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Application (General application) - Residential Tenancies List

You can apply to VCAT to hear a residential tenancy dispute if you are a landlord or tenant; caravan park owner or caravan park resident; a rooming

Account by Administrators

Find out about what an administrator must submit each year to VCAT.

Review of a planning decision by a permit applicant

Use this application form if you are a permit applicant or permit holder and want VCAT to review a responsible authority’s decision in relation to:

Statement of grounds - Planning

Use this form to set out your reasons for contesting a planning case. Do not use this form to contest enforcement applications.

Review of a planning decision by an objector

Use this application form if you object to a responsible authority – usually a council – granting a permit or intending to grant a permit and you w

Application for an order - Review and Regulation

Use this form only if you are applying for an order to be made by VCAT under an Act of Parliament that gives VCAT the power to make the particular

Appointment of an administrator and/or guardian – Application for order

Use this form to ask VCAT to appoint:

Goods and services application

If you would like VCAT to deal with a dispute about buying or selling goods or services, apply using either the online or PDF form. 

Application by a person experiencing personal or family violence

Use this application if you are a renter (tenant), resident, or site tenant who has experienced or is experiencing personal or family violence.

Application about medical treatment

Use this form if you want us to review a medical treatment decision, advance care directive or potential medical research procedures for people who