After your case has ended

What to do if you object to a VCAT decision and how you can get your physical evidence back.

How long do I have to appeal a VCAT decision?

If you want to appeal a VCAT decision, you must ask for permission (seek leave) within 28 days of the date of the decision.

You can only appeal if you think VCAT has applied the law incorrectly. 

The appeal must be made to the right court, which would be the Supreme Court of Victoria or the Court of Appeal, depending on who made the VCAT decision. 

The appeal process can be complex and you should seek legal advice if you're considering an appeal. It’s also possible to apply for a time extension if you believe you have a good reason for not being able to appeal within the 28-day period.

Appeal a decision

How can I get my evidence or exhibits?

If you shared evidence or exhibits with VCAT during your case, we may need to keep these on file.

If we do not need to keep them on file, you can collect these from VCAT from one month after the final decision is sent to you. We only hold exhibits for up to three months after the final decision.

You must arrange for the return or collection of any exhibits that VCAT does not have to keep on file. If they are not collected within the timeframe, we may dispose of them.