Our structure

Understand VCAT’s structure, divisions, what they do and who our leaders are.

VCAT is established by the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 1998.

VCAT's president and vice presidents lead the tribunal. They set the strategic direction of our organisation. They also make sure we are efficient and take financial care with how we operate. 

By law, our president is a judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria. A number of judges from the County Court of Victoria serve as our vice presidents, with at least one usually working full time at VCAT.

Our members are lawyers or other specialists appointed by the Governor in Council to apply the law and make impartial, independent decisions in the cases we hear.

We have five divisions, each led by an experienced member appointed as a deputy president: 

  • Administrative
  • Civil
  • Human Rights
  • Residential Tenancies
  • Planning and Environment. 

We handle similar types of cases through 'lists' within each division. List is the name we give to sections of VCAT that hear and decide specific types of cases.

Our chief executive officer and principal registrar oversees the administration of VCAT, including the registry and corporate services that support deciding cases.

Our president, vice presidents and chief executive officer and principal registrar are supported in their governance roles by a number of key committees:

Tribunal Leadership Committee (TLC)

The TLC focuses on matters of strategic importance, significant operational issues, high-level oversight of key projects and initiatives, and overall organisational performance. 

Member Leadership Group (MLG)

Heads of division and heads of list meet regularly with the president, vice president and CEO as a means of timely consultation and communication on key operational and strategic issues.

Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

The Executive Leadership Team is principally accountable for delivering the administrative services and projects that support the Tribunal to do its core work.

  • VCAT's president and vice presidents lead the tribunal.

    PresidentJustice Michelle Quigley

    Justice Ted Woodward

    Vice Presidents

    Eight County Court judges serve as vice presidents. 

    For details, see our list of VCAT members.

  • The Executive Leadership Team oversees delivery of:

    • registry, listings and user services
    • people management and wellbeing
    • strategic communications
    • information technology
    • finance, procurement and facilities
    • data and reporting
    • major projects and reform initiatives.

    Acting Chief Executive Officer and Principal Registrar – Fiona Chamberlain

    Fiona Chamberlain commenced as Acting CEO of VCAT in July 2023.

    With experience as CEO of the County Court of Victoria and as Chief Operating Officer of Court Services Victoria, Fiona has exceptional skills in the legal sector and in delivering the highest levels of service to the Victorian community. She is a dedicated leader with experience in high-level policy development and implementation, strategic asset investment and management, and the reform of organisations and their systems of work.

    Fiona holds Masters Degrees in International Management and Organisational Leadership from Charles Darwin University and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

    Warwick MitchellExecutive Director and Registrar, Services and Legal – Warwick Mitchell

    Working in a range of government roles in Victoria and South Australia, Warwick brings over 15 years’ experience in policy and legal services.

    Warwick manages VCAT’s core operational functions, including Registry, Member Support and Hearing Services, Community Access Services, Legal Services, and Koori Support. Warwick also performs the day-to-day functions of the Principal Registrar under delegation.

    Warwick started at VCAT in February 2020 and has a law degree from Flinders University.

    Tina ParrasExecutive Director, People, Culture and Wellbeing – Tina Parras

    Tina joined VCAT in April 2023 and brings over 20 years’ experience in People and Culture, specialising in leadership and organisational development. Tina is passionate about mentoring and coaching, and has extensive experience leading teams and working with senior leaders to positively impact culture and performance. 

    Tina holds a Bachelor of Business Administration, and a PhD in the leadership development field.

    Zoe DysonExecutive Director, Experience, Strategy and Transformation – Zoe Dyson

    Beginning at VCAT in August 2021, Zoe is responsible for Strategic Communications, Data and Analytics, Capital & Infrastructure Projects, and Strategic & Operational Change. Zoe will also oversee our digitally enabled Service Transformation program.

    Zoe has led business and service transformation programs in a range of public sector organisations and has a Bachelor of Business from Swinburne University. She is passionate about driving user-centric outcomes.

    Executive Director, Finance and Business Services – Peter SwabeyPeter Swabey

    Peter Swabey joined VCAT in August 2022 already with a long illustrious career spanning over 34 years in corporate and financial services.

    As Executive Director for Finance and Business Services, Peter is responsible for our Information Technology, Finance and Business Service functions.

    He has a Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting from Monash University.

    Stuart MoranDirector, Governance and Legal Services – Stuart Moran

    Stuart is a legal professional and government administrator with extensive experience in courts, judicial services, community and tertiary education sectors.

    Stuart started at VCAT in March 2019 and has a law degree from Melbourne University.

  • Head of Division - Deputy President Ian Proctor

    The Administrative Division deals with professional conduct inquiries and applications to review decisions made by government and other authorities.

    It has two lists:

    • Legal Practice List
    • Review and Regulation List.
  • Head of Division - Deputy President Richard Wilson

    The Civil Division hears and decides disputes about:

    • consumer matters
    • domestic building works
    • owners corporation matters
    • retail tenancies
    • sale and ownership of property
    • use or flow of water between properties.

    The Civil Division has three lists:

    • Civil Claims List
    • Building and Property List
    • Owners Corporations List.
  • Head of Division – Deputy President Genevieve Nihill AM

    The Human Rights Division deals with matters about:

    • guardianship and administration
    • powers of attorney
    • medical treatment and advance care directives
    • equal opportunity
    • racial and religious vilification
    • health and privacy information
    • the Disability Act 2006 (Vic)
    • decisions made by the Mental Health Tribunal.

    The Human Rights Division has two lists:

    • Guardianship List
    • Human Rights List.
  • Head of Division - Deputy President Teresa Bisucci

    The Planning and Environment Division deals with reviews of decisions made by councils and other authorities.

    It has one list:

    • Planning and Environment List
  • Head of Division - Deputy President Lindsay Warren

    The Residential Tenancies Division deals with matters involving:

    • renters (tenants) and residential rental providers (landlords)
    • rooming house operators and residents
    • the Director of Housing and public housing tenants
    • caravan park owners and residents
    • site tenants and site owners.

    It has one list: Residential Tenancies List.