Submit your Account by Administrator (ABA)

How to log in to submit your ABA, submit financial information, about passwords and fees.

How do I submit an ABA?

To submit your Account by Administrator (ABA), go to the Administrators page and select the ‘Start a new ABA’ button.

When can I start an ABA?

When you receive your VCAT letter in July, use our online form to submit an ABA for the financial year. 
You need to wait until your VCAT letter arrives as it has your new Administrator Reference Number. This reference number changes every year. 
You should gather documents with financial information to help you complete the form. 

If you don't receive the letter by the end of July: 

Contact us if you are looking to lodge an ABA for the previous financial year. 

What if I don't submit the ABA or pay the annual fee?

As an administrator, you are legally required to submit an ABA each year.

If we don’t receive your ABA or fee payment by 30 September, we may reassess the administration order, revoke it or appoint another administrator. 

What if I can't pay the ABA annual administration fee?

We can waive or reduce the annual administration fee if the fee would cause financial hardship to the represented person. 
Apply by completing the fee waiver section in the online ABA
If we gave you permission to submit a paper-based ABA, complete the fee waiver section of the form. 
Include your reasons and your supporting documents. 

How do I log in to the ABA form?

First time ABA form users

To use the online form, select ‘Create’ to make a new account. Enter your email address and choose a password.

You need the VCAT Reference Number and Administrator Reference Number printed on your VCAT letter.

Existing ABA form users

If you’ve started completing the online form, you can retrieve your application.

If you’ve already submitted your application and have been asked to provide more information, you can submit additional supporting documents.

If you’ve submitted an ABA in previous years

Enter the same login details as you used to submit an ABA in previous years.

You need the VCAT Reference Number and Administrator Reference Number printed on the letter we sent.

Some fields will be pre-populated based on information submitted last year. Check and update details that aren’t correct.

What if I forgot my password for the ABA form?

Select Forgotten your password? on the login screen. 

We send you an email with a link to change your password. 

Can I save my progress on the ABA form?

Yes, you can save your progress. Complete all fields on the current screen you are on before selecting ‘Save and next’. 

You can then quit at any time and resume later. 

Make sure you complete and submit the form by 30 September. 

What is the Administrator Reference Number?

The Administrator Reference Number is a 16-digit number we assign to your ABA. You need to enter this number at the start of the ABA form.

A new Administrator Reference Number is assigned to your ABA each year.

We send you the new number in a VCAT letter in July. Make sure you enter the new number.

If you don’t have your Administrator Reference Number, contact us.

What is the accounting period for the ABA?

Usually this is the previous financial year, 1 July to 30 June.

Check the VCAT Administration Order for the accounting period.

How do I calculate the represented person's fortnightly income?

The online form automatically calculates this figure for you.

If you have permission to submit a paper-based ABA, you must calculate the fortnightly income yourself. Divide the total gross income amount (from all sources) by 26 weeks.

Income ÷ 26 = Fortnightly income

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