Our commitment to you

VCAT is a low cost, accessible, efficient and independent tribunal delivering high quality dispute resolution processes, including through alternative dispute resolution.

Our service commitment

We aim for service excellence by being: approachable, responsive, accessible, informal, timely, fair, impartial, consistent, professional and efficient.

What to expect when you contact VCAT

When you contact VCAT you can expect:

  • answers to your queries about whether VCAT can assist with your case or dispute
  • information about VCAT processes
  • guidance about appropriate forms, fees and sources of further information
  • assistance with application forms
  • referral to appropriate contacts for other agencies relevant to your enquiry.

Our aims when you contact us

We aim to:

  • respond to your enquiry promptly
  • greet you in a polite and courteous way
  • deal with your enquiry professionally
  • provide you with clear and accurate information.

Your rights when you contact us

We respect your right to:

  • fair and helpful assistance, including appropriate arrangements for people with disabilities, special access needs or cultural requirements
  • an interpreter if necessary
  • respectful and equitable treatment in accordance with the Charter of Human Rights and responsibilities
  • a fair and just mediation and/or hearing in a safe environment
  • timely decisions

How you can help us provide high quality service

To assist us provide high quality service to you we ask that you:

  • provide us with complete and accurate information
  • comply with any directions or orders that are issued about your case or dispute
  • treat staff, members and other parties with respect and courtesy
  • understand that we cannot give you legal advice about your case, what to say in your hearing or speak to a member on your behalf.

Our commitment to stakeholders

Stakeholder engagement is fundamental to our ability to deliver on our strategic objectives. This involves listening to our stakeholders, keeping them informed and ensuring we respond to their priorities and perspectives in a timely and productive way.

VCAT’s Stakeholder Engagement Framework 2018-2022 sets out how we do this.

Feedback and complaints

VCAT welcomes your feedback as an opportunity to help improve our services. See our Feedback and complaints page for more information, or go to our Contact us page for VCAT's email and address details if you are ready to leave feedback now.

The VCAT service commitment is reviewed yearly. Your feedback contributes to the review.