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Many VCAT decisions are made at hearings. Our hearings are legal and affect the rights of all the parties involved in the case.

Most hearings are open to the public except if VCAT orders them to be closed. You can request for a hearingDefinitionThe time and place at which VCAT hears the parties argue their case and makes a decision. to be closed to the public when the hearing starts. An order for a closed hearing is not easy to obtain in most VCAT cases.

Hearings are grouped below according to the ListDefinitionA List is an area in VCAT that deals with cases of a similar nature. For example, the Residential Tenancies List decides cases between tenants and landlords, and the Civil Claims List handles disputes about buying or selling goods and services. handling the case. A List is an area in VCAT that deals with cases of a similar nature. For example, the Civil Claims List handles disputes about buying or selling goods and services. The following day's hearings are published at 4.30 pm each day.

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Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Building and Property List | Civil Claims List | Guardianship List | Human Rights List | Owners Corporation List | Planning and Environment List | Residential Tenancies List | Review and Regulation List | Building Appeals Board hearings

Building and Property List

Compliance Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.2

Senior Member S. Kirton

9:30 AM       BP1601/2018         Gregory Corcoran v A. V Builders P/L

Compulsory Conference

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.3

Senior Member M. Levine

10:00 AM     BP2016/2018         Anastasios Koutes v Con Xanthopoulos, Aluminco Shopfitters and Glaziers P/L

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.1

Senior Member M. Farrelly

9:30 AM       BP1320/2018         LK D&C P/L v Carol Freeman, Ian Freeman

10:30 AM     BP1784/2018         Lynn Mutawe v Ridgecon P/L                 

11:30 AM     BP92/2019            Heidi Terry v CDM Property Maintenance

12:00 PM     BP88/2019            Graeme Ireland v Brian Cullen DBC Developments P/L

2:15 PM       BP2007/2018         Cheryle Allan v Stuart Parry Plumbing & Property Maintenance

2:45 PM       BP2014/2018         Damian Miller, Bree Miller v KP Carpentry

3:15 PM       BP34/2019            Louise Casella v Jordan Hornsey

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.3

Senior Member M. Levine

9:30 AM       BP1322/2018         K & C Constructions v Qiang Feng Hi Sushi P/L


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.8

Judge Jenkins

10:00 AM     BP1262/2016         Panagiota Ula Milonas v Insurance Australia Ltd

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.3

Senior Member R. Walker

10:00 AM     BP1326/2018         Plyboard Distributors P/L, Bill Apostolopoulos v Cavallo Commercial, Angela Apostolopoulos

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.2

Member A. Kincaid

10:00 AM     BP1599/2018         Fred Kevin, Leila Kevin v Eagle Eyes Building Services

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.5

Member H. Nash

11:00 AM     BP1694/2018         Cathy Jamshidi v Louie Hortomaris


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.15

Mediator R. Lawrence

9:30 AM       BP1595/2018         PLP Building Surveyors & Consultants Pty. Ltd. v 63 Exhibition Street P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.21

Mediator I. De Lacy

9:30 AM       BP1553/2018         Bhavani Rooks, William Hannon v Simon Hannon

Small Claim Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.2

Member C. Edquist

10:00 AM     BP1795/2018         Mr Adrian Slode v DCS Concreting Solutions P/L

Civil Claims List

Civil Claims Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Senior Members C. Price & S. Wilson & Members P. Barrand, R. Buchanan, D. Buljan ,K. Campana, J. Good, K. Kirmos, J, Klingender, A. Moon & L. Rowland

9:30 AM       C388/2019             Pauline Wright I & P Wright P/L v Matthew Medforth

9:30 AM       C425/2019             Qinqin Guo, Xiaohua Luo v Hengyu Australia Investment P/L

9:30 AM       C487/2019             Vincent Fodera v Service Seeking P/L, Finesse Concrete

9:30 AM       C6722/2018           Buckmaster Hawkey P/L v O'Shea Agency P/L

10:30 AM     C2329/2018           Dorian Sanchez v Leelou Operations P/L

10:30 AM     C8430/2018           Fatmir Dikolli v Ezy Auto P/L

11:30 AM     C470/2019             Kerrieann Degen v Cindy Borkowski-Robinson

11:30 AM     C7481/2018           Panayiotis Marlassi-Bouras, Mareena Mariam Marlassi-Bouras v Industry Pathways P/L

11:30 AM     C7342/2018           Purple Fig Interiors P/L v 4-6 Rebecca Place P/L

12:15 PM     C376/2019             Wali Barzardi Black & White Property Painting P/L v Loret Building Renovation

12:15 PM     C2586/2018           Demo Dig P/L v Go 2 Earthmoving P/L               

2:00 PM       C9266/2018           Mehmet Michael Oztan, Nadira Oztan v NRMA Eastern Beach Holiday

2:00 PM       C653/2019             Janet Elizabeth Buchanan v (Australia) P/L

2:00 PM       C659/2019             Philip Riley v Academic Solutionz P/L

2:00 PM       C8479/2018           Farrah Mu v Star Finishes Projects

3:00 PM       C647/2019             Senthil Gangadharan Sokkalingam, Radha Senthil v Lincoln Wilson Simply Roofing Melbourne

3:00 PM       C658/2019             Michael Giummarra v Brigid Polglase

3:00 PM       C319/2019             Manjot Kaur v Essendon Auto (2017) P/L           

Directions Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Senior Member S. Wilson

9:30 AM       C6578/2018           DJC & Co P/L v Mercedes - Benz Australia/Pacific P/L

Fast Track Mediation and Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – 2nd Floor

Mediators L. Demaio, M. Reid, R. De Angelis & S. Joseph

9:00 AM       C310/2019             Ray White Melbourne CBD v Advanced Signmakers P/L 

9:00 AM       C377/2019             Jure Perkovic Percongroup P/L v Lucas Black

9:00 AM       C282/2019             Wanless Recycling (Vic) P/L v Korda Mentha P/L

9:00 AM       C367/2019             Premier Publishing v Antoinette Voight

10:15 AM     C378/2019             John Dufour Johno's Mobile Welding Repairs, Marissa Dufour v Lakeside Medical Clinic P/L

10:15 AM     C382/2019             Belinda Agnew v Yellow Brick Road Service Group

10:15 AM     C1333/2019           Yellow Brick Road Service Group P/L E&M Business Trust v Belinda Agnew

10:15 AM     C269/2019             Compliance Facility Services P/L v Sinjen Group P/L

11:30 AM     C421/2019             Andrew Dolezal v Chris Donnes

11:30 AM     C444/2019             Titanium Recruitment v Raine & Horne Ascot Vale

11:30 AM     C547/2019             Pender & Associates P/L v Robert May, Silvi May

11:30 AM     C219/2019             Victor Elcheikh v RT Edgar Boroondara Property Management


55 King Street, Melbourne - Room G.6

Senior Member L. Forde

10:00 AM     C7825/2018           Carli Phillips v Ezyauto Prestige

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.7

Member B. Ussher

10:00 AM     C4884/2018           Samia Guirguis v Mazda Australia P/L

Civil Claims Hearings

Moorabbin Law Courts

Member D. Bates

9:30 AM       C212/2019             Justin Krongold JK Security & Telecommunications v Aaron Ross Young Devfire Corporate IT Solutions, Joanna Young

9:30 AM       C5993/2018           Chad Group Australia P/L v Andrew Shmakoff

Shepparton Magistrates' Court

Member R. Phillips

9:30 AM       C8007/2018           Adam Woodward t/as Motor Mobile v Kody Fullford

Wangaratta Magistrates' Court

Member S. Liden

1:30 PM                C7672/2018         Monica Moravek v Shelly Thor

Guardianship List


Level 2 Court Room 4, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne        

Senior Member S Burdon Smith                                   

09:30 am       G83730/01    Gwenda Oakley

10:30 am       G84881/02    Jie Zhang

11:30 am       G66989/03    Trevor Alan Kinna

12:15 pm       G39090/13    Genevieve Guthrie

02:00 pm       G59213/03    Andrew Rixon

Level 5 Hearing Room 1, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne    

Senior Member A Coghlan                                 

10:15 am       G2494/14       John Psahoulias

11:00 am       G9756/14       Brian Patrick Cosgriff

11:45 am       G65820/06    Bruce Norman Campbell

Level 5 Hearing Room 2, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne    

Member M Carruthers                              

09:30 am       G82875/01    Violet Malos

10:30 am       G31539/08    Nadia Muraca

11:00 am       G24925/07    Bernard Howe

11:30 am       G65791/05    Robert Duncan Moseley

12:15 pm       G65260/03    Tracey Kymantis

02:00 pm       G55367/04    Arthur Angelidis

03:30 pm       G16202/09    Allan Richard Mc Neil

Boardroom (via Gate 4), The Royal Melbourne Hospital, 34-54 Poplar Rd., Parkville           

Member A Smith                

09:30 am       G86437/00    Theresa Cremona

10:15 am       G86436/00    Peter Spranaitis

11:00 am       G86435/00    Zuzana Povolna

11:45 am       G86509/00    Michael Slepoy

 Darebin Intercultural Centre, 59A Roseberry Ave. Preston         

Deputy President G. Nihill                                  

09:30 am       G86081/00    James Kaladjik

10:30 am       G86140/00    Zorka Ivankovic

11:30 am       G52216/08    Mandy Munnerley

12:15 pm       G78215/02    Emily Comensoli

02:00 pm       G76124/01    Heriberto Mainegra

02:45 pm       G27877/10    Dianne Stefanovski

Wangaratta Court, Faithfull Street, Wangaratta       

Member S Liden                            

11:00 am       G56147/11    Mervyn James Simpson

11:30 am       G63084/04    Ingo Harold Kirsch

12:00 pm       G16873/08    Anne Louise Mc Brien

Warrnambool Law Courts, 218 Koroit Street, Warrnambool        

Member C Powles                         

12:00 pm       G76520/04    Reece Fraser

Human Rights List

Compulsory Conference

William Cooper Justice Centre – Level 4 Meeting Room 6

Member D. Calabro

10:00 AM     H226/2018             Jasmine Bashta v Fast Track Staff Solutions, Rashid Bashir

Directions Hearings

William Cooper Justice Centre – Level 2 Court Room 5

Senior Member B. Steele

9:30 AM       H1/2019                Taryn Armitage v Narelle Sherwood MGR Accountants               

9:30 AM       H13/2019               Amrish Jusrut v Ensure Recruitment                   

10:00 AM     H2/2019                Lea Pfeiffer-Magni v Michael Dawson-Smith YMCA Victoria        

10:00 AM     H17/2019               Donna Paynting v Bendigo Health Care Group                

10:30 AM     H35/2019               Ranko Cosic v Department of Health and Human Services          

11:00 AM     H362/2017             Visho Zeqaj v Victoria Police                 

11:30 AM     H397/2018             Mei-Lee Dereczenik v Goodstart Early Learning              

11:30 AM     H54/2019               Mark Borg v Department of Education and Training                     

12:00 PM     H53/2019               EEN obo XHR v Department of Education and Training               

12:00 PM     H57/2019               Keith Kitson v Dr David Tofler                

12:30 PM     H55/2019               GXR v Country Fire Authority                 

2:00 PM       H12/2019               Chinmay Naik v Bianca Roggenbucke, Chris Davies Monash University Academic Board, Helen Edwards Faculty of Arts               

2:00 PM       H416/2018             Troy Carter v Esso Australia P/L            

2:00 PM       H425/2018             Jack McDougal v Esso Australia P/L                  

2:00 PM       H427/2018             Aust. Workers Union v Esso Australia P/L                       

2:00 PM       H428/2018             Robert Sedman v Esso Australia P/L                  

2:00 PM       H429/2018             Andrew Ross v Esso Australia P/L

2:00 PM       H430/2018             Mick Green v Esso Australia P/L            

2:00 PM       H431/2018             Paul Infantino v Esso Australia P/L                     

2:00 PM       H432/2018             Corin Steele v Esso Australia P/L                       

2:00 PM       H433/2018             John Brunt v Esso Australia P/L             

2:00 PM       H434/2018             Peter Vickers v Esso Aust. P/L               

2:00 PM       H435/2018             Trevor Kewish v Esso Australia P/L                    

2:00 PM       H436/2018             Wayne Smith v Esso Australia P/L                     

2:00 PM       H438/2018             Andrew Armstrong v Esso Australia P/L              

2:00 PM       H439/2018             Malcolm Wood v Esso Australia P/L                   

3:00 PM       H317/2018             John Thomas Glascott v Corrections Victoria

Owners Corporation List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.3

Member M. Sweeney

9:30 AM       OC2515/2018         Gina Giannakopoulos, Nicole Heales, Mary-Louise Santa v Owners Corporation Plan No. PS419219K, Ryan Grantham Bloomfield and Olivia Jane Breheny, Elly Jane Paterson                      

1:30 PM       OC2549/2018         Owners Corporation1 Plan No. PS646683P v Harikumar Kulasekaran, Birundha Harikumar, Sanjeev Nehra, Chha Vi

Directions Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member L. Rowland

9:00 AM       OC1955/2018         Wyndham Harbour A2 P/L v Your Body Corporate P/L

Fee Recovery Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member O. Mahoney

9:30 AM       OC2721/2018         Owners Corporation No. 1 PS423642Y v Yan Zhang                   

9:30 AM       OC2724/2018         Owners Corporation No. 1 PS437326G v Rajesh Kumar, Rajinder Kaur Banwait                               

9:30 AM       OC2725/2018         Owners Corporation No. 1 PS437326G v Sawhney Property Investments P/L

9:30 AM       OC2727/2018         Owners Corporation No. 1 PS437326G v Qani Lika                     

9:30 AM       OC2730/2018         Owners Corporation No. 1 PS431536C v Alexandra Muscat        

9:30 AM       OC2731/2018         Owners Corporation No. 1 PS431536C v Estrella Magno Pascual, Jose Teodoro Pascual                        

9:30 AM       OC2732/2018         Owners Corporation No. 1 PS431536C v Ling Ya Li                    

11:00 AM     OC78/2019            Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS531188R v Rochelle Ann Pettit           

11:00 AM     OC2635/2018         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No PS721311M, Owners Corporation 2 Plan No PS721311M v Jie Ren               

11:00 AM     OC2285/2018         Owners Corporation 1 PS714726V v Na Li                     

11:00 AM     OC76/2019            Owners Corporation Plan No. PS304035M v Phillip Klathas         

11:00 AM     OC2128/2018         Owners Corporation 3 PS337555X v Sujit Prabhakar Sunthankar 

11:00 AM     OC120/2019          OWNERS CORPORATION 1 PLAN NO. PS649691Y v Hasan Uz           

11:00 AM     OC121/2019          OWNERS CORPORATION 1 PLAN NO. PS649691Y v Megan Kate Thomas, Thomas James Steeden            

12:00 PM     OC89/2019            Owners Corporation Plan No. PS 434850E v Deena Hanna         

12:00 PM     OC94/2019            Owners Corporation Plan No. PS 434850E v Nicholas Thomas, Daniela Maria Giannakis                     

12:00 PM     OC2523/2018         Owners Corporation RP16987 v Zivka Kunic                   

2:00 PM       OC60/2019            Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS507941W v Melinda Kate Wilkinson

2:00 PM       OC64/2019            Owners Corporation Plan No. SP028210F v Sayumphol Pholthip

2:00 PM       OC65/2019            Owners Corporation Plan No. SP026882N v Emmanouel Stavridis          

2:00 PM       OC61/2019            Owners Corporation Plan No. SP021997W v Carolyn Jane Chandler        

2:00 PM       OC62/2019            Owners Corporation Plan No. SP022235V v Craig Peter Taylor   

2:00 PM       OC2507/2018         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS711371Y, Owners Corporation 2 Plan No. PS711371Y v Thiam Kheng Ang, Hui Chieng Law                      

2:00 PM       OC2502/2018         Owners Corporation Plan No. RP007157 v Ian Colebatch Duffy, Louise Duffy

2:00 PM       OC63/2019            Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS602416M v VICMP Group Investments P/L

3:00 PM       OC2537/2018         Owners Corporation Plan Number 436467 v Mustafa Arslan

Planning and Environment List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.12

Member Dr. J. Baxter

10:00 AM     P2144/2018           Meryl Helen Birch v Greater Bendigo CC

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.8

Member N. Hadjigeorgiou

9:00 AM       P1997/2018           Onoufrios Gorozidis v Darebin CC

10:00 AM     P197/2019             Mornington Peninsula SC v Damon Robert Geeves, Narelle Heather Dahlenburg

2:00 PM       P2138/2018           Susan May & Geoff Hanzalik v Glen Eira CC, Woolworths Group, Caulfield North Property Group, Lustig & Moar P/L


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.4

Member K. Paterson

10:00 AM     P2024/2018           Laletas Superannuation P/L v Glen Eira CC                    

                                               15 Leamington Crescent, Caulfield East 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.5

Member S. McDonald

10:00 AM     P1684/2018           Cavan Wee v Frankston CC                  

                                               13-15 Bouvardia Cresent, Frankston North 

2:15 PM       P2155/2018           Viviane Wilcock v Warrnambool CC                   

                                               58 McKenzies Road, Bushfield

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.6

Member C. Fong

10:00 AM     P2021/2018           Cihan Eryurek v Mornington Peninsula SC                      

                                               34 Flamingo Road, Capel Sound

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.8

Member P. Gaschk

10:00 AM     P1792/2018           Paragon Estate P/L v Knox CC              

                                               2 & 2A Francis Street, Ferntree Gully 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.9

Member J. Perlstein

2:15 PM       P2105/2018           Pamela Jacobs v Thomas Dean & Wendy Elizabeth Mitchell, Ballarat CC, Country Fire Authority                      

                                               No. 9561 Western Highway, Warrenheip 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.16

Member C. Harty, Member F. Dawson

10:00 AM     P1667/2018           Anne Lyon and Peter Lyon, South Gippsland Conservation Society Inc v South Gippsland SC, Country Fire Authority - Headquarters

                                               945 Koonwarra-Inverloch Road & 85 Merricks Track, Leongatha South 

10:00 AM     P1887/2018           Derrell Van Den Borne v South Gippsland SC, Country Fire Authority - Headquarters

                                               945 Koonwarra-Inverloch Road, 85 Merricks Track, Leongatha South 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.2

Member M. Nelthorpe

9:00 AM       P2433/2018           21 to 25 Nelson P/L v Mornington Peninsula SC             

                                               23 Nelson Street, Mornington 

11:30 AM     P2434/2018           Tempo Developments Group P/L v Mornington Peninsula SC

                                               25 Nelson Street, Mornington 

2:30 PM       P1879/2018           Glenn Pilon v Mornington Peninsula SC              

                                               118 Rymer Avenue, Safety Beach 

Major Case Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.2

Senior Member J. Bennett, Member J. Halliday

10:00 AM     P2046/2018           1 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park P/L v Port Phillip CC                    

                                               1 Victoria Avenue, Albert Park

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.1

Member M. Deidun

10:00 AM     P2042/2018           Dromana Beach P/L v Mornington Peninsula SC

                                               329 Point Nepean Road, Dromana 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.1

Member A. Glynn, Member A. Keddie

10:00 AM     P1957/2018           Salta Properties P/L v Yarra CC, Vic Roads - Metropolitan North West Region                                 

                                               459-471 Church Street & 20-26 Brighton Street, Richmond 

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.15

Member B. Sibonis

10:00 AM     P2025/2018           Zi Chuan Bai and HC Winyard Management P/L v Yarra Ranges SC       

                                               47,59, 53 and 55 Winyard Drive, Mooroolbark

Residential Tenancies List

Dandenong Law Courts, Corner Foster and Pultney Streets, Dandenong      

Member A. Eastman                                               

09:30 am  R20197826/00           Director Of Housing vs Connor

09:30 am  R20192859/00           Director Of Housing vs Mathews

09:30 am  R20197818/00           Laxmi vs Corliss And All Occupants

09:30 am  R20197816/00           Russo vs Joseph and Tui

09:30 am  R20197390/00           Zhang vs Fornaso

10:30 am  R20197639/00           Garrain Pty Ltd Atf vs Eisenmajer

10:30 am  R20196317/02           Johnson vs Helliwell

10:30 am  R201840927/01         Singh vs Singh

11:30 am  R20197874/00           Director Of Housing vs Connally and Stubberfield

11:30 am  R20191830/01           Singh and Singh vs Thomas

12:00 pm  R20197537/00           Borchard and Borchard vs Basnayake and Andarawewa

12:00 pm  R20197879/00           Li vs Pirere

02:00 pm  R20197936/00           Director Of Housing vs Caulcutt

02:00 pm  R20197842/00           Director Of Housing vs Dinah

02:00 pm  R20197890/00           Director Of Housing vs Koang

02:00 pm  R20195281/00           Gilson vs Ali

02:00 pm  R20197913/00           Mawen and Nielo vs Myong

03:00 pm  R20196707/00           Each Housing Ltd vs Marshall

Frankston Law Courts, Fletcher Road, Frankston         

Member J. Kefford                                                 

09:30 am  R201831393/01         Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Holt

09:30 am  R20199296/00           Allekian vs Murphy

09:30 am  R20199440/00           Dempsey and Dempsey vs Ooi and Kam

09:30 am  R20198447/00           Director Of Housing vs Illegal Occupant and Illegal Occupant

09:30 am  R20199333/00           Zackey Mohdeen and Udugampolage vs Nguyen

10:30 am  R20196369/00           Keats vs Little

10:30 am  R20196839/00           Salvation Army Housing Vic vs Symons

10:30 am  R20196475/00           Smallwood vs Brown and Hunt

11:30 am  R20197714/00           Park Pty Ltd vs Cassidy

11:30 am  R20194993/01           Silva and Alwis vs Bottom and Dixon

12:00 pm  R20192720/00           Sharma vs Fryer and Fryer

02:00 pm  R20197609/00           Director Of Housing vs Twyford

02:00 pm  R20197172/00           Gibbs vs Karla and Marshall

02:00 pm  R20197123/00           Johnson and Johnson vs Johnson

02:00 pm  R20198507/00           Kilian vs Wilson

02:00 pm  R20197220/00           Lea and Lea vs Harper and Sands

02:00 pm  R20196798/00           Robro Park Management Pty Ltd vs Braybrook and Bulner

03:00 pm  R20197327/00           Harvy vs Mcmanus and Reid

03:00 pm  R20197444/00           Robro Park Management Pty Ltd vs Radford

Geelong Law Courts, Railway Terrace, Geelong 

Senior Member S. Moraitis                                     

11:00 am  R20197971/00           Ahmet vs Lane

11:00 am  R20197807/00           Cross vs Lei and Wood

11:00 am  R20197635/00           Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Caudullo

12:00 pm  R20197657/00           Lee vs Wambura

12:00 pm  R20196903/00           Lin vs Sekhon

12:00 pm  R20197640/00           Wilks and Wilks vs Low

02:00 pm  R20197790/00           Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Cito

02:00 pm  R20197713/00           Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Jacobi

02:00 pm  R20197869/00           Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Stepnell and Eliakis

02:00 pm  R20197767/00           Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Wood

02:00 pm  R20192403/01           Donnelly and Donnelly vs Schweinzer

02:00 pm  R20192386/01           Hickey vs Smith

02:00 pm  R20195380/01           Mcginn and Mcginn vs Calderwood

02:00 pm  R20197741/00           Weaver vs Jablan

Moorabbin Law Courts, 1140 Nepean Highway, Highett          

Member D. Bates                                                     

10:30 am  R20193131/01           A.E.O Nominees Pty Ltd vs Reyne

10:30 am  R20197273/00           Tregaskis vs Charlton and Charlton

10:30 am  R20197308/00           Tsiligiris vs Alejandro and Szabo

11:30 am  R20196753/00           Brannigan vs Noske and Noske

11:30 am  R20197233/00           Marzin vs Christiansen and Nicholson

11:30 am  R201836418/01         Noske and Noske vs Brannigan

02:00 pm  R20198482/00           Jorgensen and Jorgensen vs Hansford

02:00 pm  R20197449/00           Launch Housing Ltd vs Mcmurray

02:00 pm  R20197251/00           Tang vs Jackson and Occupants and Del Porto

02:00 pm  R20197087/00           Womens Housing Ltd vs Tolley

02:00 pm  R20197463/00           Wu and Song vs Bushby and Sanyasi

03:00 pm  R20197383/00           Director Of Housing vs Straka

03:00 pm  R20197371/00           Hasmukh Bohra vs Pankhurst

Melbourne - 5th Floor, 55 King St, Melbourne    

Senior Members L. Forde, C. Price & S. Wilson & Members R. Buchanan, P. Barrand, D. Buljan, K. Campana, J. Good, K. Kirmos, J. Klingender, A. Moon, L. Rowland & B. Ussher

09:30 am  R20198156/00           Horn vs Wahlqvist

09:30 am  R20198047/00           Nah vs Shin

09:30 am  R20197579/00           Ywca Housing vs Sumer

09:30 am  R20197744/00           Dent and Ng vs Colin

09:30 am  R20198070/00           Ywca Housing vs Begna

09:30 am  R201843503/00         Zangara Pty Ltd vs Amsellem and Shani

10:30 am  R20195661/00           Siswanto vs Matthews

10:30 am  R20198001/00           Wu vs Chai

10:30 am  R20198165/00           Gregson vs Shah and Trivedi

10:30 am  R20197297/00           Unison Housing vs Sok

11:30 am  R20193534/01           Shu vs Freeman

12:00 pm  R20198250/00           Director Of Housing vs Nguyen and Mai

12:00 pm  R20198243/00           Salvation Army Housing Victoria vs Wood

12:00 pm  R20198158/00           Bennett vs Spiteri

02:00 pm  R2019935/01             Garrard vs Tai

02:00 pm  R20198191/00           Lykopoulos vs Rostenne and Tanger

02:00 pm  R20198169/00           Mullane vs Kennedy and Scullion

02:00 pm  R20198164/00           O`Day vs Clark

02:00 pm  R20198168/00           Wang vs Caoson Real Estate Services (Urban Minder)

02:00 pm  R20198471/01           Nguyen vs Theng

02:00 pm  R20198465/00           Southport Community Housing Group Inc vs Buckley

02:00 pm  R20195190/00           Richardson vs Henderson

02:00 pm  R20198155/00           Teoh vs Robertson

02:00 pm  R20198891/00           Thompson vs Elliott And All Other Occupants

03:00 pm  R20198327/00           Bell and Bell vs Mullins and Young

03:00 pm  R20198317/00           Go vs Al-Haddad and Balkhi

03:00 pm  R201841385/02         Goel Goel vs Apartments Melbourne Domain

03:00 pm  R20198235/00           He vs Pty Ltd

Melbourne, 55 King St, Melbourne – Room G.4 

Member TBA                                                           

09:30 am  R20198239/00           Lu vs Pty Ltd

09:30 am  R20198240/00           Wang vs Pty Ltd

11:30 am  R20198035/00           Zhou vs Efektiv Pty Ltd and Rana

11:30 am  R20198034/00           Zhou vs Efektiv Pty Ltd and Rana

12:00 pm  R20198242/00           Zhu vs Pty Ltd

02:00 pm  R20198278/00           Zhang vs Pty Ltd

02:00 pm  R20194442/01           Li vs Avant-Garde Ventures

02:00 pm  R20194940/01           Li vs Avant-Garde Ventures

02:00 pm  R20194441/00           Li vs Avant-Garde Ventures

02:00 pm  R20198173/00           Qin vs Efektiv Pty Ltd

03:00 pm  R20198238/00           Men vs Pty Ltd

Mildura Law Courts, Deakin Avenue, Mildura   

Senior Member A. Vassie                                       

10:00 am  R20199083/00           Mallee District Aboriginal Services vs Morgan

Ringwood Law Courts, 39 Ringwood Street, Ringwood

Member B. Cremean                                               

09:30 am  R20197074/00           Director Of Housing vs Bland

09:30 am  R20193395/00           Jvg Red Pty Ltd Atf The Red Trust; Rbmd Pty Ltd Atf The Rbmd vs O'Connell and O'Connell

09:30 am  R20195336/00           Tabacchiera vs Riyazati and Moosavi Niaragh

10:30 am  R20197374/00           Alexander vs Withers

10:30 am  R20197052/00           Ryan vs Canuto and Canuto

10:30 am  R20197426/00           Zheng vs Feldberg and Creaton

11:30 am  R20197118/00           Director Of Housing vs Al Dolimi

11:30 am  R20197059/00           Partoglou and Partoglou vs Szczepaniak

12:00 pm  R20197952/00           Bouraad vs Margaret Mary Pauline Curmi

12:00 pm  R201843286/01         Margaret Mary Pauline Curmi vs Bouraad

02:00 pm  R20197080/00           Director Of Housing vs Bou-Ghosn

02:00 pm  R20197102/00           Director Of Housing vs Stanton

02:00 pm  R20197065/00           Jpf Lee Pty Ltd and Rana vs Wright

02:00 pm  R20198695/00           White vs Keithley

02:00 pm  R20197174/00           Wilkinson and Wilkinson vs Herbert-Allan

03:00 pm  R20197447/00           George vs Anderson

Shepparton Law Courts, High Street, Shepparton         

Member R. Phillips                                                  

10:30 am  R20197427/00           Director Of Housing vs Mckay

10:30 am  R20196454/00           Rural Housing Network Ltd T/As Beyond Housing vs Chalmers

11:30 am  R20194306/01           Bolzonello, Frank And Louise Serra vs Mcnally

11:30 am  R201838237/03         Sulejman vs Tagi-Neemia

12:00 pm  R20196659/00           Corrie vs Groves

02:00 pm  R20196868/00           Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Harbrow

02:00 pm  R201738944/01         Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Singh

02:00 pm  R20196674/00           Bathman vs Batson and Batson

02:00 pm  R20196988/00           Loddon Mallee Housing Services vs Chatfield

02:00 pm  R20197596/00           Talarico vs Paris

03:00 pm  R20192730/00           Ecg No1 Pty Ltd vs Fraken

Sunshine Law Courts, Entry Via Harvester Road, Sunshine    

Member A. Tilley                                                     

09:30 am  R20197554/00           Bleas vs Deepka and Singh

09:30 am  R20197484/00           Director Of Housing vs Mcmahon

09:30 am  R20197512/00           Furlan vs Kaur and Singh

09:30 am  R20197601/00           Ganly vs Cia and Lian

09:30 am  R20198499/00           Ireland vs Papamihail

09:30 am  R2019857/01             Mann vs Yor and Dut

09:30 am  R20194798/02           Womens Housing Ltd vs Stephens

10:30 am  R20197641/00           Director Of Housing vs Essa

10:30 am  R20191662/01           Director Of Housing vs Jor

10:30 am  R201510692/01         Director Of Housing vs Mohamed

10:30 am  R201816428/02         Le vs Davidson and Petronio

10:30 am  R201844101/01         Sarain vs Green and Green

11:30 am  R201834996/03         Director Of Housing vs Hudson

11:30 am  R20197679/00           Henry vs Debevc

12:00 pm  R20197728/00           Chan vs Crick and Crick

12:00 pm  R20197717/00           Sedhom vs Dador and Masonga

02:00 pm  R20197733/00           Aslimoski and Aslimoski vs Parveen and Hossain

02:00 pm  R20196146/00           Carzino vs Mariyang

02:00 pm  R20197721/00           Castanos and Castanos vs Simovska

02:00 pm  R20197740/00           Cini and Cini vs Whitehead

02:00 pm  R20197729/00           Gohil vs Adams and Adams

02:00 pm  R20197755/00           Petrevksi vs Nimarota and Scott

02:00 pm  R20197597/00           Women'S Housing Ltd vs Le

03:00 pm  R20197771/00           Family Trust vs Detastes

Warrnambool Law Courts, 218 Koroit Street, Warrnambool  

Member C. Powles                                                   

02:00 pm  R20197606/00           Aboriginal Housing Victoria vs Chatfield

02:00 pm  R20196255/00           Atkinson vs Mckenzie

02:00 pm  R20196233/00           Director Of Housing vs Griffiths and Griffiths

02:00 pm  R20196211/00           Moloney vs Sims

02:00 pm  R20198072/00           Nicholson vs Pazdera

03:00 pm  R20197062/00           92 Liebig Street Pty Ltd vs Grimshaw

03:00 pm  R20197153/00           Director Of Housing vs Schultz

03:00 pm  R20197453/00           Henderson vs Lucas

Wangaratta Law Courts, Faithful Street, Wangaratta  

Member S. Liden                                                     

02:30 pm  R20195258/00           Jones vs Cousins and Bon

03:00 pm  R20197548/00           Director Of Housing vs Garzoli

03:00 pm  R20197553/00           Director Of Housing vs Grainer-Walton

Review and Regulation List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.5

Deputy President H. Lambrick

10:00 AM     Z144/2018             Medical Board of Australia v Juviraj Arulanandarajah

10:00 AM     Z196/2018             Mr Hani Haddara v Transport Accident Commission

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.22

Member R. Cameron

11:00 AM     Z1019/2018           Mr Simon Mattiske v Vic. Building Authority

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.1

Deputy President I. Proctor

11:00 AM     Z72/2019               Dr Robert Kaldawi, Mr William Sung v Vic Roads

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.5

Deputy President H. Lambrick

9:15 AM       Z1091/2018           Psychology Board of Australia v Robyn Frances


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.5

Deputy President H. Lambrick

2:00 PM       Z178/2019             Mark Lincoln v Business Licensing Authority

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.6

Member W. Boddison

10:00 AM     Z954/2018             Mr Stephen Boyle v Commercial Passenger Vehicle Commission

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.4

Member R. Tang AM

10:00 AM     Z658/2018             Keith James Ford v Commissioner of State Revenue

Building Appeals Board hearings

Building Appeals Board hearings and mediations are usually held in Room 1.1 at 55 King Street, Melbourne.