More in-person hearings at VCAT

Last updated: 23 February 2023

VCAT is increasing the number of in-person hearings.

While we continue to conduct hearings by phone or videoconference, we’re organising more hearings to be heard in person where it is more appropriate. 

Refer to your hearing notice or VCAT order to check if we have scheduled your hearing or compulsory conference for an in-person, phone or videoconference hearing. 

To ensure everyone who comes to VCAT stays safe, we have a number of COVID safety measures you should know.

Residential tenancies 

From late March 2023, VCAT will return to scheduling some in-person hearings for some cases about rental property disputes. We will start with a small number of hearings to trial our systems and build our capacity in a sustainable manner.
In-person hearings will be held at our venues in Frankston, Bundoora and Oakleigh, with a limited number hosted in our CBD venue. Hearings in the new Bendigo Law Courts will commence in April. Hearings will be scheduled at the venue that is closest to the rented premises. 
Cases scheduled for in-person hearings will largely be bond and compensation cases, which have been chosen due to their suitability for that hearing mode.

Any requests to change a scheduled hearing (including applications to convert an in-person hearing to a remote hearing) may mean the hearing is rescheduled to a later date (adjournment). Except in exceptional circumstances, any change requests received within two business days of the hearing will require an adjournment.

Planning, land valuation or environment and resources proceedings

We’re returning to in-person hearings shortly for some cases about planning, land valuation, and environment and resources. 

See our PED stakeholder update for more information on how we’re conducting hearings and compulsory conferences in person.

What you need to know