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Application to reopen an order

Use this form to apply to VCAT for a review of an order that affects you, on the grounds that you did not appear and were not represented at the he

Serving an application about a renting dispute where a party lives interstate (Form 4)

If the respondent lives interstate, you must serve (send) a Form 4 along with a copy of your application to the party.

Application to reopen an order for enforcement reasons

Use this form if you want VCAT to review a VCAT order made in your favour because you have a problem with enforcing or complying with it.

Application to request a refund

Use this form to request a refund of a VCAT fee.

Applications about natural resources

VCAT can hear and determine disputes about the management and use of water and earth resources such as rock and sand.

Application for costs or fee reimbursement - Planning

In a VCAT case, the general rule is that each party bears its own costs.

Application for fee relief

Use this form if you want us to reduce or not charge (waive) fees for VCAT services relating to your case.

Application for review of a decision

Under some Acts of Parliament, VCAT has the power to review – reconsider – decisions made by an original decision-maker such as a government agency, a statutory authority or other Administrative decision maker.

Applications about protecting the environment

VCAT can review decisions made about licenses, permits, registrations, authorisations, notices, Better Environment Plans, financial assurances and site management orders.

Withdraw your application – Planning disputes

If you want to withdraw your application to have a planning dispute heard at VCAT, find out what you need to do.