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VCAT's main location is at 55 King Street in Melbourne, with our Human Rights Division at the William Cooper Justice Centre at 223 William Street, Melbourne. We also hear cases at a number of metropolitan and regional locations. 

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Assistance and advice

We offer services to assist you including accessibility and interpreting services. Learn more about customer support at VCAT.

VCAT cannot provide legal advice. This includes advice on whether it is a good idea to bring an issue to VCAT or whether your planned approach might be successful.

Organisations that may be able to help you with legal advice or other support are listed at the bottom of case type web pages.

Hearing locations

All Melbourne, metropolitan and regional locations

Email and telephone enquiries

Each VCAT List has its own contact details including email, phone and fax. Choose the List or case type that relates to your message. Click on the email address to start an email.

You can also send us feedback about our website or VCAT services using the relevant email links.

If you are calling, please phone within our customer service hours of 9am–4.30pm Monday to Friday.

Our customer service centre at 55 King Street is open from 8.30am–4.30pm.

Building and construction (Building and Property List)

Co-owned Land and Goods (Building and Property List)

Disability Act (Human Rights List)

Equal Opportunity (Human Rights List)

Goods and Services (Civil Claims List)

Guardianship and Administration

Health and Privacy (Human Rights List)

Land Valuation (Planning and Environment List)

Mental Health (Human Rights List)

Owners Corporations

Powers of Attorney

Planning and Environment

Renting a Home (Residential Tenancies List)

Retail and Commercial Leases ( Building and Property List)

Review and Regulation

Unreasonable Flow of Water Between Properties (Building and Property List)

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