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Practice Note - PNRST3 - Rent special account payments

This practice note Definition A document at VCAT that details VCAT procedures, instructions, rules, processes and information. There are practice notes that apply across all of VCAT, for example PNVCAT1 - Common procedures. Some Lists have their own practice notes that provide specific information about processes, procedures… applies to the Residential Tenancies List Definition A List is an area in VCAT that deals with cases of a similar nature. For example, the Residential Tenancies List decides cases between tenants and landlords, and the Civil Claims List handles disputes about buying or selling goods and services. at VCAT. It regulates VCAT's procedures under sections 77(3), 134(3) and 193(3) of the Residential Tenancies Act 1997 for payment out of the Rent Special Account.