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Affidavit in support of enforcement of a monetary order

When VCAT makes a monetary order, we give a copy to both parties and the money must be paid immediately or by the deadline given in the order.

If the partyDefinitionA person or organisation directly involved in a VCAT case, including a person or organisation that has brought the case before VCAT or who is defending claims made against them. fails to pay as ordered, contact them to make sure they received and understood the order.

If they still do not pay or you cannot contact them, you may ask the appropriate court to enforce the order. 

A monetary order will only be enforced at your request.

Make an affidavitDefinitionA written statement where the contents are sworn or affirmed to be true. Affidavits mu​st be signed in front of a witness who is an 'authorised person'. to support your request. You must swear an oathDefinitionA solemn promise made before God or a deity to tell the truth. It can be made using a religious text such as a Bible, Tanach or Koran, but does not require one. or make an affirmationDefinitionA solemn promise to tell the truth. that confirms the affidavit is true. See frequently asked questions about oaths, affirmations and affidavits



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