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Change or withdraw your application

To change, cancel or withdraw your application, you must let us know in writing.

Co-operatives National Law Application Act 2013 (review)

VCAT can review certain limited decisions made by the Registrar of Co-operatives under Part 7.3 of the Co-operatives National Law (National Law) which applies in Victoria by the provisions of the Co-operatives National Law Application Law 2013.

Heavy Vehicle National Law Application Act 2013

The Heavy Vehicle National Law Application Act 2013 adopts the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) in Victoria, which establishes a national scheme for facilitating and regulating the road use of heavy vehicles, over 4.5 tonnes vehicle mass or aggregate trailer mass.

When there's a VCAT application about you

If there’s an application to VCAT to appoint a guardian, administrator or someone to support you to make decisions, find out what this means, how you’re involved, and what happens next.

Adjournment application

A change to the date of a directions hearing, mediation, compulsory conference or hearing is called an adjournment.

Application help

How to get help with application forms and the information you need to apply.

Application form for leave to withdraw a proceeding

An applicant may ask us for permission to withdraw their case at any time before a final decision is made by VCAT.

PNPE9 Form A - Notice of an amendment of an application

Form A: Notice of an amendment of an application relates to practice note PNPE9 - Amendment of plans and applications in the Planning List.

Application to postpone fee payment

Use this form to ask us to postpone a fee you must pay to make an application, attend a hearing or seek an injunction.

Application for directions hearing or orders

Use this form to join a VCAT case, or for a VCAT case you want dismissed, struck out or managed by VCAT in a certain way.