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Many VCAT decisions are made at hearings. Our hearings are legal and affect the rights of all the parties involved in the case.

Most hearings are open to the public except if VCAT orders them to be closed. You can request for a hearingDefinitionThe time and place at which VCAT hears the parties argue their case and makes a decision. to be closed to the public when the hearing starts. An order for a closed hearing is not easy to obtain in most VCAT cases.

Hearings are grouped below according to the ListDefinitionA List is an area in VCAT that deals with cases of a similar nature. For example, the Residential Tenancies List decides cases between tenants and landlords, and the Civil Claims List handles disputes about buying or selling goods and services. handling the case. A List is an area in VCAT that deals with cases of a similar nature. For example, the Civil Claims List handles disputes about buying or selling goods and services. The following day's hearings are published at 4.00 pm each day.

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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Building and Property List | Civil Claims List | Guardianship List | Human Rights List | Owners Corporations List | Planning and Environment List | Residential Tenancies List | Review and Regulation List

Building and Property List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne- Room 2.3

Senior Member M. Levine

10:00 AM     BP462/2019           Suriente P/L v Damian Antonio Puig, Hayley Jane Fisher

55 King Street, Melbourne- Room 2.7

Senior Member M. Lothian

10:00 AM     BP588/2019           Dharmesh Kanaiyalal Patel, Bhavika Dharmesh Patel v James Robert Homes P/L

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne- Room 1.2

Deputy President C. Aird

9:30 AM       BP1814/2019         Andy Lai v Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria

10:30 AM     BP926/2018           Nigel Parmenter v MB Built Surrey Hills P/L

11:00 AM     BP447/2019           Peter Cotter v A Class Home Builders P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne- Room 5.7

Senior Member M. Farrelly

9:30 AM       BP1692/2019         Joerg Bachmann v ACME Building Consultants P/L

10:00 AM     BP873/2016           Oakmont Properties P/L v Mr Duan Lan Zhang, Mr Ling He

55 King Street, Melbourne- Room 2.7

Senior Member M. Lothian

9:30 AM       BP120/2019           Ms Luisa Lio v Ormond Bell P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne- Room 2.3

Senior Member S. Kirton

9:30 AM       BP1478/2019         Holger Krumm, Heike Krumm v Gregory Family Trust      


55 King Street, Melbourne- Room 1.2

Senior Member S. Kirton

2:15 PM       BP868/2019           Alon Kedmi, Adi Kedmi-Halevy v Mass Constructions

55 King Street, Melbourne- Room 1.6

Senior Member L. Forde

10:00 AM     BP1542/2018         Pell Five P/L v SMTP Nominess P/L                   

55 King Street, Melbourne- Room G.8

Senior Member R. Walker

10:00 AM     BP528/2018           H. Daniel Constructions v Jolin Nominees P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne- Room 1.3

Member H. Nash

10:00 AM     BP612/2019           Manoshanti P/L v Triware P/L                

55 King Street, Melbourne- Room 1.1

Member R. Buchanan

10:00 AM     BP426/2019           Bruce William Worcester v Sunbury Car Care Centre                   


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.21

Mediator H. Greenberg

9:30 AM       BP796/2019           Jack Jacovou v Designer Pergolas and Carports P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.15

Mediator F. Falduti

9:30 AM       BP1301/2019         Foreland Development P/L v MP Interior Linings P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.14

Mediator E. Samo

9:30 AM       BP1073/2019         Enso Homes P/L v Yama Tiling P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.22

Mediator A. Fogarty

9:30 AM       BP1238/2019         It's All Carpentry P/L v Michael Ramirez, Bianca Ramirez 

Reinstatement Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne- Room 1.3

Member H. Nash

2:15 PM       BP534/2017           Ms Virginia Dowzer, v Mr Antonio Gennaro Paterno, Waterproofing Melbourne P/L, Matthew Peter Hoare

2:15 PM       BP960/2017           Dowzin P/L v Caroline Mary Poon, Owners Corporation No2 PS320789Q

Small Claim Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne- Room G.4

Member A. Kincaid

10:00 AM     BP565/2019           Rise Up Design P/L v Julie Kos, Made Sureta

55 King Street, Melbourne- Room 1.1

Member R. Buchanan

2:15 PM       BP893/2019           Alan Hollensen v Lee McLennen t/as The Shed Guys Bendigo

Civil Claims List

Civil Claims Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Senior Member A. Vassie & Members P. Bender, D. Bignall, D. Galvin, M. Harvey, J. Kefford, R. Leshinsky, C. Powles, & B. Thomas

9:30 AM       C6208/2019           Fovad (Fred) Ghanem v The Jewellery Group P/L                       

9:30 AM       C5823/2019           Adrian Royston, Maree Royston v Jessica Torrance                    

9:30 AM       C5982/2019           Haidar Alkoraishi v Jamal Mohammad                

9:30 AM       C2938/2019           Katie Gold v Asko Appliances P/L

10:30 AM     C6125/2019           Giuseppe De Simone v Apple P/L                      

11:30 AM     C5020/2019           James Semple v Fiona Stokes               

11:30 AM     C6327/2019           Asbestos Audits Australia P/L v Makden Homes P/L                   

12:15 PM     C5871/2019           Justine Wallace v Armsign P/L               

12:15 PM     C6267/2019           Ryan Grech v Strata Plan P/L                

2:00 PM       C3674/2019           Karen Shaw v Lind's Rehabilitation Equipment                

2:00 PM       C5909/2019           William Douglas Birrell v Domestic Australia                   

2:00 PM       C5575/2018           Victor Escobar v Integra Solar                

3:00 PM       C3862/2019           Little Real Estate (VIC & NSW) v Erika Svak, Sandor Svak

3:00 PM       C6385/2019           Matthew Bishop v Telstra Corporation Ltd.

Compulsory Conference

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member P. Bender

1:30 PM       C3792/2019           David James Wall v Element Eight Development Group P/L        

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.1

Senior Member C. Price

9:30 AM       C6225/2019           Sanjay Kumar, Kareeshma Kumar v Jupiter Real Estate P/L, Manpreet Singh                                  

10:00 AM     C6092/2019           United Traders Australia P/L v Strathfield Village Supermarket P/L

10:30 AM     C6072/2019           Martina Ticha, Petr Tichy v Mazor Stanley P/L                

11:00 AM     C6202/2019           Nam Tran v Tan Tran                 

11:30 AM     C4024/2019           JD Electrical v Hanson Construction Materials P/L

12:00 PM     C6111/2019           Maya Ferguson v Zagame Automotive Group Pty Ltd                  

12:30 PM     C5979/2019           Christopher Kalaitzidis v Brighton Automotive Holdings P/L         

2:00 PM       C1666/2019           Afaq Salmanzadeh v Hudson Bond Real Estate P/L                    

2:00 PM       C3987/2019           Tihana Luka v Shangzhi Cui, J&H Legal, Area Specialist Keysborough    

2:30 PM       C5852/2019           Maria Rimpas v Eva Cara, Market Trend Travel

3:00 PM       C3145/2019           Jillian Gayle Boone v The Cupid Factory P/L                   

3:30 PM       C4714/2019           The Trustee for Conway Enterprise Investment Trust v Kylie Risson, Emily Harridge                           

Fast Track Mediation and Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – 2nd Floor

Mediator R. De Angelis, M. Reid, M. Cirillo, A. Cowan, S. Joseph & A. Collins

9:00 AM       C6237/2019           Merry Chiba v Jewellery Farah

9:00 AM       C5368/2019           Raine and Horne Dandenong v Asanga Matthew

9:00 AM       C6881/2019           Asanga Mathew v Raine and Horne

9:00 AM       C6217/2019           Centre Square (AUST) P/L v Forever Exotic P/L

9:00 AM       C6308/2019           Stephanie Mason, Thomas Mason v Popcorn Films

9:00 AM       C5695/2019           Australian Medication Management Unit Trust v CGS Furniture P/L

10:15 AM     C6223/2019           Carol McKay v Prompt Building And Maintenance

10:15 AM     C6325/2019           Aldrin De Zilva v Telstra

10:15 AM     C6294/2019           John Saab v GJ Gardner Homes Melbourne North East

11:30 AM     C6432/2019           Dobbs Doherty P/L v Malvern Unit Trust             

11:30 AM     C6431/2019           Timothy Morrissey v O'brien Real Estate Mentone

11:30 AM     C6277/2019           Rahul Gandhi v Auto Cars Wrecking P/L

11:30 AM     C6357/2019           Reeves Electrical Contractors P/L v Ioanna Theodossopoulos

11:30 AM     C6348/2019           Idle Hands Fabrications v Eye Q Constructions P/L

11:30 AM     C6231/2019           Kelly Burns v Katherine Koulouris          


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.6

Senior Member S. Moraitis

10:00 AM     C9265/2018           Knott Partners Trust v A.C.N. 009 081 823 P/L

10:00 AM     C9190/2018           Knott Group P/L v SG Hanwood P/L

10:00 AM     C474/2019             Knott Group P/L v ACN 009 081 823 P/L

10:00 AM     C473/2019             Knott Group P/L v Hanwood Lodge P/L

10:00 AM     C450/2019             Knott Group P/L v ACN 058 457 800 P/L

10:00 AM     C304/2019             Knott Group Unit Trust v Greatorex Superannuation P/L

10:00 AM     C476/2019             Knott Partners P/L v ACN 058 457 800 P/L

10:00 AM     C468/2019             Knott Partners P/L v S.G. Hanwood P/L

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.7

Member D. Buljan

10:00 AM     C6760/2017           Francis Miller v Pickeriti Investments P/L, Karl Andrew Nigel Pickford

10:00 AM              C2778/2018         Pickford Mustangs, Karl Andrew Nigel Pickford v Francis Miller

Guardianship List

Level 2 Court Room 4, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne 

Senior Member A Coghlan   

10:15 am          G83107/04        Stuart Mac Donald

11:00 am          G88401/00        June Florence Thorpe

Level 2 Court Room 5, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne 

Senior Member B Hoysted   

10:00 am          G83403/02        Norma Sier

Level 4 Hearing Room, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne 

Member J Good   

09:30 am          G87486/01        Jozef Schroen

10:30 am          G88238/00        Waltraut Ewhelski

11:30 am          G63365/04        Richard Joseph Zuluaga

12:15 pm          G83625/01        Kenneth Graeme Mclean

02:00 pm          G84202/03        Andrea Louise Uden

02:45 pm          G88594/00        Curtis Garcia

Level 5 Hearing Room 2, William Cooper Justice Centre, 223 William Street Melbourne 

Member R Page   

09:30 am          G88354/00        Hajrije Dzemailoska

10:30 am          G88463/00        Margaret Gibbon

11:30 am          G68832/11        Maria Messina

12:15 pm          G78357/02        Giuseppina Sette

02:00 pm          G88332/00        Jordan Mark Dixon

02:45 pm          G88154/00        Christine Chrisanthi Sarmas

03:30 pm          G77197/04        Jesse Daniel Hogan

Bendigo Law Court, 71 Pall Mall, Bendigo 

Member R Daly   

09:30 am          G77632/02        Elsie Allan

10:30 am          G77344/03        Joshua Boardman

11:00 am          G59559/05        Norma Whitehead

11:30 am          G46779/08        Kaine O' Donnell

12:15 pm          G79499/01        Michael Blow

02:00 pm          G76433/04        Kenneth Adam Poole

Boardroom, Kingston Centre, Warrigal Road, Cheltenham 

Member M Carruthers   

09:30 am          G88555/00        Heather Clarke

10:15 am          G88556/00        Patrick Dyer

11:00 am          G88589/00        Bruce Holloway

Colac Court, Queen Street, Colac 

Member D Bates   

10:00 am          G88383/00        Jean Pope-Sitters

11:30 am          G8739/09          Ian Charles Godfrey

Moe Town Hall 69 Albert Street, Moe 

Member B Lightfoot   

12:00 pm          G88342/00        Stanley Sutton

Portland Court, 67 Cliff Street, Portland 

Member A Moon   

10:00 am          G76084/01        Brianna Kilpatrick

11:00 am          G87674/01        William Campbell Bowden

Ringwood Court, 39 Ringwood Street, Ringwood 

Member B Ussher   

10:30 am          G68859/04        Jin Zhang Li

11:00 am          G59723/04        Nathan Hamilton Reen

11:30 am          G77168/03        Thomas John Boyce

12:15 pm          G63028/07        Joyce Julie Nederveen

02:00 pm          G35068/11        John Christopher Healy

02:45 pm          G84977/01        Aaron Nathan King

03:30 pm          G82666/02        Ashley Whitrod

Shepparton Law Courts, 18 High Street, Shepparton 

Member R Phillips   

09:30 am          G87078/00        James Anthony Fotnergill

10:30 am          G50476/04        Debra Lynne Murray

11:00 am          G69002/02        Stanley Lawrence Perriman

11:30 am          G78311/02        George Service

02:00 pm          G56540/06        John Waldo Mockridge Mc Pherson

02:30 pm          G50618/05        Arthur Miliankos

Wodonga Court, 5 Elgin Boulevard, Wodonga 

Member J Sharkie   

09:30 am          G88320/00        Judith Austin

09:30 am          G88321/00        William Austin

11:30 am          G76242/05        Moiy Yim Panozzo

12:15 pm          G17458/18        Margaret Wignell

02:00 pm          G88421/00       Gwenda Elaine Pavlicek

Human Rights List

Compulsory Conference

William Cooper Justice Centre – Level 1 Court Room 3

Senior Member B. Steele

10:00 AM     H233/2019             Marie Dorinee Fabien v Emergency Services Supperanuation Board       

Directions Hearing

William Cooper Justice Centre – Level 1 Court Room 3

Senior Member B. Steele

9:30 AM       H172/2019             IGA v Aust. Clinical Labs

Owners Corporations List

Directions Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 6.2

Senior Member L. Warren

9:30 AM       OC222/2019          Owners Corporation PS341151A v Jacob Gilmore, Ruth Gilmore

9:30 AM       OC88/2019            Amanda Taylor v Owners Corporation 16683

10:30 AM     OC2105/2019         Giovanni John Scamarcio v 14 Sullivan Street Street Rye P/L

10:30 AM     OC1360/2019         Danny Smulders v Drummond 122 P/L, Melbourne Serviced Apartments P/L

11:30 AM     OC2165/2019         Portsea Land P/L v Fiona Richardson, Owners Corporation 1 PS 5136524

2:00 PM       OC1919/2019         Raymond Eid v Owners Corporation SP021761D

2:00 PM       OC1564/2019         Elizabeth Woods v Owners Corporation Plan No. PS435310J

2:00 PM       OC2336/2019         Robert Vandermeer v Owners Corporation PS435310J

3:00 PM       OC2414/2018         Scotia Property Maintenance P/L v Owners Corporation Plan No. PS316440K      

Fee Recovery Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member L. Rowland

11:00 AM     OC1525/2019         Owners Corporation No. 1 PS434850E v Paul Topouzis, Manuela Topouzis

12:00 PM     OC2152/2019         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No.PS719578G, Owners Corporation 2 Plan No.PS719578G v Chung Hoong Soo

12:00 PM     OC2208/2019         Owners Corporation Plan No. RP006360 v Faina Karian, Herman Karian

12:00 PM     OC2205/2019         Owners Corporation Plan No. PS522482S v David Doran

55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member O. Mahoney

9:30 AM       OC2169/2019         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No PS722001X v Jiangrong Deng

9:30 AM       OC2166/2019         Owners Corporation Plan No SP24660T v Rannulu Manori Priyanka Fonseka

9:30 AM       OC2162/2019         Owners Corporation Plan No. PS316264D v Martha Papamichael

9:30 AM       OC2163/2019         Owners Corporation Plan No. RP018847 v Jason Sandor David Szoeke

9:30 AM       OC2059/2019         Owners Corporation Plan No. SP020904N v Claire Mary Irving

9:30 AM       OC2070/2019         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS509336E v Jaykaye P/L

9:30 AM       OC2069/2019         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No PS640930G, Owners Corporation 2 Plan No PS640930G v Aussky International P/L

9:30 AM       OC2060/2019         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS728236L v Dina Gerace, Antonio Gerace

9:30 AM       OC2161/2019         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS332181R v Edson Manuel Alexandrino, Dulce Maria Alexandrino

9:30 AM       OC1226/2019         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS537857Q v Girolomo Zappia, Frances Antonio Zappia

9:30 AM       OC2252/2019         Owners Corporation Plan No. PS423918H v Thinh Long Tran

9:30 AM       OC2251/2019         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No PS541823K, Owners Corporation 3 Plan No PS541823K v DL Investments (VIC) P/L

9:30 AM       OC2246/2019         Owners Corporation Plan No PS409770U v Anthony John Gerard Bendall, Stewart Hayden Mcdonald

9:30 AM       OC2247/2019         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No PS440926M v Ran Shen

11:00 AM     OC2157/2019         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS449140E v Daniel John Pattison, Jannine Nicole Pattison

11:00 AM     OC1500/2019         Owners Corporation 3 Plan No. PS641883H v Catherine Keith, Bernard Dirk Jacob Keith

11:00 AM     OC1672/2019         Owners Corporation 1 Plan No. PS532365Q, Owners Corporation 2 Plan No. PS532365Q v Vinh Tran

2:00 PM       OC2126/2019         Owners Corporation PS723377T v Haoting Xu

2:00 PM       OC2160/2019         Owners Corporation RP30202R v Grahame Ronald Mills

2:00 PM       OC2156/2019         Owners Corporation RP29390U v Gwendalyn Campbell

2:00 PM       OC2119/2019         Owners Corporation No. 1 PS611333Q v Christopher Turner

2:00 PM       OC2180/2019         Owners Corporation PS646744V v Andrew Graham Swaine, Holly May Duckworth

2:00 PM       OC2177/2019         Owners Corporation No. 1 PS611333Q v Yingjie Dong

2:00 PM       OC2176/2019         Owners Corporation No. 1 PS611333Q v Yunwu Gao

3:00 PM       OC892/2019          Owners Corporation PS506201V v Christian P Rios

3:00 PM       OC889/2019          Owners Corporation PS628972J v Vikash Sharma

3:00 PM       OC1309/2019         Owners Corporation RP017879 v Sandra Issa Investments P/L

3:00 PM       OC2140/2019         Sandra Issa Investments P/L v Owners Corporation RP017879    


55 King Street, Melbourne – 5th Floor

Member L. Rowland

2:00 PM                OC950/2019        Bill Bello v Owners Corporation RP17731

Planning and Environment List

Compulsory Conferences

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.8

Senior Member S. Cimino

10.00 AM     P1343/2019           Jayslee P/L v Wodonga CC, Vic Roads, North East Region Water Authority

10.00 AM     P1341/2019           Jayslee P/L v Wodonga CC, North East Water

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.12

Member M. Carew

9:00 AM       P1152/2019           Beulah Northcote Nominees P/L v Darebin CC, Melbourne Water            

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.8

Member N. Hadjigeorgiou

10:00 AM     P1301/2019           WKR Developments P/L v Baw Baw SC, Central Gippsland Region Water Corporation, Vic Roads - Eastern Region      


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.1

Deputy President T Bisucci, Senior Member J. Bennett

10:00 AM     P89/2017               Brighton Residents for Urban Protection Inc, John Wertheimer and Others, Brighton Foreshore Association Inc, Angelatos Family, Kristin Stegley & Others, Port Phillip Conservation Council Inc v Bayside CC  

                                               131-133 Esplanade, Brighton

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.1

Deputy President M. Dwyer

10:00 AM     P321/2019             Jonathan Cook v Minister for Water

                                               23 Ridge Crescent , Mount Dandenong

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.4

Member J. Templar

10:00 AM     P525/2019             Gecko Architects P/L v Whitehorse CC

                                               9 Keats Street, Burwood East

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.5

Member C. Wilson

10:00 AM     P1336/2019           Iron Kingdom Nitro Gym (Heidelberg) P/L v Banyule CC

                                               3/46-50 Sheehan Road, Heidelberg West

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.6

Member M. Deidun

10:00 AM     P113/2019             Lisa Ann McKay, Lynette Ann Deal v Mornington Peninsula SC

                                               5 The Point, Mount Martha

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.9

Member T. Bilston-McGillen

10:00 AM     P737/2019             D Matthews Investments P/L v Mornington Peninsula SC

                                               12 James Street, Dromana


Member M. Blackburn, Member G. Sharpley

12:00 PM     P436/2019             Paul Hardy & Others v Wangaratta Rural CC

                                               233 Ivones lane, Milawa

10:00 AM     P625/2019             Angus Calder v Wangaratta Rural CC, North East Catchment Management Authority, Goulburn Murray Water

                                               233 Ivones Lane, Milawa

Major Case Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 2.2

Senior Member I. Potts, Member S. Axford

10:00 AM     P2386/2018           No. 8 River Street P/L v Stonnington CC, Melbourne Water

                                               2-10 River Street, South Yarra

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 5.15

Senior Member R. Naylor, Member P. Gray

10:00 AM     P898/2019             Unieon Group P/L v Manningham CC

                                               23 Frederick Street, Doncaster

Practice Day Hearings

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.2

Senior Member J. Jacono

10:00 AM     P1589/2019           Robert Richard Hyder & Judith Allison Hyder v Mildura Rural CC

                                               136 Tenth Street, 138 Tenth Street, 140 Tenth Street, 120 Lime Avenue, Mildura

12:00 PM     P1901/2018           AWF Prop Co 2 P/L (As Trustee) & Ararat Wind Farm P/L v Ararat Rural CC, Valuer General - Victoria

                                               Ararat Wind Farm, 911 Warrak Road, Warrak

2:00 PM       P1669/2019           George & Effie Haritos v The Secretary to the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources

                                               Railway lots 77,78,79,80 and 81, South Yarra

4:00 PM       P1365/2019           Kun Wang v Stonnington CC

                                23 Canberra Road, Toorak

Residential Tenancies List

Ballarat Law Courts, 100 Grenville St South, Ballarat  

Member P. Barrand                                                       

10:30 am     R201933285/00              Dickson Superannuation Fund vs Smart

10:30 am     R201932248/00              Director Of Housing vs Blight and Riseley

10:30 am     R201933296/00              Myers vs Fulton and Secombe

11:30 am     R201933360/00              Director Of Housing vs Rijnders

02:00 pm    R201933653/00              Densley vs Vaiotu

02:00 pm    R201933604/00              Director Of Housing vs Walker

02:00 pm    R201933584/00              Director Of Housing vs Walker

02:00 pm    R201933507/00              Mira-Bateman and Chappell vs Turner

Colac Law Courts, Queen Street, Colac                       

Member D. Bates                                                             

12:00 pm    R201932526/00              Delahunty vs Menegazzo-Chamberlain

12:00 pm    R201932350/00              Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Elliot and Hodge

12:00 pm    R201931651/00              Salvation Army Housing Victoria vs Couper

12:00 pm    R201931650/00              Salvation Army Housing Victoria vs Stocks and Hocking

02:00 pm    R201929534/00              Director Of Housing (Geelong Office) vs Hay

Dandenong Law Courts, Corner Foster and Pultney Streets, Dandenong       

Member P. Tyler                                                             

09:30 am     R201928926/01              Akar vs Akar and Director Of Housing

09:30 am     R201933263/00              Nvk Family Trust vs Susam

09:30 am     R201933262/00              Sladen and Sladen vs Gooley and Occupants and Gooley

10:30 am     R201933308/00              D'Rozario vs Hirst

10:30 am     R201933260/00              Odlum vs Nemecek Holdings Pty Ltd

11:30 am     R201933328/00              Naing-Pau vs Kumarasamy and Kumarasamy

11:30 am     R201933242/00              Shin vs Canale

12:00 pm    R201931127/01              Director Of Housing vs Andy

12:00 pm    R201933310/00              Huynh and Truong vs Spence and Jimmy and Nor

02:00 pm    R201933438/00              Atf Sc Dev Trust vs Wol and John Jock

02:00 pm    R201933416/00              Century21 Theresa Huynh vs Pham

02:00 pm    R201933376/00              Director Of Housing vs Gibbs

02:00 pm    R201933446/00              Director Of Housing vs Koang

02:00 pm    R201933456/00              Director Of Housing vs Tadrus and Tadrus

02:00 pm    R201933439/00              Jag Wealth Pty Ltd vs Anand

02:00 pm    R201933488/00              Kahula Projects Pty Ltd vs Macdonald

02:00 pm    R201933430/00              Temple Service Pty Ltd vs Occupants and Harrison

03:00 pm    R201933479/00              Garapic vs Compt

03:00 pm    R201933470/00              Liyanarachchi vs Siemsen

Dromana Law Courts, Codrington Street, Dromana  

Senior Member S. Burdon-Smith                                  

10:30 am     R201933579/00              Bebic and Etherton vs Cornehls

10:30 am     R201933346/00              Community Housing (Vic) Ltd vs Shoppee

10:30 am     R201931733/00              Stefanou vs Christov

10:30 am     R201933373/00              Wells vs Anderson

11:30 am     R201934804/00              Mileski vs Vitiello

12:00 pm    R201931574/00              Jeffrey and Jeffrey vs Knight

Frankston Law Courts, Fletcher Road, Frankston     

Member K. Knights                                                        

10:30 am     R201932871/00              Launch Housing vs Treller

10:30 am     R201932393/00              Narayanappa vs Manu and Manu and Pese and Manu

10:30 am     R201839573/05              Roman Catholic Trust Corp vs Douglas-Rhoderick

11:30 am     R201932399/00              Faik vs O'Brien

12:00 pm    R201932815/00              Ronchi vs Cook and Comfort

02:00 pm    R201932877/00              Fu vs Thomson

02:00 pm    R201928424/01              Lighthouse Christian College Cranbourne vs Burgess

02:00 pm    R201932857/00              Maude vs Whitfield

02:00 pm    R201932921/00              Shanahan vs Grounds

02:00 pm    R201927529/01              Zhao vs Lovett

03:00 pm    R201933412/00              Burnley vs Lopez and Whata

03:00 pm    R201933402/00              Director Of Housing vs Hipwell

Heidelberg Law Courts, Jika Street, Heidelberg         

Member D. Calabro                                                        

09:30 am     R201932842/00              Director Of Housing vs Guinane

09:30 am     R201930980/00              Kent vs Gerardi

09:30 am     R201930039/01              P/L. vs Green and Green and Kelly

09:30 am     R201932588/00              Zhao vs Eireannach

10:30 am     R201932155/00              Antonius vs Poynton and Weadley

10:30 am     R201931985/00              Attard vs Zahland

10:30 am     R201920444/01              Director Of Housing vs Barre

10:30 am     R201932185/00              Unison Housing Ltd vs Green

12:00 pm    R201916412/02              Kelly vs Rezasoltani and Ghorbanghamsari

12:00 pm    R201932376/00              Perera and Chethika vs Lovell and Kavanagh and Lovell

02:00 pm    R201932574/00              Chong vs Gosstray and Koehler

02:00 pm    R201929649/00              Georgis and Licciardi vs Sortorel

02:00 pm    R201932610/00              Lu and Jin vs Curkpatrick and Curkpatrick

02:00 pm    R201930465/00              Sartorel and Sartorel vs Licciardi and Georgis

03:00 pm    R201931951/00              Chau vs All Other Occupants and Wiskar and Rontaunay and Rontaunay

03:00 pm     R201931931/00              Pty Ltd vs Joiner and Morgan

Melbourne - 5th Floor, 55 King St, Melbourne           

Senior Member A. Vassie & Members P. Bender, D. Bignell, D. Galvin, M. Harvey, J. Kefford, R. Leshinsky, C. Powles & B. Thomas                               

09:30 am     R201931773/00              Arthur vs Ray-Matthews

09:30 am     R201928110/00              Dart vs Ltd and Ataalla

09:30 am     R201927298/01              Launch Housing Ltd vs Kayla Good-Neilsen And Nyahchia Teny

09:30 am     R201929154/00              Day vs Schell

09:30 am     R201932760/00              Doman vs Divirgilio

09:30 am     R201934632/00              Lane vs Director Of Housing

09:30 am     R201931879/00              Schell vs Day

09:30 am     R201923832/01              Lindsay vs Poh and Ew        

09:30 am     R201929313/00              Alers vs Other Occupants and Kringas and Reifman and Brown

09:30 am     R201929055/00              Kringas vs The Landlord

10:30 am     R201930366/01              Agresta vs Redenbach and D'Andrea

10:30 am     R201929082/00              Roads Corporation Trading As Vicroads vs Lyon

10:30 am     R201932179/00              Ross and Bonazzi vs Padelas and Padelas

10:30 am     R201931757/00              Betts and Matthews vs Sanders

10:30 am     R201931853/00              Director Of Housing vs Add

11:30 am     R201930346/00              Zappone and Zappone vs Murphy and Mujezinovic

11:30 am     R201933652/00              Yang vs Genia

12:00 pm    R201931883/00              Lustig vs Krasnijanski

12:00 pm    R201931880/00              Trustee The Mak Trust vs Mr Daniel O'Sullivan

02:00 pm    R201932100/00              Balson vs Kalohitos

02:00 pm    R201931849/00              Del Sureto vs Artayana and Abromeit

02:00 pm    R201931864/00              Housing Choices Australia vs Mohamud

02:00 pm    R201932415/00              Levedis vs Walls and Horan

02:00 pm    R201933111/00              Levedis vs Walls and Horan

02:00 pm    R201930173/00              Masood vs Schultz and Ali

02:00 pm    R201931900/00              Williams and Williams vs Swader and De Sa Santos

02:00 pm    R201917577/02              Cathcart vs Hutchings and Brown

03:00 pm    R201931865/00              Martin vs Ratenbury

03:00 pm    R201925214/01              South Port Community Housing Group Inc vs Mclntosh     

Moe Town Hall, Albert Street, Moe                              

Member B. Lightfoot                                                      

11:00 am     R201934660/00              Cleary and Cleary vs Bunker

11:00 am     R201844858/02              Director Of Housing vs Solomon

11:00 am     R201933337/00              Peavey vs Maynard and Nicholls-Dunford

Portland Law Courts, 67 Cliff Street, Portland           

Member A. Moon                                                            

02:00 pm    R201931846/00              Carrick vs Mason

02:00 pm    R201931508/00              Director Of Housing vs Aitken and Barry

02:00 pm    R201930632/00              Edgeworth vs Quint

02:00 pm    R201931924/00              Michelis and Michelis vs Baas

02:00 pm    R201933425/00              Yacoub vs Searle and Gleeson

Darebin Intercultural Centre - VCAT Hearing Room Level 1, Darebin Intercultural Centre, 59A Roseberry Avenue, Preston                                            

Member B. Josephs                                                         

09:30 am     R201930990/01              Cavallaro and Cavallaro vs Liddle and Liddle

09:30 am     R201929547/00              Liddle and Liddle vs Cavallaro and Cavallaro

09:30 am     R201932184/00              Spangnolo vs Oliver

09:30 am     R201932403/00              Tremigliozzi vs Mcbride and Macaoidh

10:30 am     R201932168/00              Baptcare Ltd vs Amera

10:30 am     R201932708/00              Director Of Housing vs Muhumed

10:30 am     R201933183/00              Joveski vs Alam and Alam

10:30 am     R201932328/00              Obrien vs Department Of Health And Human Services

11:30 am     R201932715/00              Director Of Housing vs Byrne

12:00 pm    R201932720/00              Director Of Housing vs Lumsden

12:00 pm    R201932751/00              Director Of Housing vs Sabah and Younis

12:00 pm    R201933563/00              Director Of Housing vs Wooldridge

02:00 pm    R201932728/00              Chien and Goh vs Smith and Heasley-Matthews

02:00 pm    R201932757/00              Director Of Housing vs Morhun

02:00 pm    R20192882/02                Kaimakamis vs Velitsianos

02:00 pm    R201929148/00              Marcello vs Fernando and Jayamaha

02:00 pm    R201929126/00              Superannuation Fund vs Cullen

03:00 pm    R201910185/01              Director Of Housing vs Rischitelli

03:00 pm    R201932829/00              Talevski vs Kango

Sunshine Law Courts, Entry Via Harvester Road, Sunshine    

Members K. Campana & T. McCabe                           

09:30 am     R201932660/00              Chu vs Mason and Tuiletufuga

09:30 am     R201932766/00              Director Of Housing vs Cole

09:30 am     R201932682/00              Director Of Housing vs Samatar

09:30 am     R201932670/00              Jeetesh and Narsi vs Rush

09:30 am     R201932656/00              Kiparoglou vs Jackson

09:30 am     R201918537/02              Mizzi and Mizzi vs Nicholas and Lafaele

09:30 am     R201932933/00              Callister vs Hohepa

09:30 am     R201932975/00              Khatri vs Tan

09:30 am     R201932940/00              Mansour vs Koti

09:30 am     R201920668/02              Martinuzzo vs Innes

10:30 am     R201933012/00              Director Of Housing vs Harrison

10:30 am     R201927343/01              Kratzel vs Crawford and Losifidis

10:30 am     R20196671/01                Zannat Holdings Ltd vs King

10:30 am     R201933163/00              Beitchef vs Manapori

10:30 am     R201932756/00              Farrugia vs Collins

10:30 am     R201932763/00              Home Builders vs Vo

10:30 am     R201933452/00              Jihad vs Khalil and Kaddour

11:30 am     R201932882/00              Husidic and Husidic vs Singh and Kaur

11:30 am     R201930470/01              Tran vs Tua and Tura

12:00 pm    R201920533/02              Devi vs Raj and Pedro

12:00 pm    R201926817/00              Patsalides vs Hajdu and Izak

02:00 pm    R201932718/00              Diep vs Tomar

02:00 pm    R201932623/00              Eisho and Eisho vs Montgomery and Lane

02:00 pm    R201932739/00              Mccarthy vs Robertson and Clayton-Randall

02:00 pm    R201919972/01              Ramani vs Westwood and Allen

02:00 pm    R201932801/00              Reddy and Reddy vs Deng and Aciek

02:00 pm    R20192411/02                Beet Apple Pty Ltd vs Gordon and Brown

02:00 pm    R201933114/00              Steele vs Pennisi

02:00 pm    R201932794/00              Yt Investments P/L and Ryan and Ryan vs Campbell and Marguglio

03:00 pm    R201932920/00              Ds Leasing Pty Ltd vs Chiaplias and Row

03:00 pm    R201933032/00              Housing Choices Au vs Chodiman

03:00 pm    R201933680/00              Bouroutzis vs Demanuele and Sheather

03:00 pm    R201931064/01              Camilleri and Camilleri vs Waywood

03:00 pm    R201930641/02              Vagdhan vs Hills       

Wodonga Court House, 5 Elgin Boulevard, Wodonga   

Member J. Sharkie                                                         

11:00 am     R201934763/00              Rural Housing Network Ltd T/As Beyond Housing vs Presta

Review and Regulation List

Compulsory Conference

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.4

Deputy President H. Lambrick

10:00 AM     Z636/2019             Mr Joshua Skewes v Transport Accident Commission

Directions Hearing

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room 1.4

Senior Member J. Smithers

2:00 PM       Z219/2019             Shannon Draper v Victorian Building Authority


55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.3

Member A. Eastman

10:00 AM     Z519/2019             Mr Trent Valentine v Victorian Building Authority

55 King Street, Melbourne – Room G.5

Senior Member E. Wentworth & Members F. Slee & J. Walsh

10:00 AM     Z843/2018             Podiatry Board of Aust. v Phillip Lawson