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Account by Administrators

Find out about what an administrator must submit each year to VCAT.

Building and construction

Apply about building work disputes; to review a decision made by a warranty insurer, the Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria...

Residential tenancies

Apply about unpaid rent; problems claiming the bond after a tenancy or residency ends; repairs, maintenance, damages or changes to the property...

Owners corporations

Apply about unpaid owners corporation fees, owners corporation financial management and record keeping, repairs and maintenance of lots and...


Apply for a review of a planning permit decision, to cancel or amend a permit, enforce a planning scheme, about a refusal to extend time for...

Goods and services

Apply about include faulty or poor quality products or services, repairs, refunds, returns, exchanges, breach of contract, unpaid services...

Guardians and administrators

Apply to appoint a guardian or administrator, a supportive guardian or supportive administrator, or to reassess or cancel these appointments.

Review and regulation

The Review and Regulation List has jurisdiction under a number of Acts of Parliament to review administrative decisions, conduct inquiries, accept

Powers of attorney

Decisions on issues about enduring powers of attorney or supportive attorney appointments.

Land valuation

Review of land valuations (for either rates and taxes or differential rating purposes) and disputes about compensation for acquisition of land.