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Account by Administrators

Find out about what an administrator must submit each year to VCAT.

Submit your Account by Administrator (ABA)

How to log in to submit your ABA, submit financial information, about passwords and fees.

More help with Account by Administrator (ABA)

How to provide supporting documents with your ABA, what to do when there are multiple administrators, and fees and charges.

How do I submit an ABA?

To submit your Account by Administrator (ABA), go to the Administrator

How do I calculate the represented person's fortnightly income?

The online form automatically calculates this figure for you.

What if the represented person has passed away?

As a guardian or administrator you’re legally required to tell us in writing. 


See a sitemap of pages on this website.

New guardianship and administration laws start soon

On 1 March 2020, new laws change how VCAT appoints guardians and administrators for some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Online applications and passwords

How to use our online forms.

Decisions and orders

VCAT makes a decision in a matter after hearing the evidence, looking at the documents provided by each party and considering how the law applies to your case.