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Practice day request form

Practice day hearings deal with directions, interim orders or procedural applications in the Planning List and Environment and Resources List.

Transfer to major cases list – Planning

If you are the permit applicant (respondent) in a case brought by an objector under section 82 or 82B of the Planning and Environment Act 1987<

Appoint a supportive guardian or supportive administrator

You can apply to have VCAT appoint a supportive guardian or supportive administrator for an adult with disability who needs assistance.

Telephone attendance request form

In some circumstances, we allow a party or a witness to attend hearings by phone.

Request for consent to an adjournment

Use this form to seek consent from all parties to change a hearing date.

Request by by rental provider for duplicate Warrant of Possession

If VCAT has issued a Warrant of Possession and the Warrant of Possession has been lost or not received, use this form to request that a duplicate b

Request by rental provider for Warrant of Possession

If VCAT has made a possession order, rental provider (landlords) and their agents may use this form to request a Warrant of Possession.

Application for advice about guardianship or administration

If you are a guardian or administrator, use this form to seek advice about your role, responsibilities or other issues involving the person you're

Application to register an interstate order in Victoria

If you have been appointed as a guardian, administrator, supportive guardian or supportive administrator (or equivalent) in another Australian stat

Application for determination of a disputed claim for compensation - Land Valuation

Use this form to apply to VCAT if you are an acquiring authority or you are an owner or occupier of land that is being acquired and you do not agre