VCAT hearings during coronavirus restrictions

In response to COVID-19, all VCAT hearings are continuing to be held by phone or video conference. Our venues remain physically closed to the public.

There may be hearing delays

COVID-19 has impacted normal timeframes for hearings. We are working hard to address the delays and will contact you once your application progresses.

How we are holding hearings

We will contact you to let you know whether you will be attending by phone or videoconference and explain how to prepare.

The technology used will depend on the requirements of a case, such as its length, complexity and the number of parties.

How to join a phone or videoconference

Email all documents before your hearing

Any documents you will use in your phone or videoconference hearing, must be emailed to VCAT and all parties 48 hours before your hearing to avoid your hearing being delayed.
Email your documents only after we send you your hearing date.

If your hearing has been postponed

Unless we tell you, you should assume your case will go ahead according to any notices or information that you have previously been given – there is no need to contact VCAT to check on your case.

If we decide that your case can only go ahead face-to-face, it will be postponed (adjourned).

Where possible, matters previously postponed (adjourned) as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will be rescheduled for hearing, if they can proceed using phone or videoconference. We are managing the backlog of cases. 

VCAT will contact parties to advise new dates to attend VCAT.

Some matters will be decided ‘on the papers’, which means that they will be decided on the basis of documents and evidence provided to us, without the parties needing to attend a hearing.

For more information contact us: on 1300 01 8228 or visit Upcoming hearings for case times.

If you settle before the hearing

You can try to resolve the dispute with other parties before your hearing. If you come to an agreement (settle), you must let us know. 

How to settle before the hearing

What happens if you miss your hearing

VCAT will inform you of your allocated hearing time in advance. If you cannot make this time you should request a change of hearing date. If you miss the hearing for your case, the member may make a decision and create orders in your absence.

Apply for a review or rehearing

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