton Plan Number 18876 v Costanzo Puppa


55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member Dr R. Leshinsky

11:00 AM     OC263/2017      Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS437659C, Owners Corporation 2 Plan No. PS437659C, Owners Corporation 3 Plan No. PS437659C, Owners Corporation 5 Plan No. PS437659C v Philip Tin Lap Cheng


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.10

Mediator M. Hastings

9:30 AM       OC2912/2016    George Calafatis v Crawford Giles

Planning and Environment List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.8

Member G. Rundell

9:30 AM       P223/2017        Crowell Real Estate Partners P/L v Melbourne CC

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.8

Member N. Hadjigeorgiou

1:30 PM       P2662/2016      Riddle Development Group P/L v Kingston CC (Melbourne Water)


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.4

Member S. McDonald

10:00 AM     P1975/2016      Trent Ustick v Darebin CC

                   33 Joffre Street, Reservoir

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.9

Member M. Nelthorpe

10:00 AM     P1968/2016      Antonio Garipoli v Moonee Valley CC

                   91 Glass Street, Essendon

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.12

Member P. Martin

9:00 AM       P1685/2016      Perry Benjamin v Port Phillip CC

                   112 Dow Street, Port Melbourne

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.13

Member D. Cook

2:15 PM       P1945/2016      GNL Developments P/L v Monash CC

                   19 Panorama Street, Clayton

Major Case Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.5

Senior Member M. Baird, Member C. Daicic

10:00 AM     P2218/2016      Goal Number 7 P/L v Glen Eira CC

            8 Egan Street, Carnegie

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.16

Senior Member I. Potts, Member C. M. Wilson

10:00 AM     P2252/2016      Mr Joe Buttigieg v Melton CC

                   671 - 737 Troups Road South, Mount Cottrell

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.2

Member B. Sibonis, Member P. Gray

10:00 AM     P2217/2016      Japara Property Holdings P/L v Monash CC, Melbourne Water

                   35-39 Regent Street, Mount Waverley

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.15

Member P. Martin, Member M. Carew

10:00 AM     P2270/2016      PLL Aust P/L v Boroondara CC

                   15 Park Lane, Kew

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.6

Member E. Bensz , Member L. Nervegna

9:30 AM       P2260/2016      Sanctuary Lakes Village P/L v Wyndham CC

                   76 Greg Norman Drive, Point Cook

Practice Day Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.1

Deputy President H. Gibson

10:00 AM     P532/2017        Vivace Development P/L v Stonnington CC

                   1100 - 1102 Malvern Road, Armadale

10:00 AM     P546/2017        Feras Raffoul v Boroondara CC

                   65 Pakington Street, Kew

10:00 AM     P556/2017        Mark Blankfield v Stonnington CC

                   3 Hill Street, Toorak

10:00 AM     P553/2017        Leonidas Spalas v Glen Eira CC, Melbourne Water

                   83 London Street, Bentleigh

10:00 AM     P560/2017        Autron Property P/L v Stonnington CC

                   727-731 Toorak Road, Kooyong

10:00 AM     P547/2017        Golden Southeast Land P/L AFT Zhao & Cong Family Trust v Boroondara CC

                   367 Cotham Road, Kew

10:00 AM     P555/2017        Coventry Street Group P/L v Port Phillip CC

                   321 Coventry Street, South Melbourne

10:00 AM     P597/2017        Green Dev P/L v Hume CC

                   760 Somerton Road, Greenvale

11:00 AM     P569/2017        Salta Properties P/L v Darebin CC

                   Preston Market, Cramer and Mary Street, Preston

11:00 AM     P565/2017        Salta Properties P/L v Darebin CC, Public Transport Victoria

                   Preston Market, Cramer & Mary Street, Preston

11:00 AM     P554/2017        Parc Vue Projects P/L v Darebin CC

                   1091 Plenty Road, BundoorA

11:00 AM     P395/2017        Greenridge Properties P/L v Casey CC

                   1595S Thompsons Road, Cranbourne North

11:00 AM     P2104/2016      Afaque Memon v Boroondara CC

                   139 Doncaster Road, Balwyn North

11:00 AM     P1971/2016      Archsign P/L v Moreland CC

                   14 Glenora Avenue, Coburg

11:00 AM     P1972/2016      Archsign P/L v Moreland CC

                   14 Glenora Avenue, Coburg

11:00 AM     P862/2017 & P2520/2016  Monarco Nominees P/L v Glen Eira CC

                   2 Malane Street, Bentleigh East

12:00 PM     P599/2017        Kraclcopic P/L v Earth Resources Regulation, Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Government

                   Evaporation Ponds, Woodvale

12:00 PM     P9/2017            Australian Catholic University v Yarra CC

                   115B Victoria Parade, 28-42 Young Street, Fitzroy

55 King Street, Melbourne- Room 2.1

Senior Member J. Rickards

10:00 AM     P665/2017        Coburg Quarter Holdings P/L v Moreland CC

                   S10, S12 and S14 Urquhart Street, Coburg

10:00 AM     P400/2017        Mitchell SC v <Unknown>

                   Northern Highway, Lot A on Plan of Subdivison 525509H, Pyalong

10:00 AM     P628/2017        Cesare Volpato v Boroondara CC

                   112-114 Fordham Avenue, Camberwell

10:00 AM     P497/2017        Julius Prack & Kylie Kastelic v Hobsons Bay CC

                   68-70 Tyquin Street, Laverton

10:30 AM     P302/2017        Steven and Sally Dunlop and Others v Greater Bendigo CC

                   4 Whittington Court and 198 North Harley Street, Strathdale

10:30 AM     P615/2017        Garris Enterprises P/L v Monash CC

                   51 Riley Street, Oakleigh South

10:30 AM     P485/2017        GTH Imports P/L & Others v Whittlesea CC

                   3/4 Brand Drive, Thomastown

10:30 AM     P637/2017        Tsebin Tchen & Others v Port Phillip CC

                   37-39 Docker Street , Elwood

11:00 AM     P1984/2016      Jonathan Merin v Greater Dandenong CC

                   7 Pau Street, Noble Park

Preliminary Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.13

Member D. Cook

10:00 AM     P6/2017            Ausample P/L v Greater Dandenong CC

Residential Tenancies List

Melbourne - 5th Floor, 55 King St, Melbourne

Members D. Galvin, B. Lightfoot & M. Sweeney

09:30 AM      R201713566/00       Cooper and Beavan vs The Landlord

09:30 AM      R201714185/00       Cooper and Salzke-Spurr vs Sallows

09:30 AM      R201713274/00       Sallows vs Salzke-Spurr and Cooper

09:30 AM      R201710711/00       Spicer vs Wade and White and Landlord and Galvin

09:30 AM      R201713787/01       Nadrasca vs Southam

09:30 AM      R201711781/00       Southam vs Nadrasca Ltd

09:30 AM      R201714264/00       Chin vs Ly

09:30 AM      R201715126/00       Community Housing (Vic) Ltd vs Behan

09:30 AM      R201638700/01       Director Of Housing vs Stephen

09:30 AM      R201714330/00       Housing Choices Australia vs Mitchell

09:30 AM      R201714266/00       Sherena Kaur Kaka vs Ermha Ltd Of Pear Waters-Ceo

09:30 AM      R201714294/00       Wilson vs Shepherd and Thomas

10:30 AM      R201713922/00       Albaity vs Aeii Pty Ltd

10:30 AM      R201712711/00       Cam and Luu vs Bourke

10:30 AM      R201714196/00       Director Of Housing vs Ibrahim & Jumale & Ibrahim & Ibrahim

10:30 AM      R201615448/03       Gallagher and La Rocca vs Ogilvie

11:30 AM      R201714218/00       Director Of Housing vs Mohamed & Osman

11:30 AM      R201346454/02       Director Of Housing vs Sumner

12:00 PM      R201714181/00       Yuan and Gu vs Dahri and Dahri

12:00 PM      R201714420/00       Meerkin vs Bertagno

12:00 PM      R201714356/00       Mellody and Mellody vs Gleeson

12:00 PM      R201714453/00       Sha vs Dovey

02:00 PM      R20177213/00         Pyther and Pyther vs Holder

02:00 PM      R201714221/00       (Patricia Murdock) vs Luke Montaniero

02:00 PM      R201714215/00       Balendran vs Lyristakis and Lyristakis

02:00 PM      R201714240/00       Director Of Housing vs Nguyen and Ta and Nguyen

02:00 PM      R201714506/00       Glavic vs Chettri and Gurung

02:00 PM      R201714079/00       Hu vs Phillips

02:00 PM      R201713919/00       Hunt vs Udunuwara

02:00 PM      R201714250/00       Lee and Chen vs Whillance and Knight

03:00 PM      R201714262/00       Gray vs Alphonso

Benalla Law Courts, Bridge Street, Benalla

Member P. Barrand

11:00 AM      R201715015/00       Barbari vs Bowen

11:00 AM      R201714191/00       Campbell vs Ellis and Ellis

11:00 AM      R201713183/00       Claridge vs Collier

11:00 AM      R201713177/00       Feldtmann vs Nikau and Nikau

11:00 AM      R201713899/00       Sleigh and Sleigh and Sleigh vs Maher

11:00 AM      R201714438/00       Williamson vs Raux

Ballarat Law Courts, 100 Grenville St South, Ballarat

Member R. Buchanan

12:00 PM      R201714314/00       Carra vs Mcdonald

12:00 PM      R201714583/00       Headlam and Headlam vs Blackensee

12:00 PM      R201714572/00       Martino vs Howard

12:00 PM      R201714552/00       Roddick vs Bellman and Caven

Dandenong Law Courts, Cnr Foster and Langhorne Sts, Dandenong

Member B. Cremean

09:30 AM      R201713847/00       Beatty vs Stapleton

09:30 AM      R201715087/00       Conte and Devito and Costanzo vs Kanu

09:30 AM      R201713167/00       Director Of Housing vs Clarke

09:30 AM      R201713153/00       Director Of Housing vs Stallion

09:30 AM      R201712426/01       Lindsay vs The Alanpont Superannuation Fund

09:30 AM      R201713712/00       Street Pty Ltd vs Johnston and Chilcott

09:30 AM      R201713211/00       Zhang vs Castillo

10:30 AM      R201713385/00       Director Of Housing vs Dodd

10:30 AM      R201713646/00       Jaffery vs Zijai

10:30 AM      R201713285/00       Kansal vs Hapi and Smith

10:30 AM      R201712996/00       Yogaparan vs Hill

11:30 AM      R201713733/00       Donsen vs Shields

12:00 PM      R201713757/00       Siegman vs Hamil

02:00 PM      R201713363/00       Director Of Housing vs Ale

02:00 PM      R201713262/00       Director Of Housing vs French

02:00 PM      R201713359/00       Director Of Housing vs Thomson

02:00 PM      R201711565/00       Gentil and Tuazon vs Jude Potters Hand Construction Pty Ltd

02:00 PM      R201713329/00       Ieu vs Mcdonalds

02:00 PM      R201713367/00       Pande & and Pande vs Allen

02:00 PM      R201714300/00       Pillay vs Doan Chau

02:00 PM      R20178523/02         Potters Hand Construction Pty Ltd vs Tuazon and Gentil and Gentil

02:00 PM      R201714269/00       Tran vs Vrantsis and Verhoeven

03:00 PM      R201713585/00       Memeti Pty Ltd vs Erkan

Geelong Law Courts, Railway Terrace, Geelong

Member S. Fry

11:00 AM      R201714293/00       Goldburg vs Hinchliffe

11:00 AM      R201714260/00       Hutchison vs Scott

11:00 AM      R201712220/00       Scott vs Hutchinson

11:00 AM      R201712485/00       Williams vs Teuma and Teuma and Teuma

12:00 PM      R201714329/00       B. & V Hogan P/L vs Smart

12:00 PM      R201710164/01       Mitilineos vs Synnott and Synnott

12:00 PM      R201714333/00       Tigani vs Bosnjak

02:00 PM      R201714509/00       Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Gray

02:00 PM      R201714411/00       Kuruvilla and Kuruvilla vs Hernandez and Hernandez

02:00 PM      R20171863/02         Martucci vs O'Donnell and Ward

02:00 PM      R20172464/01         Miller vs Patmore

02:00 PM      R201714435/00       Renton vs Ryan and Sheehy

02:00 PM      R201714504/00       The Salvation Army (Victoria) Property Trust vs Nye

02:00 PM      R201714328/00       Unison vs Bugeja

Darebin Intercultural Centre

VCAT Hearing Room Level 1, 59A Roseberry Ave, Preston

Member H. Davies

09:30 AM      R201642000/03       Nhu Le vs Prior and Kenna

10:30 AM      R201713309/00       Flexistayz vs Williams

10:30 AM      R201713040/00       Jones vs Organ and Pezzimenti

10:30 AM      R201713025/00       Yu vs Smith

11:30 AM      R20177374/00         Harding & Polomka Super Pty Ltd vs Card and Carpenter

12:00 PM      R201713208/00       Manolis and Manolis vs Dolford and Diggens-Couchman

02:00 PM      R201713765/00       Giampietro vs Lose

02:00 PM      R201713212/00       Management Pty Ltd vs Knight and Occupants and Berry

02:00 PM      R201713737/00       Naughton vs Gordon

02:00 PM      R20177939/01         Terblanche vs Hill

02:00 PM      R201713792/00       Tiller vs Humm and Humm

02:00 PM      R201713295/00       Vitetta vs Capper

03:00 PM      R201713804/00       Lu vs Davis and Chau

09:30 AM      R201715361/00       Ling vs Nguyen and Nguyen

09:30 AM      R20179856/00         Nicolaou vs Sagar and Chhabra

10:30 AM      R201710829/01       Director Of Housing vs Hood

10:30 AM      R201638905/01       Kennedy and Kennedy vs Haslam and Dalfonso

02:00 PM      R20179092/01         Nominees Pty Ltd vs Di Cioccio and Di Cioccio and Marannu

Ringwood Law Courts, 39 Ringwood Street, Ringwood

Member K. Metcalf

09:30 AM      R201713629/00       Lanyon vs Daffy

09:30 AM      R201715596/00       Mchutchison vs Doubrovski

09:30 AM      R201713337/00       Mutsaers and Dawson vs Abdulhak

09:30 AM      R201713265/00       Raffi and Saffar vs B. Zouki Property Investments P/L

10:30 AM      R201713659/00       D'Angelo and D'Angelo vs Newton and Newton

10:30 AM      R201713273/00       Hanger vs The Landlord

10:30 AM      R20177941/00         Tan and He vs Callaghan and Jones

11:30 AM      R20178726/00         Sun vs Wilson

12:00 PM      R201713243/00       Armatas vs Thompson

12:00 PM      R201713671/00       Mcarthur and Williams vs Tufunga and Hayes

12:00 PM      R201713118/00       Powell vs Van Thinh

02:00 PM      R201713846/00       Bethell vs Cecere

02:00 PM      R201713424/00       Bryce vs Mckenzie-Smith

02:00 PM      R20176420/01         Director Of Housing vs Gatwech

02:00 PM      R201713746/00       Guadagnoli vs Mchenry

02:00 PM      R201713801/00       Koo vs Nguyen

02:00 PM      R201713755/00       Manjay Investments Pty Ltd vs Tonga and Semisi

02:00 PM      R20174986/03         Placella vs Dib

03:00 PM      R201713109/00       Director Of Housing vs Bastin

Sunshine Law Courts, Entry Via Harvester Road, Sunshine

Member M. Harvey

09:30 AM      R20176387/01         Elbelli vs Muliaga and Randell

09:30 AM      R201713784/00       Hagos vs Savanovic and Savanovic

09:30 AM      R201713670/00       Nham vs Darby

09:30 AM      R201712069/01       Saliba vs Likfry

10:30 AM      R201714125/00       Brull and Brull vs Nicolaides

10:30 AM      R201710165/00       Cooper and Cooper vs Bayley

10:30 AM      R201710171/00       Mcneile Mccormick vs Zeng

11:30 AM      R20175384/01         Director Of Housing vs Greatrex

11:30 AM      R201711620/01       Robel and Robel vs Kainano and Kainano

11:30 AM      R201710458/01       Watson vs Harris

12:00 PM      R201713971/01       Biyan vs Debono

12:00 PM      R201712827/00       Debono vs Biyan

02:00 PM      R201647237/03       Archbold vs Slevin

02:00 PM      R201711941/00       Duong vs Tran

02:00 PM      R201714702/01       Family Trust vs Ajing

02:00 PM      R201712508/01       Muscat and Muscat vs Parfett

02:00 PM      R201715247/00       Rodrigues vs Deng

03:00 PM      R201713874/00       Director Of Housing vs Tascas

03:00 PM      R201714154/00       Napoli vs Vukadinovic and Vukadinovic

Warrnambool Law Courts, 218 Koroit Street, Warrnambool

Member T. McCabe

10:30 AM      R20179439/00         Barberi and Barberi vs Kerr

10:30 AM      R201715047/00       Director Of Housing vs Howell

10:30 AM      R201714918/00       Kinnealy and Kinnealy vs Theobald

10:30 AM      R201634752/01       Salvation Army Housing (Victoria) vs Gilbert

11:30 AM      R201715709/00       Director Of Housing vs Mclachlan

Werribee Law Courts, Salisbury Street, Werribee

Member D. Calabro

09:30 AM      R201715136/00       Dodson and Dodson vs Tabaka and Tabaka

09:30 AM      R20172692/00         Gu vs Elmohamad and El Haouli

09:30 AM      R201712515/00       Vangapally vs Stenning and Napoli

09:30 AM      R20179997/01         Yun vs Fry and Bircanin

09:30 AM      R201712464/00       Zhou Wei Investments Pty Ltd vs Pine and Hapi

10:30 AM      R201711950/00       Cherrie vs Chatterjee

10:30 AM      R201712186/00       Scott vs Fletcher and Fletcher

10:30 AM      R201712122/00       Xu vs Ngo and Vu and Do and Bun

11:30 AM      R201710802/00       Hu vs Tagell and Martella

11:30 AM      R20177538/01         Tagell and Martella vs Zhou

02:00 PM      R201712377/00       Altieri vs Chamback and Chamback

02:00 PM      R201712463/00       Cai vs Hamilion and Giang and Hamilion

02:00 PM      R20178944/01         Director Of Housing vs Deng

02:00 PM      R201712523/00       Giuliani vs Buttigieg and Elliot

02:00 PM      R20178480/01         Grogan and Grogan vs Lacey and Lacey and Francis

02:00 PM      R201712714/00       Guo vs Sheedy and Chalker

02:00 PM      R201712909/00       Hossain Mazumder vs Singh and Singh

02:00 PM      R20177483/01         Kettle and Tang vs Singh and Sheoran

03:00 PM      R201712977/00       Asdhir and Sharma vs Booth and Ryder-Gemmell

03:00 PM      R201712972/00       Stepal Investments Pty Ltd vs Tsangaris and Tsangaris


Review and Regulation List


55 King Street, Melbourne – Ground Floor (for collection)

Senior Member I. Proctor

9:30 AM       Z336/16            Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia v Ms Catherine Condon

9:30 AM       Z333/16            Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia v Ms Lea Sanchez

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.3

Senior Member I. Proctor

10:00 AM     Z52/2017          Mr Michael Woods v The University of Melbourne

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.7

Senior Member G. Butcher

10:00 AM     Z200/2017        Mr Stanko Bilic v Victorian Building Authority

Directions Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.7

Senior Member G. Butcher

2:00 PM       Z264/2017        Victorian Electoral Commission 46 583 749 552 v Municipal Electoral Tribunal