Fast track cases to be introduced

17 June 2022

VCAT will introduce the Fast Track List for primarily ‘post permit’ applications with VCAT from 1 July 2022 onwards.

The following applications under the Planning and Environment Act 1987 will automatically fall in the Fast Track List:

  • cancellation or amendment of a permit by a non-permit holder – sections 87 or 89 (including stop order requests under section 93) 
  • refusal or failure to extend time for a permit – section 81
  • declarations – section 149A 
  • review of a refusal to extend time by which information must be given in a planning permit application – section 81(2)
  • applications about a certificate of compliance – sections 97P and 97Q
  • review of a decision of a specified body that something must be done to their satisfaction – section 149(1)
  • applications to amend or end a section 173 agreement – sections 184, 184A-184D.

Applications in the Fast Track List will be given an expedited hearing approximately 9 weeks after lodgement with VCAT. 

If a practice day hearing or preliminary hearing is required, then the main hearing will be listed approximately 12 weeks from the date an application is lodged. 

Fees will not change. If parties want to amend their planning application or plan, the case will be removed from the Fast Track List and heard as a standard proceeding instead. The usual hearing timeframes will apply if heard as a standard case.

The Tribunal will aim to issue decisions for applications in the Fast Track List within 2–6 weeks of the hearing depending on the complexity of the issues.

Practice notes PNPE2 – Information from decision makers and PNPE9 - Amendment of plans and applications have been updated accordingly.

An updated Short Cases List Fact Sheet is also available to reflect the applications heard in the Fast Track List rather than the Short Cases List. 

For more information, see Fast track cases.