Renting a Home

If you rent a house, unit or flat, a room in a rooming house or a site or a caravan as your usual home in a caravan park, the Residential Tenancies List at VCAT may be able to hear your case.

The Residential Tenancies List

The Residential Tenancies List at VCAT can hear cases between tenants and landlords, caravan park owners and residents, and between rooming house owners and rooming house residents. We can also hear cases between the Director of Housing and tenants, and under the Disability Act 2006.

We cannot hear disputes between tenants, or co-tenants, disputes between residents, disputes with neighbours or disputes about internal Director of Housing policy.

We receive thousands of applications each year to hear cases under the Residential Tenancies List. Generally the hearings for these are short. Residential Tenancies cases usually only have one hearing.