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Application by a disability service provider or resident form (PDF)

If you live in, own or manage a group home or specialist disability accommodation (SDA) enrolled dwelling, use this form to apply to VCAT to hear d

Application for orders - Powers of attorney

You can apply to VCAT if you are the principal, the nearest relative of the principal, an attorney or supportive attorney under the enduring power

Application for an order - Human Rights List

Use this form to make an application under:

Building and construction application for order

Use this application form if you want VCAT to hear a dispute about building work.

Application for review of decision - land classification

Use this application form to apply for a review of a decision about land classification, for example if you are an owner or occupier of land and yo

Building and construction application for review

Use this form if you are applying for a review of a decision made by the Domestic Building Dispute Resolution Victoria (DBDRV) or a review of certa

Application for rehearing - Guardians and administrators

You may be able apply to VCAT for a re-hearing if you are not satisfied with the appointment of a guardian or administrator, or if you were not awa

Application under the Disability Act 2006

Use this form to apply under the Disability Act 2006 in the Human Rights Division.

Application for referral of a matter - Review and Regulation

Use this form only if you are a regulatory body who wants to refer the professional conduct of an individual or organisation to VCAT.

Application form for a review in the Legal Practice List

Use this form if you want VCAT to review a decision of the Legal Services Board or the Victorian Legal Services Commissioner.